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Picture,02.02.2008. 00:09.

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Russian mafia Halloween style


Happy BloodY HalloweeN boyZ and girlZ


From my Sakhalin Island Archive

He was aiming to the empy bottle of Bloody Mary concentrate :-)


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Russian Pacific Archive.

One of my former coworkers, expat from Australia.

It's not a setup either.


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Autumn on Sakhalin Island East coast.

From my 2005 Archive


My friend Mikul asked me:

What is the difference between rocks on Russian and American Paciific shore?


Russian Pacific rocks have "a distinct smell of oil and gas", buddy.

That's what makes Sakhalin Island so attractive for the $$$ of Houston oil-n-gas behemoths :-)


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It's a snapshot from my video.


Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-2J8/Adv

Airline: Aurora

Aircraft Name: Иван Куропатко

Aircraft Type: Boeing 767-3Q8/ER

Airline: Ikar Airlines

Otaru Canal is considered the symbol of Otaru City, a historic mile-long canal that provides both a nostalgic look at the Otaru of yesteryear as well as a unique shopping and dining experience. Once the capital of Hokkaido in Japan's Meiji Period, Otaru was known as the "Sakhalin of Japan" for its busy maritime trade with Russia. The canal was created by a sea reclamation project started in 1914, and the store warehouses that you see were built during this period. They have been beautifully preserved and are an iconic and much photographed landmark in the city. Along the canal, you will find a gaslight-lined promenade brimming with fancy shops, boutiques and fine restaurants.


It's a snapshot from my video.

Sweets from Sakhalin.

Open the first comment below for another photo

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Sakhalin Island


Lake Tunaycha

Цвета тохоокенской осени.

Остров Сахалин.

Just 25 miles north of Japan

Helicopter flight over South-Western part of the island.

It's just 25 miles North of Hokkaido island, Japan.


Wiki:Sakhalin-II Project Info


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Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-312

Airline: Transaero Airlines

Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-5L9

Airline: Aurora (ex SAT Airlines)

Aircraft Name: Дмитрий Гончар

Sakhalin Island. Just 25 miles north of Japan.


Sakhalin is the largest island in Russia, being 948 km (589 miles) long, and 25 to 170 km (16 to 106 mi) wide, with an area of 72,492 km2 (27,989 sq mi)


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It's a small fragment of my previously published photo...

...Betelgeuse also known by its Bayer designation Alpha Orionis (α Orionis, α Ori), is the ninth-brightest star in the night sky and second-brightest in the constellation of Orion. Distinctly reddish, it is a semiregular variable star whose apparent magnitude varies between 0.2 and 1.2, the widest range of any first-magnitude star. Betelgeuse is one of three stars that make up the Winter Triangle, and it marks the center of the Winter Hexagon.

The star is classified as a red supergiant of spectral type M2Iab and is one of the largest and most luminous observable stars. If Betelgeuse were at the center of the Solar System, its surface would extend past the asteroid belt, possibly to the orbit of Jupiter and beyond, wholly engulfing Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Estimates of its mass are poorly constrained, but range from 5 to 30 times that of the Sun. Its distance from Earth was estimated in 2008 at 640 light-years, yielding a mean absolute magnitude of about −6.02. Less than 10 million years old, Betelgeuse has evolved rapidly because of its high mass. Having been ejected from its birthplace in the Orion OB1 Association—which includes the stars in Orion's Belt—this crimson runaway has been observed moving through the interstellar medium at a supersonic speed of 30 km/s, creating a bow shock over 4 light-years wide. Currently in a late stage of stellar evolution, the supergiant is expected to proceed through its life cycle before exploding as a type II supernova within the next million years...

Plant - Sorbaria sorbifolia (shrub of Rosaceae family)

Butterfly - Inachis io

I reckon it is the best shot taken by my camera (Sony DSC-H2) so far. It is NOT CROPPED, no post processing (just framing). Resolution is amazing on the original size (2.5Mb) - You can count the feathers!


Poecile palustris

ID credit: Alastair Rae

In front of Ishikari Bay this ports serves to Sapporo and it's a link for going to Russia across Sakhalin.




Frente a la bahía Ishikari, este puerto hace de enlace al mar para la capital de Hokkaido.

También ha sido tradicionalmente utilizado para embarcar con rumbo a Rusia, vía Sajalin.




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Picture,9.09.2007.,01:37. Sakhalin.

мыс Баура

Aircraft Type: Airbus A330-343E

Airline: Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

Aircraft Name: M. Sholokhov / М. Шолохов

EXPLORED May 18, 2010 #390

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Exploring Russian Pacific (just 25 miles North of Japan).

From my 2005 Archive.

Expat memories of Shell Sakhalin-2 Project.


Sorry, replaced with touched-up electric line version:-)


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Лопух войлочный

Arctium tomentosum

Commonly known as the downy burdock or woolly burdock, is a species of burdock that grows in Europe and Asia. It is a biennial herbaceous plant, weed.

(biennial - A plant that takes two years to grow from seed to fruition and die.)

It's a relatively more large version of my previously published photo:

Aircraft Type: Airbus A320-214

Airline: S7 - Siberia Airlines

It's a snapshot from my video.

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