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The Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso (Spanish: Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso) is an 18th-century palace in the small town of San Ildefonso in the hills near Segovia, 80 km north of Madrid, central Spain, formerly the summer residence of the Kings of Spain since the reign of Philip V. The palace is in a restrained baroque style surrounded by extensive gardens in the French manner and sculptural fountains. It is now open to the public as a museum.

A scene we passed on our bike ride through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge


1 texture by Lenabem~Anna

Explored. Highest position: Jun 25, 2012 #201

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San Diego taken from Harbor Island.

San Luis Pass Bridge, Brazoria Texas.

I am posting another photo that I took recently when we made an early morning creek to the San Juan's on Dallas Creek. This was taken from down the creek

looking over an area that I only know as Willow Swamp.


The light was so nice on this morning! I hope to make another trip soon, early, in an area south of this ridge.


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Puente de San Antón, Bilbao

San Diego, Taken at Harbor Island


Explore 4 de septiembre 2011

Iluminada con linternas cálidas y frías

Best viewed on black !


Azulejos in Castelo San Filipe, Setubal

The castle was built by Filipe I in 1590 to fend off an English attack on the invincible Armada. Converted into a pousada in the 1960s, its hulking ramparts afford precipitous views and its chapel is festooned in blue-and-white 18th-century azulejos depicting the life of São Filipe – you can view them through a glass wall if the door is locked. Arrive early morning and you’ll be able to watch fishermen unload their catch in the harbour below.


More shots from Portugal


A different angle on San Marco piazza, Venice

Went up to Twin Peaks again tonight to see this awesome view of San Francisco. Hope you like!

Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

Certosa di San Martino, Naples, Italy.


This is a Transverse Mercator projection stitch of 8 photos (180 degrees vertical) from a Canon 5D Mark2 with a 17mm lens.


La iglesia románica de San Martín en Segovia tiene uno de los pórticos románicos más bellos de Segovia y su provincia, cuenta con un interesante repertorio de capiteles historiados. La galería porticada consta de trece arcos de medio punto, todos ellos se disponen sin ninguna interrupción o división de pilastras. Los arcos descansan mediante columnas pareadas y muy esbeltas que nos dan la sensación de ver un claustro abierto a la calle. Esta iglesia románica se levantó a lo largo de un dilatado proceso constructivo que comprendería tres épocas bien diferenciadas, la primera correspondería al período prerrománico donde se dispuso la iglesia con planta de cruz griega inscrita en un cuadrado. Otra fase correspondería a una etapa románica de influencia francesa en el S. XII, de este momento podemos contemplar la impresionante portada occidental donde sus esculturas con motivos del Antiguo Testamento nos transportan a Moissac o la Basílica de San Vicente en Ávila donde se alcanzan las cimas más altas de la escultura románica castellana y otra final pertenecería a un románico tardío a finales del S. XII y principios del XIII, momento en que se levantó el pórtico en los muros sur y occidental. El templo tiene tres naves y en el crucero se levanta un cimborrio de ladrillo.


The Church romance of San Martín in Segovia is one of the most beautiful Romanesque arcades of Segovia and its province, boasts an interesting repertoire of historiated capitals. The arcaded Gallery consists of no less than thirteen arches, all of them have it without any interruption or division of pilasters. The arches rest by very slender and paired columns, which give us the sensation of seeing a cloister open to the street. This church Romanesque rose along a long constructive process comprising three distinct eras, the first would correspond to the period pre-Romanesque where provided the Church with Greek cross inscribed in a square plan. Another phase corresponds to a stage Romanesque influence of French in the 12th century, this moment can contemplate the impressive cover West where his sculptures with motives from the Old Testament transport us to Moissac or the Basilica of San Vicente in Ávila where are reached the highest peaks of Castilian Romanesque sculpture and other end belonged to a Romanesque late at end of the 12th century and beginning of the 13th, time in which rose porch in West and South walls. The temple has three aisles and in the transept rises a dome of brick.

The view from Bernal Hill.

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I apologize for the upload diarrhea of 4 photos today, 2 with warm white balance and 2 with cool WB, 2 close ups and 2 wider angles, San Marino Republic on a clear evening with views to Rimini and the Adriatic Sea below. Flickr chose the warmer versions to be on top. A panoramic version is also potentially coming.

Desde el embarcadero de San Marco

The different point of view to see they city skyline with colors in the morning sunrise time. I do like the smooth water in long exposure shot. These are the old pier pilings in Sausalito in perspective distance to the city.

Arriving at Laguna San Rafael, Patagonia, Chile

San Rafael Glacier, a wall of ancient ice over 40 kilometres long, coming down the 4.000 meters high Mount San Valentín, which is part of the Northern Icefield. This is the most distant glacier from the Poles that gets to the sea.

From its 1 km wide and 30 to 50 metres high frontline, icebergs frequently break with an outburst and then remain floating in the lagoon, some of them the size of a building.

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