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Sailing Home acrose the Ocean


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Taken at the Bay of Balfalas


Sailing boat on the seaside in Thessaloniki, operates as a bar, carries people in the city's port.

David Gray – Sail Away


Sail away with me honey

I put my heart in your hands

Sail away with me honey now, now, now

Sail away with me

What will be will be

I want to hold you now


Crazy skies all wild above me now

Winter howling at my face

And everything I held so dear

Disappeared without a trace

Oh all the times I've tasted love

Never knew quite what I had

Little Darling if you hear me now

Never needed you so bad

Spinning round inside my head


Sail away with me honey

I put my heart in your hands

Sail away with me honey now, now, now

Sail away with me

What will be will be

I want to hold you now


I've been talking drunken gibberish

Falling in and out of bars

Trying to find some explanation here

For the way some people are

How did it ever come so far


Sail away with me honey

I put my heart in your hands

Sail away with me honey now, now, now

Sail away with me

What will be will be

I want to hold you now

Sail away with me honey

I put my heart in your hands

Sail away with me honey now, now, now

Sail away with me

What will be will be

I want to hold you now


Sail away with me honey

I put my heart in your hands

Sail away with me honey now, now, now

Sail away with me

What will be will be

I want to hold you now

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CANON EOS 400D EXIF 1/1250 f/11 70-300 mm ISO 400 + HDR special effects


Sailing / Navegando


La navegación marítima es el arte y la ciencia de conducir una embarcación del punto de zarpe al punto de arribo, eficientemente y con responsabilidad. Es arte por la destreza que debe tener el navegante para sortear los peligros de la navegación, y es ciencia porque se basa en conocimientos físicos, matemáticos, oceanográficos, cartográficos, astronómicos, etc. La navegación puede ser superficial o submarina.


Historia: La navegación costera fue practicada, a no dudar, desde la más remota antigüedad y los fenicios fueron los primeros que navegaron por alta mar ya al remo ya a la vela guiándose por el sol durante el día y por la estrella polar durante la noche. Consta que llegaron hasta el Sur de la costa occidental de África y hasta Inglaterra pero es más que dudoso que cruzaran el Océano y abordaran Brasil o las costas del golfo de México. Los fenicios enseñaron la navegación a los griegos que no tardaron en igualarles.


El conocimiento de la brújula transmitido a los europeos por los árabes que lo habían obtenido de los chinos permitió los largos viajes desde el siglo XIV. En 1492, Colón descubrió Amércia; en 1498, Vasco de Gama doblaba el cabo de Buena Esperanza para ir a las Indias; desde 1519 a 1521 el portugués Fernando de Magallanes, al servicio de España, daba la vuelta al mundo.


Técnicas de navegación marítima: Son los métodos que se utilizan en navegación marítima, para dar solución a los cuatro problemas del navegante:


Determinar su posición

Determinar el rumbo

Determinar el tiempo, la velocidad y distancia, mientras dure el viaje

Conocer la "profundidad" en la que se está navegando para no encallarse.


The sea is the art and science of conducting a vessel from the point of departure to the point of arrival, efficiently and responsibly. Art is the skill that must be the surfer to avoid the dangers of navigation, and science is because it is based on knowledge physicists, mathematicians, oceanographers, mapping, astronomical, and so on. Navigation can be surface or underwater.


History: The coastal navigation was practiced, not to doubt, since ancient times and the Phoenicians were the first who sailed the high seas and the rowing and sailing to be guided by the sun during the day and by the star during the polar night . It arrived to the south of the west coast of Africa and to England but it is more than doubtful that crossed the ocean and coastal Brazil and address of the Gulf of Mexico. The Phoenicians taught the Greeks navigated quickly in the same.


Knowledge of the compass transmitted to Europeans by Arabs who had obtained from the Chinese allowed the long trips from the fourteenth century. In 1492, Columbus discovered America in 1498, Vasco da Gama doubled the Cape of Good Hope to go to India, from 1519 to 1521 the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan, in the service of Spain, gave the world tour.


Shipping techniques: The methods used in shipping, to solve the four problems of the navigator:


Determine your position

Determine the direction

Determine time, speed and distance during the trip

Knowing the "depth" which is not sailing to run aground.

Sail Rock (Chuanfan Shi) (船帆石) on the southern coast of Taiwan. Henchun, Kenting National Park, Taiwan.

It's a little too cold to be sailing right now, but hopefully this photo can bring you some warmth to your weekend.


Have a great weekend dear friends!


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Well...liberty anyway! Applied some colour presets to try and give a more unique romantic feel to what was a tourist shot!

Sailing boat off Menorca, evening light, July 2014

last shot for may be the next 3 weeks ... I'm on my way to swim with dolphins in the Bahamas ...

sorry if I can't catch up with every shot from you in the last few days ... but I'm in a hurry ... wish everyone a great time ... and looking forward for your great shots ...

Stockholm Archipielago, great waters for sailing!

Cruise sailing off the Lisbon harbour.


Tech data:

- Canon 5D Mk II

- Canon EF 17-40 @17mm

- Lee 0.9 GND SE

- 2 exposures merge



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Segelschiff Impression - HDR aus einer RAW-Datei

..sailing away ! TGIF guys ;-)

Camera: Nikon D90, hand held, lens 55-330 Nikkor. . .

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Asking the wind for a ground permission.


[] HaMeD!caL []

Sailing boat, Marina Cannes, French Riviera, France.

A boat is a sailboat (pieces of fabric), propelled by the wind. Historically, the boat was the first conveyance medium and long distance. Sailboats carrying goods, passengers, mail. They were used for fishing at sea, military and naval battles.


From the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century sailing propulsion gradually disappears for utility transport replaced by steamships and motor boats. Today, utility transport and fishing boats remain only in the less industrially developed countries.


The yachts are used for recreational purposes: competitive sailing and boating.

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SAIL AWAY from album WHITE LADDER -- David Gray

First Verse


"Sail away with me honey

I put my heart in your hands

Sail away with me honey now, now, now

Sail away with me

What will be will be

I wanna hold you now"


Fishing boat saIling out from Abercastle , Pembrokeshire , view from Coastal Path


Sail on down the line

Bout a half a mile or so

And a don't really wanna know a

Where you're goin...


Taken during the Westward Cup races, June 2012

.............of summer.


Another great summer comes to an end and the reality of school and work set in.

A gorgeous day sailing out...


Please continue to enjoy my "Caliente Cuba" series.


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Just sit and watch... a peaceful evening in Warnemünde, calm sea and all the sailing boats in front of us.


The pilot boat ,coming to pick up the pilot ,from our cruise ship, THE RYNDAM.

Farewell to beautiful Copenhagen ,our first port of call .


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Yacht with white sails at sea just off the Sussex coast

Sailing past Alderney

A yacht with the island of Alderney in the background. Taken from a moving boat :)


Lyra sailing all sails set with every stitch of canvas like in good old days.



Tall ship Irving Johnson from Los Angeles Maritime Institute sailing back to home port in San Pedro after participating in the Toshiba Tall Ship Festival at Dana Point Harbor, California.


Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead, everyone!

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