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Found this red wood ant (formica rufa) in my mother in laws backyard at easter. Feel free to drop by my Facebook page for more pictures.

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My entry to Round 1 of The Tourney 2015 over on MOCpages. :)


This depicts my character scouting out a potential route for a race.



Without axes equipped.

This rover is typically use for scouting,patrolling and light espionage missions.

When offensive missions it is equipped with two axes.

Model: Scout Lovato

Assistant and Creative Director: KayLynn Aragon Photography

Lucy, on the right, the 16 year old female Bengal tiger at the Rio Grande Bio Park, died Tuesday, 11/2/2014, after a short illness.


According to the Albuquerque Journal she was fine up until Saturday (11/29) when keepers noticed blood on her belly. They observed her over Sunday and Monday, and while she ate her treats, she did not touch her normal diet. At 315 pounds, her normal diet would be 4 pounds of meat a day.


On Tuesday, zoo veterinarians sedated Lucy and examined her. They found a huge mass in her mammary area and an X-ray showed that her lungs were also affected. She was dosed with antibiotics and steroids and when she came out of sedation she was not breathing well. The decision was made to humanely euthanize her.


Lucy had the same keeper for 15 years and she would greet her keepers with a "chuff" that tigers use to greet each other. She was feisty and adventurous and braver than Scout. When enrichment toys were added to their enclosure Lucy would check them out first, then Scout would be brave enough to play - and take them away from her.


Scout and Lucy had one litter of 2 cubs in 2002, but neither cub survived.


Good bye, Lucy.


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Sometimes you deal with what your dealt, soooo here ya go! Looks good for iso 800 huh?


I was out scouting a location for a photo walk. Ya hear that local friends? I'll keep you in touch as details emerge!

Thanks for stopping by!


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UP 2010 Boy Scout unit roll's slowly by the park in Rochelle, IL after getting the green to proceed westbound.

Scout Green, 1.9.12

Not the Scout that Tonto rode, but named after him. My sister's 5-year-old Half-Arabian Pinto gelding that she's finally getting to work under saddle after breaking her leg last summer.


Boy Scouts happened to be out camping at Airey Lake in Desoto National Forest, MS. Great night to be out and under the stars.

The barn at William "Buffalo Bill" Cody's ranch in North Platte, Nebraska.

I went out at the dead of night to try out some star-trails as it was unusually clear. I didn't want to go too far so I went to the top of Scout Scar, just outside Kendal and set up. Unfortunately I had a few issues with the star trails (learning for next time) so I settled for a few long exposures and this was probably the best. Still quite a lot of light pollution from nearby Kendal but you can just about make-out the Milky Way if you look hard enough. Foreground light-painting from my head-torch.

Arf Trooper-

We’ve just landed on one of the republics only controlled sector of Mustafar. There has been some suspicion that there is a secret Seperist base on this planet as well. Are job is to scout the area and check for any traces of Seperatist machinery. But clinkers aren’t our only worries. The planet is basically a living volcano, but the problem is that we never know when it’s going to blow. Know we’re crossing the bridge that takes us from our a Republic zone to the other part of this mysterious unknown world…”


Just another vig and I'm pretty happy with how this came out. So I hope you guys like it and please tell me what you think :D

btw please give credit if you use the lava technique :)


Looking over the rooftops of Heywood towards the sun setting behind the Scout Moor Wind Farm.

This is another view of the scout, a bit more detailed. The angles of eyes and the shape of the helmet were hard but maybe the worst was the nose/mouth breathing grille.


Hope you enjoy!

This is scout, wearing her little scout thing around her neck. She is looove.


- my sisters 7ca8ttjjjjjjjs... *cats


haha, sorr=y about the mistakes... scout just walked across the key board. XD


My first entry to Droneuary 2015.


Well, I think this turned out alright, for a first try at least. There are a couple of things I'm not too happy with, but overall I quite like it! And yes...dust. Oops. ;)


Thanks for viewing and have a great day!

Wearing an adorable dress by Ukelele Party.

Had an hour & half to kill while my wife was at Physio! Light was crap, blanket of clouds so had no idea where to go? Decided on a Scouting Mission to have a look around Old Hartley Bay! Think next visit will be a sunrise!!


Camera: Nikon D7000

Lens: AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G ED VR

Focal Length: 24mm

Exposure: 30 Sec

Aperture: f14

ISO: 100

Filters: 10 Stop

Tripod: 3 Legged Thing - Eddie

Head: 3 Legged Thing - Airhed 2

After an embarrassing defeat by the low-tech Ewoks, some scout troopers decided to go native.


Part of my Stormtroopers series.



See detailed setup info and learn more about this image at the source.



Had a wander over the top today, fresh air and low cloud, In camera 6 multi exposures wih some EV dialed in

Out in the Mojave Desert last night with very cool temperatures and breezy conditions. It was a full moon too and found some interesting areas to come back too. Lots of time, mileage, and money put into such adventures.

1st Marple Scouts Summer Camp to Holland.

The UP 2010 Boy Scout engine leads a stack train at Malta, IL, on 12-28-14.

Yesterday I was bored and made this scout for the Galactic Civil War RPG. Even I made a Scout juggernaut but that's not the best if would you like to see pls comment


9th Thanis scout walker frame : 1 direct fire weapon system, 2 movement systems (long legs and small size), 1 spot system.

A small clone squad scouts the perimeter.


I've been wanting to try do some outdoor photos for a while now, I finally got to it and I'm quite happy with the results!

Hope you all enjoy!


(Sorry I've been so inactive!)



reflective umbrella camera's left angled down just a bit.


rim lights about 6 feet back on both sides 14 foot stands angled down


the back drop was lit with a 8" reflector just behind his head firing straight back to create that circle shape.


Triggered with pocket wizards




Subtle sunset colours at Scout Dyke reservoir, Penistone, Yorkshire.

SWSFT 2015 Skoda Scout RRV

An armless mech. I`m pretty happy with how it turned out, especially the legs.


Inspired by Color.




Another concept art built with the same color sceme as the Kobold.

scout niblett live at the lido

berlin, december 5th, 2007

Scout was featured today on


Check out that link to view the details of her outfit and see a larger version.

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