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In het kader van The Hague Festivals zal de Zandacademie het thema ‘Ode aan de Hollandse Meesters’ verbeelden van 20 juni t/m 27 augustus in een levensgrote zandsculptuur op het plein aan het Buitenhof in de Haagse binnenstad. Door de creatie van de sculptuur wordt een bijdrage geleverd aan de Haagse invulling van het landelijke themajaar ‘Holland Art Cities’, waarmee ‘Hollandse Meesters’ als Rembrandt, Van Gogh en Vermeer onder de aandacht worden gebracht.


Hollandse Meesters

Een internationaal team van kunstenaars uit Rusland, Ukraine, Nederland, Groot Brittannië en Tsjechië zullen gezamenlijk hun interpretatie geven van 5 werken van Hollandse Meesters in een zandsculptuur van ongeveer 25 meter bij 8 meter en een hoogte van circa 8 meter.


Echte schilderij

Een aantal van de gekozen schilderijen worden uitgevoerd in reliëf, het overige gedeelte zal 3-dimensionaal te zien zijn. Bij de sculptuur komt een afbeelding te staan van het echte schilderij, alsmede een uitleg over het leven van de betreffende Hollandse Meester.



20 juni t/m 27 augustus


Heel de dag








See where this picture was taken. [?]


Title: "Never Turn Your Back On The Ones You Love"

Sandsculptor: Hanneke Supply Rotterdam, ZH (NETHERLANDS)

11-th National Sand Sculpting Festival 2014 @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA


taken at the sandsculpture event at


Title: "Iris"

Sandsculptor: Benjamin Probanza of Acapulco, GRO (MEXICO)

USA 2011 National Sand Sculpting Festival @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA


Like many other the "USA very first & America's oldest" things (*library, *school, *college, *hospital, *cemetery, "church, "prison, *seaport, etc.) in Massachusetts, its Revere Beach is the oldest public beach in the United States. So, it was nice to meet in Revere, an artist from the city of Acapulco, the oldest coastal beach resort in Mexico! I was impressed with the rich symbolism and solemnity of Benjamin's sandsculpture, which stood tall and proud against the sea ans sky just like one of the Easter Island mysterious statues. Here, the author salutes to his country's rich heritage of its olden days Mayas and Aztecs, who once lived and laughed, cried and died in what today is ~ *Acapulco*.


~ Acapulco,

~ the place where Hollywood stars and millionaires vacationed on the beach, in an exotic locale,

~ the place praised in the songs of Elvis Presley ("Fun in Acapulco"), Neil Diamond ("Acapulco"),

~ as well as in the following Bob Dylan's famous "Goin' to Acapulco" tune:


Goin' to Acapulco

Goin' on the run

Goin' down to see some girl

Goin' to have some fun.


Goin' to have some fun.

Another from the International Sand Sculpture championships in Federal Way, Washington back in Oct. 2010.


This is the side view of the sculpture I previously posted entitled "Thoughts in Sand"


Unfortunately I arrived on the last day of the event, and there was some of the sculptures starting to colapse in places.


©All Rights Reserved.

Title: "Empty of Turtle" - winner of the 8th N.S.S.F. @ Revere, Mass.

Sandsculptor: Jonathan 'Jobi' Bouchard of Montreal, QC (CANADA)

USA 2011 National Sand Sculpting Festival @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA


My photograph shows almost completed "Empty of Turtle" sculpture by Jonathan 'Jobi' Bouchard, who not only won the fitsy place, but took home the peoples' choice award too at 2011 US National Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach, in Massachusetts. He was the winner here in Revere @ NSSF in 2010 as well. "Fairly new to the competitive world of sand sculpting, Jobi already has the utmost respect from fellow competitors as a very creative and competitive person. His ideas are unique and well performed, so always look for something impressive, different and incredible from this very talented sculptor." From:


While most of his rivals were still stomping, Jobi had already removed his forms. He was creating a turtle with a futuristic empty shell resembling interlocking vertebre. His amazing sculpture became a double winner at NSSF 2011! "Jobi won this event last year with his sculpture of a fish. The fish was hollow and inside its mouth stood the perfectly formed figure of a man … think Jonah and the whale. It was something no one had seen before, and because the competitors choose the winner, his innovation was rewarded. Jobi says it’s nice to be judged by people who know the difference between something new and cheap tricks intended to wow the crowd." J.B. - Jobi, Bravo! Bravo!!


Title: "Save the Elephants"



14-th International Sand Sculpting Festival 2017 @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * People's Choice Award * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


For those that don't know, the river Thames is tidal in London and when the tide is out beaches of sand are exposed and they are a blank canvas to sand sculptors. Sadly their work is short-lived as it is washed away when the tide comes in.

Title: "Her"

Sandsculptor: Matthew 'Matt' Martelli of Revere - Massachusetts, USA

Title: "Bee Or Not To Be" - winner of the 9-th N.S.S.F.

Sandsculptor: Jonathan 'Jobi' Bouchard of Montreal, QC (CANADA)

9-th National Sand Sculpting Festival 2012 @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA


The Revere event is the largest sand sculpting festival on the East Coast and draws over 500,000 spectators. Dana Johnson had never been to the festival but decided to stop by and watch the artists work, “I thought there would be a couple of small sculptures. I had no idea it would be like this. This is very impressive.” Her favorite thus far belongs to Jobi Bouchard, who chipped away at the sand with a flat trowel in one hand and a design sketch in the other. The piece was made up of what appeared to be shells, one growing out of the next and each one with intricate cutouts.


