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Two sayings speak to this shot. First, the one about a picture can’t do a scene justice. Standing there in the driving hail, witnessing multiple lightning bolts was quite the experience, but as hard as I tried I could not capture one bolt. The main part of the storm cleared right at sunset, so I was disappointed by the lack of color in the sky; however I was happy to come away with one shot from this quick but memorable trip.


My decision to shoot at Lake Tahoe was based purely on the storm in the forecast, and the chance of it clearing at sunset. This brings me to the second saying that came to mind. Be careful what you wish for…Yea, right!


Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it! (I've also heard... it might come true.)

For macromondays theme: wise old sayings


This is a small ceramic figure (about 2in/5cm) of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice in the movie, Fantasia. I actually took the shot for another mm theme (I don't remember which one), but it didn't quite suit, and I posted something else. I've been waiting a few years for a better match of image and theme - so thanks for this week's theme, a great fit!

Lone Ranch Beach, Samuel H. Boardman State Park. Brookings, Oregon USA

Taken for Macro Mondays "Wise old sayings" theme

Someone hung this little bell from a fence. It has been there for many years now.

For Macro Mondays theme “Wise Old Sayings” HMM all

A bird in the hand is worth a 1000 in the air.


Something about time and a prickly pear - my reference shot of the notice was out of focus!

...may break my bones but words will never hurt me! Definitely an old saying but not sure how wise since we all know how hurtful words can be but it did make me feel powerful when I yelled this at my older brother growing up!!

For Macro Mondays

Theme: Wise Old Sayings

This shot shot taken for the Macro Mondays theme Wise Old Sayings. Perhaps "Hit the Nail on the Head" is more of an idiom than a saying but it has been around a while.


It was taken in late afternoon sunlight with the sky and a few clouds as the background.


The nail was held between some teeth of a pair of pliers - on the edge of a picnic table. The hammer was balanced on a piece of breeze block and the nail. I was crouching under the table with the camera pointing up. I kind of wondered, while I was doing it, if I might have found a better support for the hammer.

It's so quiet you could hear a pin drop (idiom)

Taken for Macro Mondays. Wise Old Sayings.

The proverb "March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers", first recorded in 1886, or the shorter trochaic version "April showers bring May flowers", (originally "Sweet April showers/Do spring May flowers", part of a poem recorded in 1610) are common expressions in English speaking countries. HMM!

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Two sayings in one photograph. :)


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