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Beneath the Safety Beach Jetty

The pier at Safety Beach at sunrise

after eye operation I have to keep myself in safe.

...but now you know how I feel


Ohanessian for Happy Caturday's theme: "Living with cats"


I always felt guilty by keeping my cats indoors, or in their special enclosure, their house in the backyard. "It's for their safety", I thought, especially after Gogu's death and Mishu's disappearance.

Although I've never ever been a very sociable person, trying to keep at the close only a handful of people with brains, goodhearted and with strong principles, I do feel these days the need to see them and to have face to face encounters.

I do not know what I'm gonna do after this lockdown regarding my cats, but I'm beginning to think of a better life for them.

Pose: -Extra- Cuties


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Credit @ Hisa by #Stayhome free gift

Shed : HISA - English Garden Shed


Credit @ Aphrodite shop 60L Weekend Sale By Access

Happy spring table set


Aphrodite Happy Spring Cafe Single chair

Happy spring table set

Aphrodite Happy Spring flowers vase

Aphrodite Happy Spring Teapot (Deco)


Credit @ Dreamland Design

DD Henderson Shutter Shelf Set @Secret Sale Sunday


DD Henderson Shutter Shelf

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DD Henderson Driftwood Shutter Shelf


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DD Henderson Floral Rug

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fish oil drops for the safety of my veins

Modulus - Yanis Hair - @Equal10

NATIVE URBAN - 2020 Safety Mask Group Gift

Legal Insanity - Jensen polo shirts @Access


[InDiGo] Rome Set


Salmagundi - Dustin - Sitting Pose 01

Salmagundi Dirk - Waiter V2 - Standing Pos. 01

Very low evening sun alighting on the top of a fence. This is a safety fence at the corner of the local primary school, for guiding pedestrians away from the corner, to cross further down a quiet street.

Decided to crop this image in quite a bit just to get a better visual of what a predator might see when trying to take a run at these birds. Makes sense why they fly in close quarters..... safety in numbers and it confuses the Hell out of the enemy.


Thank you all for your continuing likes and comments. It is appreciated. Happy Birding!

When I started at the new school my parents said “Join the Safety Patrol, you'll meet people… have a few laughs…” I never expected it to be like this. I thought I'd get an orange belt and a crossing guard sign. Maybe a whistle. It's a good group but these early morning club activities are starting to make me wonder if “I'm getting too old for this shit”


BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.0

HEAD: LAQ Bento - Noelle

SKIN: LAQ ~ Lina BOM skin

EYES: Izzie's - Whiskey Mesh Eyes

MAKEUP: Izzie's - LAQ B - Holo Metallic Lipstick 03 (copper) darker

HAIR: *barberyumyum*L12(03)


UNIFORM: Hazy. Yukine Look. Navy RARE


GLOVES: TonkTastic - Fingerless Gloves; Style B






HEADSET: AGA Accessories - Headset

HANDGUN: SAC 1911 RED pistol (L) v1.00 Chest Holster


Fred Meyer Junior Parade . . . Portland, OR

Orange safety mesh temporary fence circling a suburban church undergoing building works.

Up close on the kerbs in the little safety park in Sha Tin Square, where children learn road rules and awareness on their bikes by going around the little roads.


I enjoyed the grit and grunge of this well-used safety park. Despite the grunge, everything was actually very tidy.


To those who have expressed worry for my wellbeing, these pictures were taken naclk in 2018, well before the current protest situation.

A safety cap to keep toddler hands from opening the medicine



Holiday cheer to all !

Safety First life jacket hanging next to the boat rental at a mountain lake in South Carolina.

Safety first is not just an ordinal number.

Veiligheid boven alles

African buffalo or Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) with red-billed oxpecker (Buphagus erythrorhynchus) in Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, Africa. Conservation status: Least Concern

Macro Mondays: Safety


Detail of a fire extinguisher


Thanks for all the comments and fave's dear Flickr friends :)

A different view of life

Please hold the handrail whilst traveling ...


Shorts: Dead Dollz Joanne - Available @ Uber


Boots: Gos Boutique Marie Ankle Boots - Available @ Uber


Full credits @ pixelated fashions


Tune: Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

And now for some Common Tern brooding. Tiny seabirds, shorebirds, ducklings and other nestlings alike all require brooding by parents. They nestle under the parent’s breast feathers or wings and snuggle in for a rest. This both provides warmth and comfort as well as safety from potential predators. In this frame, a pair of Common Terns are seeking comfort from their mama. At the end of the day, we all feel safer snug tight with our loved ones. Please, be careful and stay safe!

Small lock for a cosmetic case.

Secure street encounter, The Hague, South-Holland.


A 13 amp fuse in the plug of Niqui's hairdryer ... HMM!

A safety knot made using a boot lace

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