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Beautiful Virginia Beach

This is an image I took from a glass blowing presentation at Wimberley Glassworks in Wimberley Texas. They were showing how they make pieces of their new collection called dragon scale vases.

Scale free correlation is a phenomenon whereby each starling in the flock seems to have an effective perceptional range much larger than just the direct interaction with its immediate neighbours. Acting as if of one mind enhances the whole flock's collective response to an outside influence and thus provides maximum protection for the group from a predator. It also provides a mesmerizing spectacle for the viewer on the ground.

italian garden and its rare pruning

Lake Balmorhea, Reeves County, Texas

Macro photo of colorful bark of arbutus tree in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC, Canada.

This head on view of Scale Haw Force shows the strikingly beautiful detail of the cascade. To the far left is the perch i managed to get to for my "Hiding in the Shadows" image. This secluded waterfall is half a mile north of the village of Hebden in the Yorkshire Dales. Compared to most waterfalls i visit this one was a doddle to access although i would recommend Wellies if you want to get close.

Skala für ein Drehspulmesswerk, fotografisch hergestellt vom Urgrossvater des Sekretärs (Datum unbekannt, wahrscheinlich irgendwann zwischen 1900 und 1925).


Scale for a moving-coil movement, photographically made by the secretary's great-grandfather (date unknown, probably sometime between 1900 and 1925)

Last night's sunset over the small boat harbor in Seward, Alaska. The post of the harbor look like the lines on a scale

Macro Mondays 25/09/17 theme Zodiac.Macro capture of the scales on my Yellow Tailed Damsel Fish.This was taken through the glass when she decided to come out from behind the rocks in the tank.It took a few takes to get an OK shot as the camera kept locking on to the glass and she kept on going back behind the rocks when the camera or my hand moved.

I do not think my hand is helpful in determining the scale of the power plant!

But perhaps the size of the field and the tree line will help.

The cooling towers have an hight of 200 m = 656 ft.


INCLUDED FOR SCALE is the topic for Monday 12 August 2019, Group Our Daily Challenge


Close up of two brass imperial weights from old style kitchen scales.

Long time ago...

..since the last time i uploaded some picture for MacroMondays...


This one is a miniature scale from my wife; ic guess it's pretty old (the scale, of course :-p ).


The width of the scale is about 2"


Have a winderful evening and a great week!



Lang ist's her...

...dass ich etwas für MacroMondays hochh lud.


Hier haben wir eine kleine Minaturwaage von meiner (vermeintlich) besseren Hälfte - scheint ziemlich alt (die Waage, nicht die bessere Hälfte :-p )


Das gute Stück ist gut 5cm breit


Wünsche Euch allen einen wunderbaren Abend und eine gute Woche!





Callipepla squamata


There's two paths leading up towards Blencathra's summit, the one on the left goes up via Sharp Edge, the one on the right is an easier safer way.. the choice is yours, whatever you prefer :-)

Grand Canyon North Rim, Arizona, U.S.A.

The yellow-bellied water snake lives throughout deep east Texas and eastward throughout much of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. It is an aquatic species generally found near the larger and more permanent bodies of water, such as marshes, swamps, river bottoms, and along the edges of lakes and ponds. They feed mainly on fish, frogs, and tadpoles. Adults typically reach 30 to 48 inches in length. The record is 59 inches.

The Scale is the results of a weekend long Light Painting Workshop that Harold Ross, a brilliant fine art photographer, offers. The workshop was intense but -- I loved every minute of it!

I have seen one cat (Jimmy) try to scale the sheer "rock" face (i.e. the back), but Otis took a more traditional route.

We had a trip today to find a waterfall which is only about three miles from where I live yet which is so hidden that you wouldn't know it's even there. It's included in "The Photographer's Guide to The Yorkshire Dales", which is how we came across this waterfall. Certainly well worth the effort to locate it.


This was taken using a Kenkoo ND1000

This picture is from about two years ago at a local aviation museum. I liked it because of he sense of scale here, a direct comparison between my son F and the jet. Also because of his curiosity and exploration.

A waterfall near Grassington.. can't remember much about the fall, but obviously I've been there.. must be a senior moment ;-)

These are the natural colours as seen that day, by Buttermere. The sky was overcast, the colours muted and soft.


But the Lake was calm, and there were some perfect reflections. The light in this valley is unique, I think.


The tiny figures show the true scale...


Taken by Buttermere, Northern Lakes, Lake District National Park


Explore 29th May 2013 #411

Sharp Edge and Scales Tarn seen from Blencathra.

A simple shot from my S scale model railroad. Shot with the Olympus E-M1.


The New Haven RR boxcar at left is a "hirail" version that came ready to run from S Helper Service. The reefer at right was a "shake the box" scale wooden kit from Kinsman.

Wicca's Originals - Ryn Gloves (Scales) @ The Mainstore


Size: Maitreya, Bento 13 colors & metals


UC_Roxy_Foxy_dress_@ Kustom9


Form-fitting silk mini dress fitting Belleza, Maitreya and Slink bodies in 12 colors!




Love Be x

The bronze figure was created in the 1990s by sculptor Steven Liguori. The statue was based on a photo of one of the last of the high scalers then alive -- Joe Kine.


Cone scales, possibly from a Noble Fir, seen along the Rattlesnake Mountain Trail.


Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area, WA

The scale at Rocks by Cica Ghost is not something you can understand by camming around. Place yourself on one of the animations and then you notice it! Come see Rocks, by Cica Ghost, at The Sim Quarterly!


A little trip today to Scale Force near Buttermere. With a single 170ft drop followed by a further two 20ft drops Scale Force is considered the highest Waterfall in the Lake District.

Wordsworth described it as ‘a fine chasm, with a lofty, though but slender, fall of water’.

Just a quickie, one that was already processed.. Not a lot of water flowing over it, water levels are dependent on Scaling dam further upstream... I like the leaves framing it from above :-)

Scaled Qauil showing off the scales and cotton top.

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