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My Hallowe'en costume based on

Only two people at the university remotely know what I am.

Next year, perhaps I'll be a Sakai-atrist.

James Dalziel (right), the LAMS guy, meets Stephen and Sakaiger, with greatings from Dolly.

The sakaiger meets some Smurf's at the cosmic book museum, Brussels

Sakaigers gather at the Centre for Educational Technology, University of Cape Town

Sakaiger gets acquainted with James Dalziel, designer of LAMS, on his recent visit to the University of Cape Town (though Sakaiger was really hoping to meet Dolly...)

JISC's Sarah Porter meets two cuddly African Sakaigers at the Centre for Educational Technology, University of Cape Town

Today, I moved from 021 to 032 Smith. Her's what my new office looks like (and what I hope it will stay like).

Harriet and Megan celebrate the start of a brand new friendship with recently-escaped Sakaigers

Harriet's sakaiger watching a video of another sakaiger dancing on Dr Chuck's website Learning the dance moves @ Sakai7. Proof that distance learning really works!

Sakaiger celebrates Oktoberfest with a chicken hat!

Daphne (daughter of ED Michael Korcuska) provides a new look for Sakaiger.

This is a derivative work from: Lynxman

Sakaiger and Sakaigress paint the town red

Sakaiger and Harriet attend a session

Orange Sakaiger appears at the Denver 2010 Sakai Conference

Sakaiger helps Prof Martin Hall, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, sign the Cape Town Open Education Declaration (


Photo credit: UCT News (


Lavender in Provence

Sakaiger tries some local fruit beer

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