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for the pattern theme over at self portrait challenge. lost in a sea of pattern and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Selfportrait Tuesday

Unshaven me, unkempt hair and bed... about the only sun I expect to see today is on my shirt.

I saw my Grandmother on saturday and we were talking about a lot of stuff. And as always I said "I would really like to have holes to wear earrings, I am thinking about it for two years now..." Which is true. I had a neighbour that wore always fabulous earrings. But I never liked the idea to have holes.. it is something forever, like a tatoo. Well for two years I said: I'll do it.. no I won't.

Monday I saw her again and since I had birthday some weeks ago she said: "I tought to go to buy some earrings with you!" OH NO!!! Could I be afraid of holes with my grandma? Not really! So we went.. I have holes in my ears since Monday.. it hurts only when I laugh.


Again another self-selfportrait shot looking to the left, because I am holding the camera with the right hand. I tried to make a photo with my left hand, but my left hand is just too shaky.

with a long-distance xmas gift from a friend.

SPT - In the mirror

I swear I'm not pissed off!


If you look closely you can see the orange stripe I have in my right eye (which is the left one in the photo).

For Self Portrait Tuesday


Been taking lots of photos lately, between my G10 and my 85mm and trips and grad and and is busy. Lots to do, lots to remember, lots to learn. And the more I learn, the more I see how much I do not know. I find that totally exciting.


Days like today and yesterday, filled with the simple joys of friendship and kids and family are the best. I wish they happened more often, or stayed with me longer. I am trying to savour the richness of the little moments more these days. And ending my day down here is one of those...


Just blabbing, like in the old 365 days:).

What else does one say with lipstick on the mirror?

this is my senior yearbook picture (1989)...why oh why did no one tie me down and pluck those eyebrows? it may look like i crimped my bangs but i swear i didn't! i did however use perm rods to curl my clairol red hair...the lipstick is from a pink falcon chaped tube that i got at a cheapie swap-meet. two for a dollar...go me!

yes, girlieness, but not so much with all the prissiness or fussiness.

Self portrait of yours truly

SPT - The house

Be the king of your own kingdom.

Fog covers, obscures...

dissipating, then, with time;

Who rewards patience?


There are days when absolutely nothing seems to make any sense... I seem to be having a lot of those lately.


In a way, my self-portraits remind me of life in its purest nature... that we really only have ourselves upon whom we can rely; regardless of the many friendships we might develop; regardless of how close we might be with family.


In my Daily 50 set.

for june's natural environment theme over at self portrait challenge.


(read my letter to the city of portland here, if you like)

My favorite tricycle when I was a kid. I eventually upgraded to a full-on BMX trick bike later. And I totally dig those PJ's.

there I am in the reflection of her eyes.

Me, myself and I.

There is no where to hide.

Monthly theme:

in your environment


ah seattle, the love and hate of my beautiful, so gloomy, so cool, so not warm, so far from my family, so close to my heart:)


on the locks

seattle, WA


more environments:

Playing with my new floor.

trying on clothes in a thrift store.






kind of a tight space

immersion invites focus

still at cello camp

new haircut with very short fringe (is that the right word?)

that if everybody would make a little step towards the other the world would be a better place. I thought, that this sounds like Michael Jackson. And thinking of MJ I had some memories about the time when he was big and cremecolored and I had half my years. I thought, that probably in that age I would not have even thought about the possibility to wear leather gloves. Leather gloves wore my grandmother and it was definitely too far away from my mind.. when I was that age.

When I had half of my age I was very 'old' and serious and I thought that the world was childish. Now I think that the world is a very serious place, which is just fine with me - 'serious' is my second name. But I think we should add some style details, sometimes. Like leather gloves, black and cyan. I think, if people would return to wear hats and leather gloves the world would be a better place. You cannot behave disrespectful with a hat and gloves (and a prada handbag would be nice). Don't you think?


[heavy photoshopping - selfportrait experience armlength]

Apparently, I liked to sing when I was a kid. I hate singing now. Unless, of course, I've ingested a lot of beer, and I'm singing along to Metallica, Pearl Jam, or Nirvana. Or if I'm in my car by myself... ;)

going through boxes in the attic, I came across these classic skates I picked up at the thrift store a couple of years ago. a word of advice: do not try to stand up in skates that do not fit your feet. especially if you are in the small space of a cramped attic. even if you were a roller-skating genuis back in the day. even if you are known for your balancing skillz.


read more about april foolishness here.


what does it mean? a whole bunch, but the least of it is....this IS me. i'm a clutter bug a chaos liver and though i try & try & try to change...i can't.

Taken in the bathroom at work. I liked my outfit - but the grin is a bit cheesy

SPT - My niece as me

Self Portrait


See a large version in a slide show

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