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A scene we passed on our bike ride through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge


1 texture by Lenabem~Anna

San Luis Pass Bridge, Brazoria Texas.

San Diego taken from Harbor Island.


La iglesia románica de San Martín en Segovia tiene uno de los pórticos románicos más bellos de Segovia y su provincia, cuenta con un interesante repertorio de capiteles historiados. La galería porticada consta de trece arcos de medio punto, todos ellos se disponen sin ninguna interrupción o división de pilastras. Los arcos descansan mediante columnas pareadas y muy esbeltas que nos dan la sensación de ver un claustro abierto a la calle. Esta iglesia románica se levantó a lo largo de un dilatado proceso constructivo que comprendería tres épocas bien diferenciadas, la primera correspondería al período prerrománico donde se dispuso la iglesia con planta de cruz griega inscrita en un cuadrado. Otra fase correspondería a una etapa románica de influencia francesa en el S. XII, de este momento podemos contemplar la impresionante portada occidental donde sus esculturas con motivos del Antiguo Testamento nos transportan a Moissac o la Basílica de San Vicente en Ávila donde se alcanzan las cimas más altas de la escultura románica castellana y otra final pertenecería a un románico tardío a finales del S. XII y principios del XIII, momento en que se levantó el pórtico en los muros sur y occidental. El templo tiene tres naves y en el crucero se levanta un cimborrio de ladrillo.


The Church romance of San Martín in Segovia is one of the most beautiful Romanesque arcades of Segovia and its province, boasts an interesting repertoire of historiated capitals. The arcaded Gallery consists of no less than thirteen arches, all of them have it without any interruption or division of pilasters. The arches rest by very slender and paired columns, which give us the sensation of seeing a cloister open to the street. This church Romanesque rose along a long constructive process comprising three distinct eras, the first would correspond to the period pre-Romanesque where provided the Church with Greek cross inscribed in a square plan. Another phase corresponds to a stage Romanesque influence of French in the 12th century, this moment can contemplate the impressive cover West where his sculptures with motives from the Old Testament transport us to Moissac or the Basilica of San Vicente in Ávila where are reached the highest peaks of Castilian Romanesque sculpture and other end belonged to a Romanesque late at end of the 12th century and beginning of the 13th, time in which rose porch in West and South walls. The temple has three aisles and in the transept rises a dome of brick.

Taken from a perch at Loghill Village in the San Juan mountain range, Colorado. One of those sunsets that requires a lot of silence and commitment to just watch -- and not much else. I spent way more time watching the sunset than fidgeting with my camera. Set it on a tripod, sat on an old, hand carved wood bench, set up the remote, and when I felt I needed to just clicked the remote to get the shot. The weather was perfect and so was the sunset. Probably could have fussed a bit more with composition, exposure, etc. But I just felt like I needed to sit on the bench and take it in. Glad I did.

Went up to Twin Peaks again tonight to see this awesome view of San Francisco. Hope you like!

I don't know the excact location, but tis picture was taken on the San Juan Skyway between Silverton and Durango in Colorado.


Camera: Konica Minolta Z3

Aperture: f/6.3

Focal length: 25.1 mm

Shutter speed: 1/400

ISO: 50

e questa l'ultima immagine di San Galgano


m.s.s. (meglio su scuro - better on black)

Puente de San Antón, Bilbao

Isla San Fernando, Solentiname Archipelago, Nicaragua

Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA


The San Francisco Bay surf laps at rocks on the beach at Crissy Field as the Golden Gate Bridge rises in the distance.


Flagstaff, Arizona offers breathtaking views of the San Francisco Peaks.

San Diego, Taken at Harbor Island


Piazza del Dumo (central square) in San Gimignano, Italy

(a pano stitch of 5 shots, using the Image Composite Editor software on the recommendation of our fellow Flickerite Hrvoje Šašek :-)) ; in my eyes, this is a considerable improvement over the smartphone pano I published earlier today, and now removed from the gallery)

A different angle on San Marco piazza, Venice

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El Monasterio de San Martín Pinario es un monasterio benedictino fundado en el siglo X situado en la ciudad gallega de Santiago de Compostela, en la provincia de La Coruña, en España.

This view of the San Joaquin River is from Highway 140 near the Great Valley Grasslands State Park. The river was flooded on February 15, but had not reached danger level. More rain will fall over the next few days, hopefully not enough to breach the levees. Note the tope of the barbed wire fence in the foreground.


Happy Fence Friday!

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The stink of this place hits Flit in the face like an invisible wall.

The city is lined with garbage as high as it can be piled and the humans seem to have made make-shift housing wherever there is a roof still in tact.


