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Peanut Butter-Filled Chocolate, Chocolate Salted-Caramel Mini , and Snickerdoodle.


And window light. And Hasselblad.

"Double chocolate cake & salted caramel buttercream."


Fairy Cakes Cupcakery - Buffalo, NY


Edible Photography:




Salted caramel sauce, peanut brittle, chocolate crème

This was the salted caramel and malted vanilla. I'm seriously contemplating going back up to San Francisco this weekend to try out Humphrey Slocombe while the weather is still so very hot...


The Bi-Rite trip described here on my blog.

Roasted poblano chile,

cilantro lime corn salsa,

queso blanco,

chipotle mayonnaise, house made potato chips

polaroid sx-70

sx-70 blend film

That's salted caramel on the bottom, coffee on the top.


Makes mondays something to look forward to.

i've been craving salted caramel lately and remembered a recipe for some chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting and salted caramel candies for the tops.. they turned out to be tiny bite sized pieces of evil.. oh, the guilt!


A bit of salted caramel + sweet cake = delectable combination!

I made this earlier in the year for a friend's birthday. I had never heard of salted caramel until this year, but having found it fantastic, I've now made several recipes along the same lines. Delicious!


Taken with my trusty Nikon FM.


Recipe may be found here.

inspired by my favourite beverage: tall half-caff mocha with salted caramel whip topping


blogged/recipe at:


sorry I'm late to this party, I only joined iron cupcake today!

October 22 2014

Buttery, flaky pastry filled with spiced apple filling, sweetened with salted caramel.

Serve warm, with a drizzle of our yummy salted caramel sauce.

PERFECT for the holidays.

Who doesn't like a tiny pie? :^)

Recipe and step-by-step tutorial here:


The excitement began around 3 weeks ago when my sister-in-law C asked if I could bake some macarons for her daughter, little S's birthday party.


There was a bit of hesitation before I said yes. Although I have baked macarons several times now but to bake a massive amount of macarons for a party, that I have not tried. I gasped when I was asked to come up with a hundred of those little colorful gems.


The fun part of this whole macaron project was to plan the flavors (Strawberry Milk with Strawberry Gelee centre; Valrhona Dark Chocolate with Flaky Hazelnut Praline; Fromage ; Pandan with Salty Caramel Filling) so each will complement one another and excite the palate. I am very glad all went well and instead of 100 macarons, we managed to yield 125 of those colorful gems.


Well I hope all the kids at the party today will have loads of fun and enjoy the sweets from the dessert table, painstakingly designed and put together by C.


Happy Birthday Little S! You have brought us a lot of laughter , often cracking us up with your funny stints. Always stay bubbly and happy no matter how old you are !


Love, Aunty Fiona & Uncle M

~Eckhart Tolle


Alternate Title: I want to be at bi-rite for ice cream.

February 22 2015

SOOC. Film. Pentax K1000. Pinkberry.

They had both of my favorite flavors that day. I consider myself very lucky =o)

I tried the Espresso and Salted Caramel macaroons this weekend. Both were really good.

my first truffle making experience - phew. salted caramel and delicious, but amateur for sure...

EXPLORE ~ 20 December 2009

Ladurée Takashimaya


Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there!


Recipe for these yummy cupcakes can be found here

Couldn't resist stacking these a mac stack

chocolate dipped with marshmallow frosting, crunchy toffee bits and rock sugar