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A storm brewing over the restored windmill at Avoncroft.

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticas) in the rainforests of Madagascar.

A photo taken 12 months ago today.


This is my hometown of Halifax, Yorkshire and the fog reminded me of a scene from the days of smog in the history books.


Beautiful Quarry Bank Mill.

Photo from Ranomafana national park, Madagascar.

some people take the satanic associations of 666 so seriously that they actively avoid things related to 666 or the digits 6-6-6. This is known as hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.

source: wikipedia


The 185 666 ( "der kleine Niels" ) of Lokomotion private railways runs with inter-modal freight train to Villach.

whatever satanic ritual this may be its clearly killing the grass

Long white road onto the base of Kippure in County Wicklow (just over the border at this point by about 20M).


I am not fond of this route mainly because of the amount of fly tipping on this track and the long boggy haul up to the mast on Kippure.


The road has featured in a couple of scenes in the recent US TV series Camelot with King Arthur and his knights galloping down here obvously managing to avoid the old TV sets, prams and matresses etc ;-)

Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)

Qiana sporting a few of her new items from DRD... we both went a bit bananas at the cashback sale a few days ago.

Wearing horns, chains and armour from DRD, collar from L'Emporio Di Bru, hair from Alice Project and a free latex catsuit from Kcreations. And the eyes are from her futile attempt to get a full Lamia outfit from devious Mind at the Fantasy Gacha Fair, without getting ruined.


Photo from from Ranomafana national park, Madagascar.

Thompson B1 61264 departs Haworth


:copyright: 2017 All images and use thereof are copyright of Daryl Hutchinson. Reproduction of them is forbidden without prior permission

Anna Savory: Tales from the Satanic Library

Anna Savory is a comedy writer, stand-up & above all, condemned woman! This may well be your last chance to join her (& the 1,000 cursed books she inherited that are trying to kill her) for a night of stand-up about love, life, libraries, & terrible, terrible occult curses.

"Spooky show that's brilliantly funny too" Josie Long

Shows at Camden Comedy Club

Mon 7 Aug - Wed 9 Aug 2017 at 9:30pm


#camdenfringe #camdenfringe2017 #camdencomedyclub #books #library #sataniclibrary #annasavoury #talesfromthesataniclibrary

"And did those feet in ancient time", a poem by Blake, which is best known as the anthem, Jerusalem, refers to the "dark satanic mills" of England's industrial revolution.


The weather which greeted Andy, Silson Roadrunner, and I, along with clapping eyes on this structure reminded me of the verse.


Anyway, enough of that, here's a shot of 66017 with the 04.15 Peak Forest Cemex to Ely Papworth Sidings stone approaching Oakham, Thursday 19.6.14

Ermita abandonada en España,nocturna con iluminación artificial.

con nude 2: mi crew via oeste., alej179,snow

Satanic Terror

Jason Karns

hand colored copy


Photo from Ranomafana national park, Madagascar.

Long Exposure at St. Benet's Windpump just along from Thurne at sunrise the other day. The weather was pretty fierce and it became far too windy for an LE really, as I discovered when my tripod and camera blew over and started rolling down the bank towards the dyke. It came to stop about 6 inches from the water. Heart in mouth stuff and a valuable lesson learned…

This is the new drawing room Im working on.

In 1784, a partnership of five men including Henry Hollins bought what was initially, Pleasley Forge in Pleasley, Derbyshire from a Mr. Thornhill and transformed it into a cotton spinning mill. The forge was previously used to remove chemical impurities from pig iron using a water powered mill.


The location of the Lower Mill (No.1) close to the River Meden and the ability to use some of the forge machinery for cotton spinning made it a strong new venture.


The mill was water powered until 1803 when it was replaced by steam, steam later generated electricity for use on the mill. Gas lighting was used at the mill from 1839 to allow the working of night shifts. The Upper Mill (No.3) was built in 1847 to increase the cotton production and the Middle Mill (No.2) was added in 1913 for woollen products.


The world's first branded material, Viyella, was invented here in 1893 by James Robert Sissons and was made from 55% Merino wool and 45 % cotton.


Location: the Community Of Jesus "Cult" Orleans, MA

Film: 400 35mm Fuji Film

Camera: Minolta X700


A closer Look at the end of the church. The strange flares out of Jesus' mid section and point at his feet look oddly enough like an upside down pentagram. Even closer inspection and you will see a goat head: Satan, Baphomet, etc. To spot the goats head is tricky but if you view the hands of Jesus as the horns, then the strange flares as the ears, and finally back to the body two symmetrical triangular eyes. Strange thing to find in a church. Not so strange here though since the two hundred plus members of this congregation belong to the elite circuit of society. This Church of transformation was funded by a Rockefeller. Open For other Interpretations.

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)

Nicolas Reusens:registered:


One of the main HIGHLIGHTS of my Madagascar trip was finding the Brookesia Micra chameleon (NOT possible this time!), another one was spotting this incredible geko in the wild.

We had to spend 1 day trekking in the Ranomafana forest with 1 guide + extra spotter to find this little cutie! and we were lucky !!!


Stay tuned for the closeups & even one Ultrawide macro (1 out of 6 tries!)


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Uno de los mayores retos de mi viaje a Madagascar consistía en encontrar el Brookesia Micra, el camaleón mas pequeño del mundo (NO fue posible en esta ocasión).Otro de los retos era encontrar en naturaleza al Uroplatus phantasticus, una lagartija con forma de hoja y maestra en camuflaje.Despues de pasar el dia entero buscándola en el bosque de Ranomafana, y con la ayuda de un guía y de un spotter adicional, finalmente conseguimos avistarla entre las hojas secas a un lado del camino!

Atentos a futuros macro´s cercanos e incluso a un macro ultra-angular (1 de 6!)

The dark satanic mills that rose out of the green and pleasant land as part of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Not mills at all of course, but cooling towers, the ones outside Doncaster, taken from the train on my way home from my Newcastle trip.

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