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The Santa Marta Lighthouse on Cascais, Portugal



The Fort of Santa Marta was probably built in the 1640s, later than of the other fortresses that are distributed along the coast of Cascais, since it was not mentioned in the inventory of forts of Cascais made in 1646. This fortress was built with the intention of preventing the approach of enemies to the Cascais Bay area. In the second half of the eighteenth century the fortress was the object of additional work, the most significant being that of 1762-1763, during which the parapet was widened, and that of 1793, in which battery spaces and quarters were expanded

In 1864 the fort was considered to be no longer militarily necessary. However, the strategic position its location had for military reasons also applied to navigation and it was decided to build a lighthouse on the site.[4][5]

Concluded in 1867, the Santa Marta lighthouse started to signal its area of the coast of Cascais, crossing with the Guia Lighthouse. In 1868, a small tower was added. A report from 1897 stated that the lighthouse had a fixed red light, given by a dioptric lens directed by a catoptric apparatus. This light was replaced by a 5th-order, fixed-light catadioptric system in 1908. In 1936 the tower was increased in height by 8 meters, due to new buildings in the vicinity that impeded the existing light. In 1949 a foghorn system was installed featuring three seconds of sound followed by seven seconds of silence.[6]

The lamp was electrified in 1953, and an automatic light source backup system was also installed, operated by acetylene incandescence. In 1964, a generator was installed thus negating the need for acetylene. Between 1980 and 1981 work was carried out on the complete automation of the lighthouse, which was included in the telecontrol network of the approaches of the Port of Lisbon and in 2000 a new monitoring system was added.

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An endemic & endangered species, found only in the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia, at high altitudes between 1,800 and 3,200 meters.


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A Lenten Exhibit, Santisimo Rosario Parish, University of Santo Tomas

22 March to 12 April 2009

Simon Bolivar spent here his last days before he died on 17. December 1830.


plage et phare de Santa Marta,

beach and lighthouse of Santa Marta

Santa Catarina (SC), Brasil (Brésil)

Canon Powershot A70

Holy Wednesday

St. Martin of Tours Parish

Bocaue, Bulacan

No Cabo de Santa Marta Grande, município de Laguna - SC - Brasil


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España- Sevilla: La plaza de Santa Marta es pequeña, con cuatro pequeños naranjos. La preside un crucero de mediados del siglo XVI que procede del hospital de San Lázaro,

Spain-Seville: The Plaza de Santa Marta is small, with four small orange. The chairs a cruise mid-sixteenth century coming from the San Lazaro Hospital,


Built in1868 the Lighthouse of Santa Marta is active; with a focal plane 25 m (82 ft); white or red light, depending on direction, 4.5 s on, 1.5 s off. 20 m (66 ft) square masonry tower with lantern and double gallery. Tower colored with blue and white horizontal bands, lantern painted red. Fog horn (one 3 s blast every 10 s).

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Durante los solsticios de otoño y primavera, se produce un fenómeno equinoccial en esta iglesia: los rayos de sol se cuelan por el ojo, encima del altar, y se ilumina el capitel que representa la Ascensión del Alma. La iglesia data del siglo XI, así que este montaje “spilberiano” se le ocurrió a algún maestro constructor por aquella época. Poco más que añadir.


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This photo was taken from Paso del Mango's Mirador, when I was visiting our firends Finca : Carpe Diem. Nice view to Santa Marta, between sunset and Blue Hour.


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"There is something in having passed one's childhood beside the [sea] which is incommunicable to those who have not". T.S. Eliot actually meant the Mississippi river but I guess it's equally true for the sea.

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