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This image from my archive (2007) has a really poor quality. My only reason to share with you is the spectacular beauty of the Rockies. I'm not sure where I took this picture but it was on our drive from Vancouver to Calgary.


UPDATE - according to Drew Brayshaw these are the Selkirk Mountains. They are distinct from, and geologically older than the Rockies.


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I think I did this with a trial version of Photoshop a year or two ago from a series of shots I took of the old lift bridge which spans the Red River connecting East Selkirk and Selkirk.

Sony A7

Tamron adaptall-2 135mm f2.5

I would have loved to see the Selkirk Mountains hidden under this blanket of cloud at Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park, British Columbia.


Rogers Pass is named after Major Albert Bowman Rogers, who was dispatched to the Selkirks in 1881 to find a route for the Canadian Pacific Railway through the "impenetrable peaks" west of the Rocky Mountains. He confirmed that a pass existed in 1882 and construction was underway through Rogers Pass in 1884. By 1885, the railway to British Columbia was complete, fulfilling the commitment made to the new province when it joined Confederation in 1871. The main rail line was operated over Rogers Pass from 1885 to 1916, when the terrible human and financial cost of dealing with avalanches finally pushed the railway company to build the Connaught Tunnel under the pass.


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Archipiélago Juan Fernández

Isla Robinson Crusoe

The Selkirk lift bridge, built during the depression of the 1930s, spans the Red River connecting East Selkirk and Selkirk. It is one of only a few remaining bridges in which the centre portion lifts, via huge concrete counter weights suspended from the towers, to allow large ships to pass through.


Best viewed large on black (click "L")

White Mountain Avens on the summit of McCrae Peak at sunset - Selkirk Mountains, B.C.


This award winning residential development is a progressively designed project built alongside the Selkirk Waterway in Victoria’s Inner Harbour.


texture by lenabemanna

On the banks of the Red River. Winter break up, spring is on it's way.


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CSX 2438 with CSX 1008 in Selkirk yard/NY

Selkirk Mountains in the Kaniksu National Forest, northeast Washington.

Reflecting on the first time I visited this place and thought how nice it would be call it home. Of course, I knew beauty like this in Ontario, but not as year 'round as I have come to know the west coast to be. Beautiful scenes like this right in our backyard. We are so fortunate.

A lot of pontoon planes in this area.

The hump power at CSX's Selkirk, NY classification yard passes by a number of locomotives in the servicing and fueling area of the sprawling railroad maintenance facility. Taken on August 24, 2003 on Fuji Provia 100F

HDR - ND4 filter, f/11, ISO100, 10-20mm lens @ 12mm - Levels and crop only in PS (windy day excuse the waving ropes) (windy day excuse the waving ropes) his river cruiser has been static in this slough awaiting its fate for many, many years...

Sunny November day looking west over Selkirk town towards the hills. Scottish Borders

1931 Ford Model A

Annual Selkirk Fair & Rodeo Parade - Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada.


Camping at Selkirk Shores National Park, NY

(Selkirk Rex, 4 mois)

Selkirk and Peebles

(Selkirk Rex, 5 mois)

This 200 car Godzilla Q393-19 spent most of the day since early morning in the yard at Selkirk basically holding it's crew hostage until issues resolved to depart. The crew would outlaw ahead at Voorheesville NY shortly after crawling on it's hands and knees out of Selkirk. It's rear end blocking busy Route 308 in New Scotland for close to an hour before the new crew arrived.

A very late winter view of the Selkirk Mountain at Greely. The Albert Peaks

Field of light near Selkirk Ontario

Selkirk and Peebles

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