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(nice on black)

check out all the birds on the was amazing!

This evening not far from my place..

Take care my friends!

Explored..Thank you all..

Best On Black


Yesterday, my daughter and I visited Gold King Mine and Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona. Some people call this place a "Glorified Junk Yard" or "Tourist Trap", other say it is a "Hoarders Paradise", but I would say it is a "Photographers Dream". The opportunity to capture pictures to texturize, was endless. We got caught in two downpours in this mountain town, so I didn't get near as many photos as I wanted, but the mid 70 temps as opposed to the 110 temps at home made for a very pleasant day.


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Happy August to everyone!

Circa 1950 Chevy returning to nature - Hyde Park, NY

Crisp autumn leaves

Rustle softly

Then blow away.


(Japanese haiku)


Skin and hair by Fallen Gods, Anna - Rusted, for A Clockwork Spiral

Pose and leaves by Uncertain Smile - Blessings, for Seelie Court

We still have snow here and --it is really cold- but at least I can get my car out of the garage now ---thanks to my Son-he came over yesterday and cleared my driveway for me ------ Warmer days will be here soon----- I am looking forward to seeing the poppies in the fields----but until then----poppies in the rust will have to do- Hehehehe----Hope you like this ABSTRACT shot---just rust on an old trash bin-------guess you could say from trash to treasure---Haha------Have a great day---catch up later today---thanks for visiting!!!

Rusty boat ramp at Aldeburgh.

I'm at it again with the rust! This was taken in Apalachicola, Florida.

This chain seems to have piled numerous layers of rusty rust.

The brightness / contrast / colours have been adjusted on my laptop; they may look different on other monitors.


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Though not quite as dry as last year, we are in sore need of rain. We received some on Sunday, and give thanks to God for it.


Light Box

Idleness is to the human mind like rust to iron.

Ezra Cornell...

Oltre al chiavistello hanno messo anche il lucchetto. Per non far entrare o per non farlo rubare?

My texture


Stopped on the way home to strech our legs and take some shots of these roadside beauties.

I also found this really old historic fence with these awesome leaves at Heritage Canyon.

I am so excited to see huge snow flakes flying here today!! I love shooting in the snow! And I am shooting a HS basketball game tonight in which two of the seniors I shot portraits for are playing against one another!!


HFF! And Happy Fench as well with that bench in the BG!!



Lombardia, Sacro Monte (Varese)


This was taken at my high school about 2 years ago.

Okay, I had to do another leaf. Shoot, who wouldn't under the circumstances? Looks like the dew is rusting the leaf.

Strobist - Exposure set manually at 1/250 and f16, and one Speedlite EX430 II on full power handheld off the camera to the right and fired using the ST-E2 fill in light provided by a Lastolite white reflector on the left


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