Bio.N.C.A and Flit have been stationed in San Mora to trade for parts. They need at least one can of fresh air to get Flit's ventilation system back up and working properly again.


The smog rates are starting to concern the androids, not only for them but those with real lungs who have managed to survive until now.





Fantasy Faire 2017 - San Mora

Built by + Sponsored by DRD

Cause: Relay for Life!



Blueberry - Tazz Denim Shorts - Maitreya

*COCO*_CombatHelmet_Khaki (Painting)

[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black

[ht:apparel] shinguard - rust

[ht] elbow socks - unwashed-black

*katat0nik* (sick girl2+ / Maitreya / RT) BENTO Prosthetic Hand

[ kunst ] - Cigarette

[ kunst ] - Dog-tags Necklace

[ kunst ] - Emerson Watch

[ kunst ] - Mezcal bottle #1 (grunge)

[NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 ANDROID - [Maitreya] Arm (R) 2.0.80

Razor/// Guardian Harness - Chest - MAITREYA

[The Forge] Body Armour, Army, Rare

^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears

...I'll never get over San Francisco. Here's one from the window of the plane on a gorgeous clear day over the city by the bay. In the foreground, you can see south beach and the Bay Bridge leading to Yerba Buena Island. The dark green areas in the distance are Golden Gate Park(l) and The Presidio next to that. Then the Golden Gate Bridge leading over to Marin County and downtown Sausalito(upper right corner). How about that little island? Alcatraz. And that completes the tour, lol.


Shot with the only lens I brought with me, the DA21 f/3.5 on the K3II. The GPS was on so the coordinates and altitude are correctly embedded in this file as well. We were climbing at 5,800ft and over Alameda.

"Once the center of pharmaceutical greatness, San Mora is now a ruin of its former self. Quarantined at the outbreak of a deadly contagion of its own making, the population was left to survive the best they could. Without law and order the city descended into chaos. The fires have long since burned out, and the city is being reclaimed by a hostile Nature. But all that is silent is not necessarily empty. There are still those who roam among the ruins of San Mora." (source: Official Fantasy Faire website)


DRD presents: San Mora at the Fantasy Faire. Everything on the sim is set for sale. DRD has over 50 new products. All build and set up by my RL-sisters (and proud of it) Jaimy Hancroft and Eowyn Swords. Not to forget Morbid Deceit for packing, animations,... and decorating the sim....and yes, this time even I had my fair share of work ;) Logo's, putting on textures and (whoop, whoop) even some decorating on the sim. So for all of you who were wondering where I was...I was in SAN MORA! ;)


Be sure to visit San Mora at the Fantasy Faire. It is one of the 15 sims created for this event. The Fantasy Faire is a Relay for Life Event. Relay For Life is a life-changing event experienced with others for individual needs and shared Cancer-related goals. For more information visit the Fantasy Faire Official Page


There is also a big roleplay event at San Mora. Outbreak at San Mora, read more about it A search for the cure


Read more about it --> Cecegy - Blog for fun

san mamés y sta casa de misericordia

San Francisco del Valle de Dios es un monasterio franciscano fundado a comienzos del siglo XIII en Santiago de Compostela, declarado Monumento histórico artístico.

Certosa di San Martino, Naples, Italy.


This is a Transverse Mercator projection stitch of 8 photos (180 degrees vertical) from a Canon 5D Mark2 with a 17mm lens.

after looking forward to it all week, my film (coming from a town west of me in kansas, and for some reason, it) is stuck in Iowa now and won't be delivered until Tuesday! So I needed something to cheer me up and this was just the thing!


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San Juan de Gaztelugatxe; 02/17

San Modest.....santa paciencia que hay que tener para aguantar a semejante especimen he conocido nunca a nadie que SIEMPRE pueda estar de cachondeo!!. Ay,,, si no fuera por esos momentos divertidos que nos regalas siendo tu mismo, que aburrido seria el dia para los que estamos durante horas a tu lado.

Feliç sant Firbi!!


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Six Gantry cranes waiting for a vessel

Puerto Central seaport terminal

Picture taken from San Antonio bay

City of San Antonio

Valparaíso region



Hello Everybody!




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Grúas Gantry a la espera de un portacontenedores

Puerto de San Antonio

Terminal Puerto Central

Referencia: Av. Barros Luco, alura del 1.000

Fotografía tomada desde zona de atraque

Ciudad de San Antonio

Región de Valparaíso



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Felipe Burgos Álvarez

May, 2017 | Mayo de 2017

Rascacielos en la Toscana...pero medievales!! El pueblo tiene 13 torres en total.

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