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At the Bartlesville restored Santa Fe & MKT Depot

Santa Fe New Mexico still has that Old West feel to it. There is an old movie set town (Eaves Movie Ranch) near Santa Fe. You can only see it by special appointment. The cowboys are part time actors that live in the area. It was a glorious opportunity for me to relive my favorite memories of old movie characters. (Edited in Lightroom and Topaz)

Headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a meeting with TNC's Global Lands team - little time for photography but snapped this out the window of the plane while landing.

This is beside the Santa Fe Depot in Shawnee, Ok

A pair of former Santa Fe GP30s and a blue Southwestern Railroad GP40 sandwich a work train headed to Peru Hill to dump ties and rail for a siding project. The supplies were collected on the disused northern portion of the SW line near Hanover. After spending most of the day unloading in Peru Hill, the train made an evening run back to Hanover where it will remain until Friday for another southbound run.

Usually when I post an image I can give a bit of information but not this time sorry about that. This is an adobe building in downtown Santa Fe that I thought was attractive . I think it was near the Georgia O’Keeffe art museum . Perhaps one of my American friends might know it




…undoubtedly the finest sunset viewing spot in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


This hill site has been populated for a thousand years by Pueblo Indians and their ancestors through the 16th century, then by Santa Fe colonists up from Mexico who established "New Mexico" under Mexican control which erected a small fort here.


U.S. troops invaded Santa Fe in 1846 during President Polk's Westward Expansion and seized the fort, naming it "Fort Marcy", and the hill "Fort Marcy Hill". Within two years New Mexico became a U.S. Territory.


Today this cross marks the site of the old fort, and the hill has been re-named "Cross Hill".

1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

When the UP and SP merged in 1996, BNSF gained trackage rights on UP rails between Denver, Colorado and Stockton, California. For a short time, BNSF ran intermodal traffic between Salt Lake City and Denver. A group of local equestrians near Riverton, Utah appear unimpressed as the MRODVJ blew by on Rio Grande rails the morning of Feb. 23, 1997.

Although not delivered as a Santa Fe unit, BNSF 783 still looks fantastic in her red & silver warbonnet paint, especially splitting the AT&SF T-2 semaphores at Bernal with a short work train in tow.

BNSF M-GALCHI takes off heading westbound through Hodgkins Illinois with a former Santa Fe B40-8W in the lead.

What appears to be a Santa Fe train is actually Rio Grande (well technically Southern Pacific) empty coal train #795.

It is seen heading Northbound on Main #2 at Castle Rock, CO on the Joint Line in September of 1989 with a pair of SPSF painted Santa Fe engines. Those being U36C 8739 and F45 5955.

This train originated from the power plant located at Kingsmill, TX and traveled to Pueblo where it was interchanged to the DRGW/SP.

It then headed up the Craig Branch and to the Energy Mine where it was loaded with coal.

Here's another "Shit weather in Montana" photo, this time with an ex Santa Fe SD75M in the lead. I've always liked the looks of these units, so after finding one teamed with a CSX Dash 8 on a intermodal train the chase was one even with crappy weather. The only thing I would have done differently here is to not cut off the train int he left side of the image! Oh well, better then another orange GE.....

Despite running across the heart of Illinois, the Santa Fe TransCon, now known as BNSF's Chillicothe Subdivision, is anything but flat. Trains traversing this line must climb and descend many steep grades and the hard working locomotives are often heard long before they are seen. One of the more popular locations on the line is here at the Santa Fe signal bridges in Edelstein. In this scene, a beautiful sunset casts a warm glow on the locomotives leading a lengthy eastbound intermodal train up Edelstein Hill while the end of the train descends the adjacent hill. Up until this past summer, many classic Santa Fe signals like these guided trains along this line, but BNSF crews have removed many of these classic structures, making this control point one of the last untouched locations on this famous route.

Santa Fe "Super Fleet" painted FP45's #101 and #102 make their first run on a short PR train.

Seen at Sullivan's Curve in Cajon Pass in July of 1989.

With the end of PA power on Santa Fe's former Grand Canyon mere months away, train #24 rolls through Lockport Illinois on a drear day late in 1967.



