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Icebreaker "Suur Tõll". detail.

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Happy Furry Friday!!!

Have a purrr...fect weekend everyone.


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This is his first "studio" shot. He wasn't too sure about the big umbrellas and bright flash. But with time, he will get comfortable with all.

[I boosted the color on this....I hope it's not overdone?]

old construction material

I felt like giving this image a grungy look. It wasn't the easiest of images to grunge up, as it was very bright, with lots of strong colours etc. I'll probably work on it again, try different things.


Textures courtesy to Skeletal Mess, with thanks.

Hermitage Park, Edmonton


Taken at Apalachicola, one of the old buildings down by the water. Leave it to my sister and me to find rust! She found this great old building just driving around, and both of us jumped out of the car to take pictures. She got the better one of the building and pier and I found the windows fascinating! So, Happy Window Wednesday!

55 of which I encounter this rusty bike....

song - Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash

sunsetreflection in a rusty metalbox


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Dyrhólaey. Southern Iceland (Suðurland).

A little focal fence Friday approach!

Beyond the twines of the barbed wire are the rusty remains created by time and emptiness...ooh that sounds so heavy!

Happy Fence Friday!


smc PENTAX-M 28mm ƒ/2.8 (2nd version) wide open @ƒ/2.8

available light | manual exposure and focusing

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HDR from 10 exposures taken from 3 RAW's

Bit of a common shot from this location but it has to be done as the repetition of these rusty objects is pretty cool!

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Detail of old rusty iron fence

This was taken in St. Augustine, Florida. I can't resist the rust, as you know! HFF everyone, Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

an old rusty fence.

snow day here. busy, busy with school. will be back later to visit everyone's streams. HFF xoxo

I took this at Hatfield House (Hertfordshire UK.) A rusty lock is showing its age . Thecolour of the rust and the texture of the wood captured my attention.

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One of most sought after restaurant in South Florida, Located on the Island of Key Biscayne. It has a breathtaking view of the Miami Skyline while offering superb cuisine and service.The fresh seafood changes with the season, deliciously enhanced with island-influenced salsas and flavors. Rusty Pelican is the perfect spot for a romantic interlude or that special occasion. And off course one of my favorite dinner sports in Miami.


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More Rust of course! This is an old rusty anchor, complete with shells embedded in it. Taken at Apalachicola, Florida. Hope you all have a wonderful Slider Sunday!

This was one of the first pics I ever took. Exactly one year ago today. I had only had my camera 3 months. It was buried in my photostream and I had completely forgot about it, until someone recently commented on it. I decided I wanted to reprocess it and when I went into my folder to find the original, but I found another angle, which I liked more. Let me know what you think. The original is below.


Which one do you like better?

We got lots of snow last night, im hoping to get out and do some shooting soon! I hope you are all staying safe and warm:)

Society is sometimes like that. A Rusty mechanism that takes you from left to right and never let you go forward ...

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