. . . And, indeed, Dana Johnson was right on the mark: Jonathan Bouchard's "Bee Or Not To Be" sandsculpture has won the first place @ the Revere Beach 9-th National Sand Sculpting Festival. This is Jobi's third year at the event as well as his third 2010-2011-2012 consecutive NSSF win!!! His official 9th Revere Beach NSSF Sculptor Bio reads, "Visitors can always expect something impressive, different, and incredible from this very talented sculptor." The statement's veracity can be backed up by the facts: Please, just look closely at my photographs of the three winning Revere Beach sandsculptures by Jonathan 'Jobi' Bouchard . . .

Title: "Man of War"

Sandsculptor: Chris Guimto of Key West, FL (USA)

USA 2011 National Sand Sculpting Festival @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA


Chris undoubtely has the most original official ID photograph: He is holding in his arma an aligator, an enormous beast from his native Florida. The alligator has its jaws wide open, while Chris' broad smile spreads from ear to ear! Most certainly, you won't forget this amazing sandsculptor anytime soon . . . neither you will forget quickly his most intricate 2011 sandsculpture, called "Man of War". This is how the Revere Beach National Sandsculpting Festival website discribes Chris Guimto:


Chris has been sculpting sand for about 10 years. He and his wife Marianne own and operate the Sand Box in Key West - FL, where they hold corporate challenges, team building events, school workshops and teach sculpting to anyone who wants to learn. When not sculpting sand Chris is a certified wildlife catch and release hunter, specialized in gators, crocs and iguanas. This is usually reflected in his sculptures, which are often an animal life and are so realistic they seem alive.

This is a digitally processed scan of a film negative (Kodak Tmax 400)

The original B&W capture was made in 2004

Title: "Convergence"

Sandsculptor: Carl Jara of Cleveland, OH (USA)


Definitely an intriguing sandsculpture of the Seventh Annual Revere Beach (Massachusetts, USA) National Sandsculpturing Festival. I couldn't decide if it was looking better by the day light or night.

Sand sculpture made after a painting by Frans Hals , a Dutch painter from the 17th century . As seen in the village of Garderen , the Netherlands .

Vom 10.-12.04.2018 herrschte auf der Insel ein Dauersturm aus östlicher Richtung. Der Sturm hatte ein seltenes Naturschauspiel zur Folge, denn am Strand entstanden an unzähligen Stellen bizarre Sandskulpturen. Diese faszinierenden Sandgebilde waren bis zu 60 cm hoch!

Auch auf die Gefahr, im Sandsturm meine Kameraausrüstung zu ruinieren, konnte ich dem Reiz nicht widerstehen dieses Ereignis einzufangen. Das Foto zeigt im Vordergrund kein Rauschen, sondern Millionen von Sandkörnern, die mir und der Kamera um die Nase bzw. Linse geweht wurden.


Title: "Piece of Mind"

Sandsculptor: Rusty Croft - Carmel, CA (USA)

10-th National Sand Sculpting Festival 2013 @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA

Title: "Sound Wave"

Sandsculptor: Sandis Kondrats - LATVIA

10-th National Sand Sculpting Festival 2013 @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA

Title: "SelFISH Trap"

Sandsculptor: Jonathan 'Jobi' Bouchard of Montreal, QC (CANADA)


This is the winning sandsculpture of the Seventh Annual Revere Beach (Massachusetts, USA) National Sandsculpturing Festival. The sculpture placed 1st in the competition and won People's Choice award. Congratulations!!!!!!

Title: "My Own Quiet Place"

Sandsculptor: Edith van de Wetering (Holland, NETHERLANDS)

10-th National Sand Sculpting Festival 2013 @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA


~ Sandsculptures Blankenberghe Belgium; all about fairy tails! ~

View On Black

Adriënne's Photos on Flickriver

The original picture was taken on October 2009, as part of the sand sculpture exhibition "Beroemde Eilanden" on the Isle of Texel (The Netherlands). This picture is a symmetric compilation.


You can view the orinal picture here:


Thanks for all faves and comments. More symmetry on:


Title: "Moonlite Embrace"

Sandsculptor: Steve Topazio of Tiverton, RI (USA)


A beautiful sandsculpture of the Seventh Annual Revere Beach (Massachusetts, USA) National Sandsculpturing Festival.

Sand sculpture by Susanne Ruseler, Tottori, Japan, 2013

Title: "Illusion" - 2012 NSSF Runner-Up (2nd Place)

Sandsculptor: Dan Doubleday of Treasure Island - FL (USA)

9-th National Sand Sculpting Festival 2012 @ Revere Beach in Massachusetts, USA


This increadible sandsculpture over Dubai you can find at The Beach in Dubai.

Abe Waterman, Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival 2018

The summer beach holiday officially comes to a close when I make my sandsculpture at the end of our beach stay. The kids helped too, fortunately. This year's installment is a 20 foot long mermaid.

Sandsculpture "Worldchampionship" Lange Voorhout Den Haag

Fergus Mulvany:

The Sculpture represents a personal reaction to the cloying limitations I have to deal with while using this medium in competitions and exhibitions in the USA and other coservative countries: "No nudity, no religion, no politics " is the usual proclamation.

So I touch on all three aspects in this one in The Netherlands, a country noted for its tolerance and liberalism. These a represented in a composition which also declares itself as an impermanent medium with a limited real viewing time. Thereafter it is merely a memory or a photograph and can't be bought or owned. Just like tolerance this can not be bought, only achieved.

Kinderliedje: drie kleine kleutertjes die zaten op een hek

Sandsculpture Hundested 2018

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