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In my 2 years of photography I've learned that visualization of an image is possibly the single most import part of taking a photograph. What you see and what you want to see can be very different. Trying to capture that requires patience and lots of practice in editing!

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#165 on Explore on 11 Nov 2007


"Just as there is no Parisian glance that is not compelled to encounter it,

there is no fantasy that fails, sooner or later, to acknowledge its form

and be nourished by it."

~Roland Barthes ~ La Tour Eiffel ~ 1964


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set: autumnal glories


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Violent Seduction is one of my favorite stores in Second Life, and I am incredibly happy and grateful to have become a part of their official blogger team. [read more...]



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Black and white photo tinted with alcohol ink

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Bairro de Santos. Lisbon, Portugal

“Seduction is an art form, and one well worth learning.”



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Location: Tao Dan park


Saigon, Vietnam · Spring 2010

this yarrow is somehow reblooming in November maybe as a tribute to all our service men which I am proud to say my son is one of them :)

the stamen loaded with pollen, ready to receive bees and butterflies...


Pink Tiger or Oriental Lilies.


Lilies, though completely varied in size, shape and color, always have six tepals and six anthers. There are seven types of lilies, with over 400 species.

Native to the northern temperate zones. About half of the lily species originate in continental Asia, while the remainder are native to Europe, North America and Japan.

They provide a rainbow of colours.

THANX, M, (*_*)



Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever.

Com esse calor todo os meninos resolveram tirar uma pouco a camisa e eu nada boba aproveitei pra tirar umas fotinhos ne rs ;D~.


Wrath: Mas é uma boba mesmo rs

Vishous: Nesse calor, nem da pra ficar de camisa né rs deixa ela aproveitar




Sai um pouco da toca hoje rs. Toca quer dizer quarto XD ai tirei umas fotinhos dos meus babies lá fora, mas ta um calor tão grande que ficou dificil XD o jeito foi pegar o ventilador e deixar ligado na minha frente enquanto eu tirava as fotos kkkkk pelo menos ai resfrescou e consegui tirar váaaaarias fotos legais *-*.


Segunda volta minha faculdade, e aiiii que preguiça só de imaginar subir 3 andares nesse calor todo gente @_@. Sem contar que esse semestre vai ser puxado, no final do ano eu já me formo, então imagina a correria que vai ser rs. Mas é isso ai a vida continua \o/. Enfrentar tudo com força total!!

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Some images stay in my mind; long after the subject has faded away...

Best in Lightbox. This tree keeps luring me back to photograph it, especially at sunset. I'm sure you can see why! I've been going through my archives again for this one!

Isn't that related to fake, con, wanting something that is not the heart. Or is it part of love ?

Just heard a story told by a man, that finds seduction a need. The need to be secuced by a woman. He relate to it, what I would call desire.

He was secuced by his maid, a much younger poor girl, that in my eyes did it because she needed his money. Are men really that stupid, to think its love or do they just like the game ?

Isn't that the "power", one of them, women have ?

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your eyes are the windows to your deepest emotions.


Seduced by a waterfall.


Another attempt at a different kind of Abiqua Falls shot. I just finished downloading and reviewing the shots that I took today and I'm very pleased with the variety and the amount of keepers.


This is another shot as you are approaching the falls in the creek. That's some of the fun of shooting Abiqua... getting your feet wet.


The conditions were perfect for shooting the falls. Overcast skies and drizzle. It only really rained once, the rest was just plain old drizzle... just enough to keep the plants and rocks nice and wet making the colors just pop. I worked the circular polarizer all day with these shots.


Another thing that helped was that the water was at a nice flow and level. It wasn't blowing spray onto the lens unless you get too close, and the creek with giving some great reflections. I really like the colors in the reflection in this shot.


It was a very nice day. Raj shot with me today. Please check out his photostream. : )

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This was taken about three weeks ago when there were still sweetpeas and roses growing in my garden. THE TEMPERATURE HERE IN MELBOURNE TODAY PEAKED AT 46.4°C !! Very few flowers now remain. I have never experienced such intense heat as when I briefly ventured outside to fill the birdbaths. I'm not sure there will be much left to photograph in the garden for a while. I may have to dip into the archives again.

Explore #207, 6th February 2009

#67. Macro/Closeup (100 Pictures)

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