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I was looking back through some older images and decided to give this one an edit.

Here I've darkened the overall brightness of the image to better communicate the sense and mood of the gloomy conditions that were present on the day this was originally taken.

Taken as the title indicates at Susan Gilmore Beach, NSW; Australia.

Hope you like the re-work!!

Have a terrific day and weekend ahead!

The local forecast is for building seas, rain and wind - great recipe for some dramatic seascapes if time allows.......

Thanks always for any comments, views or favorites to this or any of my other images - very much appreciated!!!

L'eau paisible et scintillante du Hourdel un après-midi d'été

a group of rocks protect each other. Warriewood Beach

An oldie from the Vault!

Taken a couple of years ago during a sunrise session at South Bar Beach, NSW, Australia.

Theses rocks are normally covered by a healthy layer of sand, but occasionally large seas scour the sand away and reveal their beauty.

I used such an event to visit here and was rewarded with a colorful sunrise too - hope you like the end resultant image!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks again for any comments, views or favorites!!

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A slightly different take on the previous version of this scene posted a couple of days ago. I really liked the soft water flow of the shorter shutter speed.


Which do you prefer?

Tidal ebb and flow sustaining the crustaceans in the intertidal zone.


Curl Curl beach this morning with the Focus crew.

Another from a recent sunrise outing at South Bar Beach, NSW; Australia.

Managed to capture some lovely pastel pink hues during this session, and timed the visit to coincide with low tide so that I'd have these great rocks to play with too - hope you like this!!!

Have a great day and weekend!!

Bonito atardecer en Barrika, de los que se ven venir y finalmente llegan.


Espero que os guste.

Sunrise over Freshwater Point.

Another from last weeks sunrise outing to South Bar Beach, NSW; Australia with friend and fellow flickr photographer Paul Hollins.

Here I've used the light to highlight the textured patterns in the sand leading to the jutting rockshelf and horizon in the distance (with the ever present coal ship!).

Hope you like this one!!

Have a fantastic day and weekend everyone - thanks for viewing, commenting or adding this (or any of my other images) to your favorites - much appreciated!!

Used a ND, a blue/yellow polarizer and a 0.9 ND Grad. Moments later I got the shot I uploaded yesterday.

Another image taken during a sunrise visit to South Bar Beach, NSW; Australia last week.

The rock shelf here has once again been stripped of it's sand covering following big seas; revealing all its splendor!!

Hope you like this one too ( I've got a few more that I'll share soon....).

Have a fantastic day and week ahead - thanks for your comments, viewings and favorites for this or any of my other images - always appreciated!!!

Nikon D800

Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lens

F18| 6s | ISO 100 | 28mm

Lee Filters | 1.2 GND | 1.2 GND soft

8 Images stitched


This location has long been on my list and today I finally got there. Local Sundance group headed down to catherine hill bay for sunrise. I decided to take the high view this morning and work on a pano from above. The sky certainly turned on the fireworks for us all this morning.

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Last weekend I met up with some partners in crime, Steve and Kim. However it was raining and raining and raining when we got there. Oh no! We waited under our umbrellas, wondering and hoping for a break in the clouds. You can see the last few rain clouds disappearing at the top of the photo. For just a few moments we were blessed with beautiful diffused light....then...more rain.


Have a great weekend :-)

Durdle Dor late afternoon

Usually, i head off on photographic trips the day after I finish work. On no more than intuition, I drove from 1245 am for five hours through the night, to walk here for the dawn, rather than delay departure 'til the morning. I have never seen any photographers here, or images from this small nook of coastline, which I discovered on an off-track scramble. This day, indeed this trip, it seemed as if the spirits of the land walked with me, a vibrant hum of life tangible from the land.

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in Portinho da Arrabida, Portugal

This image was from a sunrise at Caves Beach, NSW; Australia several weeks ago.

These rocks lie behind and slightly to the south of the main entrance of the cave after which this beach is named.

Some great rocks coupled with a little sunrise color gave me this!!

Hope you like it!!

Have an amazing day and weekend!!

Thanks for any comments, views or favorites for this or any of my other images - much appreciated!!!!

Taken a few days ago during a sunrise outing at South Bar Beach, NSW; Australia.

I was expecting the rock shelf here to be exposed once again following recent storms and big seas - and wasn't disappointed!

The sunbeams were an added bonus!!

Hope you like this one - thanks again for any comments, viewings or favorites - always very much appreciated!!!

Have a wonderful day and week everyone!!

one more from Kinnego Bay

sending oneworldmj big birthday ♥,

I hope your day is grand !

Happy Birthday!!! xo


texture by les brumes thanks


have a great weekend everyone!

Stormclouds over the beach of Texel/NL


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my written permission. :copyright: J. Neumann. All rights reserved.

Crow's Pasture in Dennis

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