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Engels District, Saratov Region, Russia

The church I like a lot always attracts me to make a new photo in some different conditions and season. Here's a panorama of 20 shots without tripod (Original size - 13357x5590). The frost of about -20 Celcius made me move faster. True Russian winter is not a friend of the photographer:-)


Thank you for all the comments and favs, my friends.

The Russian Bear, also known as the Spanish flag, is a butterfly of the subfamily of the bear moths.

The Russian Bear (Euplagia quadripunctaria

Jersey tiger), also known as the Spanish flag, is a butterfly of the subfamily of the bear moths.

This is my favorite photo from my trip to Russia.

Russian Chapel (2008)

The Russian Chapel on the Vršič Pass (Slovenian Ruska kapelica na Vršiču) is a Russian Orthodox chapel on the northern side of the Vršič Pass in northwestern Slovenia. The chapel dedicated to St. Vladimir was built in memory of Russian prisoners of war who were killed in an avalanche during the First World War in connection with the construction of the pass road. The chapel is both a memorial to the war and a symbolic link between Slovenia and Russia.

The city of Kalyazin (Tver region) is called the "Russian Atlantis". This city was almost completely flooded in times of shock communist construction in the 30s. To create the Uglicheskaya HPP, a reservoir was needed. And they did it - put a dam and a small town went under the water along with all its houses, orchards, streets, a monastery and even a cemetery..And as a silent reproach - miraculously survived the bell tower, which grows directly out of the water. There used to be a monastery here - several churches and cathedrals. During the construction of the hydroelectric power station, the monastery was blown up. Only one belfry survived. It was not touched, as it was planned to use this high point for training paratroopers..Alexander Solzhenitsyn called these places unsinked by Russia: "Kalyazinskaya belltower is a symbol of that they will not let Russia drown completely"..Troitsky Makaryev monastery can be seen on the sate Wikipedia

The Russian Bear, also known as the Spanish flag, is a butterfly of the subfamily of the bear moths.

Russia- Suzdal- Monastero di San Eutimio_ la Cattedrale della Trasfigurazione e il campanile

Peterhof Palace Gardens

The beauty of the streets in St. Petersburg, Russia....

Russian White Cats are a medium sized breed of domestic cats. Russian white cats are delicate and elegant cat and have been a woman's classy cat since decades. Russian White cats were bred in the 1970's from Russian Blue Cats. These cats live a long life of 15 years

A Russian lighthouse in St. longer in use, but still standing proudly.

These Russian nesting dolls seem to fit this week's Macro Mondays theme "contained".

tracery building of the restaurant "Russian Yard" in Sergiev Posad.

The restaurant opened its doors to its first guests in 1992. With a privileged location in the historical city, the atmosphere of Russian life, the abundant traditional cuisine, the restaurant "Russian Yard" has quickly become a landmark, a point of attraction for connoisseurs and lovers of good food, as well as for tourists from all over the world. For foreign visitors a real Russian dinner: borshch, caviar and vodka, becoming another unforgettable memory of Russia.

The interior of the Russian churches is very beautiful, always super crowded.

One of the many beautiful sights on the Russian island of Kizhy

Sergiyev Posad grew in the 15th century around the Trinity Lavra (established by St. Sergius of Radonezh), one of the largest monasteries in Russia.

Russian old farmhouse, outskirts of Moscow.

russian automobile brand Moskwitsch / Moskvich

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Russian Blue kitten Dasha and my daughter Elena.

"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this." - Anonymous

Uspensky Village, Mokshansky District, Penza Region, Russia.

Like these leaves, I'm now hanging around waiting for warmer weather before I venture out with my camera...

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Exploring Russian Pacific (just 25 miles North of Japan).

Island of Sakhalin



10 years ago


From my 2005 Archive.

Engels District, Saratov Region, Russia

Engels District, Saratov Region, Russia

OLYMPUS Pen E-PL7 + Minolta 50mm MD ROKKOR.


“People were like Russian nesting dolls - versions stacked inside the latest edition. But they all still lived inside, unchanged, just out of sight.”


― Megan Miranda

Little ornaments brought by my step son when he went to Russia.

Russia- Sergiev Posad- Monastero della Trinità di San Sergio_ sopra la Porta dell'Assunzione

Part of the ingredients needed to make a good Russian Earl Grey tea

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