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Anche questo HDR, con tanta pioggia fa abbastanza effetto vedere punti argillosi ridotti cosi...


This is my CupCake with some Flickr friendz from the Bonitas


w special thnx to bnty F6aimbow (A)

This is a second in this series. The shot is blurred due to the dance movement. I was right in front of these two terrific salsa dancers. There is something about this shot I really like,,,,for me it captures the essence of last night for breezes, cool dancing, cool mood, and people of all cultures and ages together in peace having fun ! It also captures the sensuality of the salsa. No flash was used.....and its almost like the dancers have become one !


Have a great week everyone !!!!!!

Fresh salsa is one of my favorite condiments. Of course to eat with chips, but over fish, chicken, a quiche.......delicious! Bon appetit!


Thanks for the views and comments. This image was done for Macro Monday. :-)


Salsa pizza with sausage and topped with fresh cilantro (my favorite).






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Digital pinhole with Nikon D200

Salsas une particularmente celebra la Fiesta de Caretos donde el uso características de las máscaras rituales en madera, expresiones terribles y aterradores, se unen los trajes llamativos y extravagantes.

Como si eso no fuera suficiente para esconjuratório los cuernos rituales diabólicos, enseñando los dientes, lenguas largas y colas falsas "caretos" todavía se entregan a estos estruendo infernal, traqueteo y percutiendo parafernalia improvisados "instrumentos".


Homemade fresh tomato salsa for nachos

Salsa music is a genre of music, generally defined as a modern style of playing Cuban Son, Son Montuno, Guaracha, and Son with touches from other genres of music. Originally, Salsa was not a rhythm in its own right, but a name given in the 1970s to various Cuban-derived genres, such as Son, Mambo and Son Montuno.



Let dance! :


Thank you to dance for excercise:)

Rojo: Life is a Rainbow :rainbow:

7DWF : Anything goes Mondays

Leaving on a spicy to Church and then a week at Youth Camp!!!


I will put my little Minolta through its paces while I wait for my Nikon to be repaired.


Have a great week everyone!


Those are homegrown btw!



Salsa Street Festival - Toronto July 9 2017


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. :copyright: All rights reserved

salsa in the mall. brisbane, queensland

Oiii, meninas! Como vão?

Espero que tenham tido um bom final de semana!

Hoje to bem feliz, recebi a nota da minha primeira prova de Física I na faculdade e fui super bem, meu primeiro 10 esse semestre! Pulava de alegria hoje aqui em casa kkkk


Esse foi o esmalte que eu escolhido pro find.. Salsa da Kleancolor! Muuito amor esse esmalte, lindo demais.. reflete dourado, dependendo de onde olha ele fica rosa escuro, rosa antigo, rosa bebê.. to apaixonada por ele.. fiz tanta propaganda dele aqui em casa que até minha mãe quis usar!


Obs.: Fotos foram tiradas no sol, mas na luz normal ele fica assim gente! Só na sombra que fica diferente.. tem fotinhos dele na sombra aqui! E além disso, tem mais fotos nos comentários e no blog! Confiram! =)


Beiijos, boa semana pra todas!! =*



~le @Twitter // ~le Blog


Donna and I had some lunch at the know, chips, salsa, whiskey, tofu....anyway, this little tomato cube with cilantro heart was left over. Awww!

We got these tomatillos (Physalis philadelphica) in our CSA share last week. I'd never cooked with them before but was fascinated by their papery outer covering. I found a bunch of salsa verde recipes online and made a batch yesterday afternoon. Yum!!

'Salsa (I)' On Black


Salsa - the portuguese word for parsley - is a portuguese jeans brand.



f/2.0, 1/10s

Líderes de la Sociedad 2007. ((se ve mejor en all sizes))

Categoria Músicos, Revista Gerente.

Se lo merecen, son buenísimos <3.


+ one in comments!

Digital painting from new illustrated storybook (graphic novel) Salsa Invertebraxa, a story of fantasy insects in a mysterious world. See full synopsis, and book details @

Salsas une particularmente celebra la Fiesta de Caretos donde el uso características de las máscaras rituales en madera, expresiones terribles y aterradores, se unen los trajes llamativos y extravagantes.

Salen hoy.


Can you see the trees are salsa dancing?

With a group of enthusiastic photographers I went to Speulderbos, it was one of those days where everything is right.


The ancient Speulderbos is one of the most beautiful and oldest forest of the Netherlands. Curved, oak- and beech trees grown in marvelous turnings and creates an air of mystery. In popular speech the Speulderbos is called `the forest of the dancing trees', because the tree-trunks in the mist seems to move. The bunch is not only mysterious but also very rare. And it is a paradise for birds(of prey), dears, badgers and swines.


Het eeuwenoude Speulderbos is een van de mooiste en oudste bossen van Nederland. Kromme, in wonderlijke bochten gegroeide eiken- en beukenbomen bepalen de sfeer. In de volksmond heet het Speulderbos ‘het bos van de dansende bomen’. Dit komt doordat de stammen in de nevel lijken te bewegen. Het bos is niet alleen mysterieus maar ook zeer zeldzaam. En het is een paradijs voor (roof)vogels, edelherten, dassen en wilde zwijnen.


SouthWest Georgia, USA; 18" Medium Salsa Fargo, Small Revelate Tangle Bag, Zefal 1 liter Magnum bottle


The two King cages directly beneath the Tangle hold small bottles, but on rides of 3 hours and less, I can get by with just the 1 Liter Magnum, especially in cooler weather.

My cat Salsa in ink.

Drawn with Pitt pens, brush and regular type, in large Moleskine sketchbook.

Blogged in Ea's Artlog

My project for the day. My kiddo, James, says he always knows when I'm making salsa because I put on my Linda Ronstadt's "Canciones de me Padre" CD....LOL!!! Gotta have music to make the salsa just right! the Rivoli Ballroom, one of the most amazing places I have seen lately.

Read all about it here: blog by blog guide to london by Lola Is Beauty.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Peppers, tomatos, onions, garlic, coriander...

Mexican Salsa

Quito, Ecuador.

Music, dancing, laughter and wine on a misty night in Quito in late January.

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