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Another Friday, another band practice. We ran through the set we'll play at our gig on February 17th, and then we messed around with some cover versions, old and new. You haven't heard "Are Friends Electric" until you've heard it played by Salter Cane.

The Prince Albert, Brighton 27th January 2011

Paul Beat, bass player from Mudlow, works his magic on the tracks that Salter Cane have just laid down.

The Prince Albert, Brighton 27th January 2011

Salter Cane spent two days at the Metway Studio recording an album's worth of cover songs. It was quite fun, though I was having to juggle work at the same time, which meant that when I wasn't playing the bass, I was frantically checking my email.

In the Metway Studio.

The Prince Albert, Brighton 27th January 2011

She is, unsurprisingly, a fan of Gothic Country so she should enjoy the new Salter Cane album.

Jeremy illustrating how he manages to keep up with three separate blogs (the latter in partnership with his lovely and clever wife, Jessica), writing books, playing in a band and maintaining a community website for Irish music

For me, the most stressful part of being in the studio is when I have to sing backing vocals (frankly, the most stressful part of being in a band is when I have to sing backing vocals). Luckily, I didn't have too much to do vocally this time around--and with enough reverb, even my voice sounds okay.

One of The Levellers' kits (with my own cymbals and Gretsch snare)

Salter Cane were rockin last night, or perhaps alt-countryin? Great gig guys. The support band, Funes (not pronounced how it looks), were rather good too. Though I think most would agree the gig would have been better somewhere a bit bigger and a lot colder. Sorry adactio, you were moving about too much in the shadows for my poor phone camera to cope. I've had to blast this with various filters to take the edge off the noise as it is. It will be interesting to see how scribex's holga photos come out.

My bass, my feet, my overdrive pedal, my bass case, an amp which is not mine, a microphone stand which is not mine, and a radiator which does very little to eliminate the damp chill in our practice room.

Salter Cane was invited to play with The Blue Hearts from Brighton and Rita Lynch at the famous 100 Club in London. It was an album launch party for all of us; in our case, we were debuting our new album Sorrow. There was a good turnout and it was a fun night, which made the long trek up to London and back worth it.

The Prince Albert, Brighton 27th January 2011

Yes, indeed.

Nick Cave-ish mellowdrama with a instantly familiar, yet haunting voice.

Great stuff. Give it a listen. It's now available on iTunes.

In the Metway Studio.

Quite a turnout for a Tuesday night.

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