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I found so many colors in sand dunes around Dubai and one of them was this color...


I know it's disappointing where it is still not Sahara but a small sand dune at Brooklyn.


The Eureka Dunes lie in the remote Eureka Valley, an enclosed basin at 3000 foot elevation located northwest of Death Valley, they are the tallest sand dunes in California, the tallest in all of North America. They rise suddenly more than 680 feet above the dry lakebed at their western base.

White Sands Wikipedia


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Sossusvlei , Namibia.


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Point Roadknight Beach, Australia.

Death Valley - California


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Imperial County, California

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Happy new year .

Being down at Ocean City off season has its benefits where situations like this can be found in the early morning light with no footsteps. Come summer, these pristine conditions will not be found. I took these capture(s) as I headed out to the pier for sunrise captures. Once I headed down there, this sand would have footsteps :)


Under the varying light conditions there, it was a pretty cool time to take photographs.

This is a shot from Death Valley...really I only sort of like it...the more time I spend with it, driving around listening to the radio, holding its hand...the more I like I'm finally ready to introduce it to everyone...


This was one of those, "Hey look over there shots.." We took it during the workshop....the opposite direction was quite nice as well...and then someone (I think me) said, "Hey look over there..." and everyone turned and took some snaps of the light for the brief period of time it lit up the dunes....


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The desert sands of Libya characterized by rows of magnificent golden

I wanted to get a feel for how wintry it has felt on the beach lately!

Praia de Carneiros | Pernambuco


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Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley at sunrise.

Just returned from Death Valley. The Mesquite Dunes have so much to offer, and the low sun over those dunes makes the shadows fabulous to the camera eye!


Canon 50D

EF 17-40mm


ISO 100

HDR (3 exposures)


Mesquite Sand Dunes, January 2006.

High winds at the beach and streams of sand blowing round my ankles. Light was still dull. Thank you very much to all who viewed or commented on my last shot. It has given my account counter a sudden boost.

Taken @ Camber Sands

Explored 20th June 2011

Highest position:70

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Seus graos sao como historias

seus graos cabem em

minhas maos.


As marcas

sao como a agulha da Electrolux

que cortaram como diamantes

os vaos e caminhos entranhados

de minha mente.




como choque

propulsivos como

o bater do coracao...



mao cheia

talvez duas



Sera que vivo de lembrancas,

sera que vivo de passado

sera que o presente

seja o mesmo que minhas

duas maos



ao rosto?





vejo meus graos

espalhados no ar

e com ele vejo tambem

minhas memorias

lembrancas se despedindo de mim mesmo, como que querendo ser livre,

querendo no vento brincar...


Dancam, valseiao, atravessam carregadas pelo vento e as vejo

diluidas nas Ruas da Espanha....

sand bar, Lewes Delaware

A photo of the Mesquite Flat Dunes in Death Valley.

Death Valley National Park


I left the human element on this image to show some sense of scale.


"Memory always obeys the commands of the heart."


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