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Found this red wood ant (formica rufa) in my mother in laws backyard at easter. Feel free to drop by my Facebook page for more pictures.

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After an embarrassing defeat by the low-tech Ewoks, some scout troopers decided to go native.


Part of my Stormtroopers series.



See detailed setup info and learn more about this image at the source.



I went out at the dead of night to try out some star-trails as it was unusually clear. I didn't want to go too far so I went to the top of Scout Scar, just outside Kendal and set up. Unfortunately I had a few issues with the star trails (learning for next time) so I settled for a few long exposures and this was probably the best. Still quite a lot of light pollution from nearby Kendal but you can just about make-out the Milky Way if you look hard enough. Foreground light-painting from my head-torch.

The barn at William "Buffalo Bill" Cody's ranch in North Platte, Nebraska.

This is scout, wearing her little scout thing around her neck. She is looove.


- my sisters 7ca8ttjjjjjjjs... *cats


haha, sorr=y about the mistakes... scout just walked across the key board. XD


(n.) *Scouting

1. exploring in order to gain information.


Scouting Woman, Baie St-Paul, Quebec, Canada.



"Those doing digital manipulation of their own photos deserve the respect to be viewed for whatever their final product is – not the process."

-Julie Rodriguez Jones



Just for fun I created this digital painting from an original picture. If you ask me how I did it; the answer would be I don't remember because when I do this kind of work, I follow my instinct and I don't take notes. (Done in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet as a drawing board!)




This is another view of the scout, a bit more detailed. The angles of eyes and the shape of the helmet were hard but maybe the worst was the nose/mouth breathing grille.


Hope you enjoy!

Wearing an adorable dress by Ukelele Party.

Featuring items from DRD, Jian, and Gabriel.


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Picture taken at Ironwood Hills

Walkers on Scout Scar, Cumbria


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Scouting for timelapse locations in central Tokyo!

Subtle sunset colours at Scout Dyke reservoir, Penistone, Yorkshire.

Out in the Mojave Desert last night with very cool temperatures and breezy conditions. It was a full moon too and found some interesting areas to come back too. Lots of time, mileage, and money put into such adventures.

Scout MIne is an old abandoned sandstone mine in Rossendale. In 1938 it was converted to an air raid shelter for fear of an air attack during WWII. This snap makes the best use of what natural light was coming through the entrance and rest is hand lit. Really enjoyed this place.

The UP 2010 Boy Scout engine leads a stack train at Malta, IL, on 12-28-14.

Day # 7 Revenge of the Fallen Scout Class Decepticon Ransack

Don't see him often and usually he just walks by. Today he wanted to make friends.

The setting sun casting low, raking light over the fields at Scout Dyke Reservoir, near Penistone.

Reila walked across the rough coppery terrain of planet 27-TJ-KsS. She slowly waved her scanner over the ground as she walked, picking up data. The strange green upshoots growing tall here and there unnerved her slightly, but the previous scouting mission had already confirmed that they were only plants.

She had been dispatched to run mineral scans. Tedious and lonely, but not very difficult.

Suddenly a movement caught her eye. She glanced toward the source, fearful...but it was just her own shadow, distorted as the planet's star cast it over a reddish boulder.

She sighed, wishing she had been transferred to a combat foray, not some stupid scouting mission.



...Integrating deus ex machina translator...

...Starting processes...

...Downloading Mission File...

Input mission file:

((Perform autonomous scouting functions in sector 5-G, Quadrant 3, Sub-quadrant 2))

...Transferring Mission File to Tasklist...

Transfer complete

...Performing Task One...


...Engaging thrusters...

...Powering gyroscopic equivalencing system...

...Sending request to disengage from docking platform...

(Request received)

(Request validated)

...Sending request to open hangar doors...

(Request received)

(Request validated)

...Engaging forward propulsion system...

...Engaging autonomous steering system...





...Abnormal biomass detected...


...Charging weapons...


Reila strained her eyes to see what the strange green object moving toward her was. As it got closer she could tell it was some sort of drone. But we didn't deploy drones, she thought. The strange machine moved closer and she realized it must be alien technology. She got out her transmitter to contact the Orbiting base ship, but it was too late...




A little diorama made for aaronzambiasi's space contest. I hope this meets the parameters. :)


Please C&C! :D


(New Journey stuff is out, along with the Changelings' Warlord, for those interested; just browse my 'stream a few photos back. ;)


And if you notice the SUPERSECRET Journey reference in the story, you get a fake cookie. :)


I was going through some of my old figs, and found my old, poorly-sharpied scout trooper and decided to restore it. Then I just decided to mod it. :P

A 1946 Indian Scout motorcycle, pretty much all original and still being ridden.

The Scout Statue at sunset.


Taken from Wiki -

The Scout is a famous statue by Cyrus E. Dallin in Kansas City, Missouri. It is more than 10 feet tall, and depicts a Sioux Indian on horseback surveying the landscape. The Scout was conceived by Dallin in 1910, and exhibited at the 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, where it won a gold medal. On its way back east, the statue was installed on a temporary basis in Penn Valley Park. The statue proved so popular that $15,000 in nickels and dimes was raised to purchase it through a campaign called "The Kids of Kansas City." The statue was dedicated in 1922 as a permanent memorial to local Indian tribes. It is currently located east of Southwest Trafficway in Penn Valley Park, which is south of downtown Kansas City.


Mike D.

Scout, like from "To Kill a Mockingbird". Our first cat was Hunca Munca from "Two Bad Mice" and then we had Pippin from "Lord of the Rings." Literary cats!

Scout has the special privilege of being Malcolm's favourite girl. :)

The wind farm at scout moor. Close up of the hub at the centre of the blades.


Explore: Highest position: 365 on Sunday, October 19, 2008

Indian Scout 101


Indian Scout 101: In 1928, Charles Franklin, the Indian engineer and former racer responsible for the original Scout, tweaked the design to create the classic 101 Scout. Possibly the best bike Indian ever built. It incorporated a number of changes prompted by real-world racetrack experience with the original Scout.

long overdue photo of Scout wearing a fantastic thefuture shirt I got in a trade with Cassy. The colours are just perfect for Scout! :)

Scout Moor Windfarm, taken in Shaw, Oldham.

Scout moor looking towords Norden res

Scouts meet in memory of fallen brothers in WWII on Ivančena 2010.

Scout Sunday, February 23, 1975

New Boy Scouts, Steve and Danny Borgerding

A scout trooper riding a 74-Z speeder bike at the sand dunes west of Albuquerque, New Mexico

scout green , shap 23/6/95

Scout was my 3rd doll that came into my family in 2009. Since then, she has undergone cosmetic surgery under the skilful hands of Olga (Vainilladolly). Talk about addiction, she has undergone procedures twice! I have a junkie here! ...hehehe

Scout statue overlooking a Kansas City sunrise.


Image put together with 2 exposures and blended in Photomatix.

A Scout Trooper takes a second to have a small rest on his daily patrol.

Scout Book illustration made for a friend - to be printed at


Posca doodle & digital colour

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