An eastbound Santa Fe manifest crosses the landmark Santa Fe trestle at Larkspur, Colorado. During this era, Santa Fe trains were in the minority on the Joint Line. Traffic was dominated by Burlington Northern Powder River coal trains and returning empties.

On the morning of February 19th, 1983 the Santa Fe ran a publicity train Eastbound up Cajon Pass.

The consist included FP45 #5997 along with F45's 5989, 5960, 5950 and 5986. It is seen here at Martinez Spur, just east of Summit.

Old Town Santa Fe. The sun shone, it rained, the winds blew, and it snowed on us this day. Welcome to Spring at 7,000ft. The steer head with the Kokopelli should have come home with me...but I was thinking suitcase, not UPS......dumb, dumb, dumb......

I'm catching up after spending the holiday weekend camping along the Santa Fe in Northern Florida. The cypress trees are beautiful this time of year.

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi built between 1869 and 1886

Old house in New Mexico. I took this shot from the tour bus on the way to Bandelier Monument near Santa Fe.

Union Pacific's Chicago & North Western heritage painted SD70ACe leads the ZCIG4-04 through the vintage Santa Fe cantilevers at Yost in East Galesburg and I'm a couple hours of PTO lighter because of it.


Totally worth it!


September 6, 2016.

Santa Fe 6367 leads an eastbound train at Cosnino Road east of Flagstaff, Arizona, the afternoon of Oct. 2, 1988. ATSF 6367 is a B23-7 (built by GE for the Santa Fe in April 1979) followed by an SD45, an SDP40F, and a C30-7.

Its June 1973 westbound Santa Fe covered wagons passing through Joliet IL the final year before they were rebuilt into C-F-7's .its a beautiful day for F-unit Friday

Santa Fe, New Mexico

When I first held this slide to the light, I thought it was a building of some sort, given how badly it had faded. It's amazing what you can restore, from a set of slides I was given long ago.


The cardboard mount was very poor too, but I could make out August 1962 in faded biro.


I'm pleased I had a go at this one, the scene is really interesting.

A set of Warbonnet EMD power is leading Santa Fe intermodal train 178 as it crosses over from the eastbound main to the westbound main at Ancona, Illinois back on September 25th, 1992. ~~ A Jeff Hampton Photograph ©

During Diesel Days 2018 at IRM, Santa Fe FP45 #92, WC SD45 #7525, CNW SD40-2 #6847, and CB&Q SD24 #504 meets CB&Q E5A #9911A at Johnson Siding near Union Illinois.

A colorful trio of Santa Fe red and silver 'Warbonnets' cross Bridge No. 2 in scenic Abo Canyon east of Sais, New Mexico on April 2, 1998.

The cliff diving spot at Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu. It was low tide when we came; cliff diving is only possible when the water is higher here. The views however, are awesome. The start of the long line of white sand beaches in Santa Fe are visible in the left background.

Santa Fe GP40X #3809 heads Eastbound with a manifest train through the town of Tehachapi in January of 1987.

Santa fe river near Brandford, Fl on Memorial weekeend

On a beautiful May afternoon waves from the mighty Pacific crash ashore, their thunder drown out only by the sound of steam. Returning from a weekend excursion to San Diego Santa Fe 3751 gets to stretch her legs while westbound along San Clemente State Beach. Once the fourth district of Santa Fe's Los Angeles Division these rails were once a familiar haunt for the 3751 during the steam era.


ATSF 3751 ~ AMTK959 ~ San Clemente, California

Metrolink's Orange Subdivision


Santa Fe C30-7 #8040 shoves on the rear of an Eastbound train as it heads out of Walong siding in March of 1982.

My parents Motorhome and a friends camper is seen in the background.

Back when you could stay at the Loop and not get hassled! Better times for sure.

Revisiting a panoramic in the San Gabriel Mountain area of Los Angeles, CA. BW conversion process included lightroom, a little photoshop, and NIK Silver EFX Pro.

Santa Fe F-45 #5985 leads a C30-7, B23-7 and SD45-2 Eastbound up Cajon Pass at Blue Cut in October of 1987.

Santa Fe window and wall. This reminded me of a Georgia O"Keeffe painting I had seen at the museum the previous day.


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