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landscape with different dephts and amazing tones

"We're in the land of poo. Duck poo, hen poo, cow poo, goat poo. Poo is as far as I can see".


From the film Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang.


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While walking a rural gravel path, I heard a noise behind me....


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The plane lifted just before it reached my location. :)

Mood music to cure your soothing soul.

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Himalayas Valley Nepal

Treated to some great light in the late Afternoon when I captured this image of the sun casting shadows over the rolling hills.


I was driving along rural victoria and all by myself feeling bit lonely. no other vehicles or nearby houses. It was getting dark and I was passing a large farmland. I saw sun was setting and suddenly I wanted to capture the mood I was in. How do you feel?

I wish my friends a great week ahead! Greetings from Brazil..

southbound 93 Idaho.... back in the day, ahem, last month.


(hit it with ''Boardwalk' in Aviary just for kicks) HSS

Grazing in the sunshine .....


Sunday morning peace and quiet, Priestley Green/Coley in West Yorkshire

Farmhouse in Tamba Sasayama (丹波篠山), Japan.

My woodlands and forests are closed and went for a country drive for a change of scenery.



Have a Good Friday and Happy Easter Weekend.


Challenge Theme: A Fence for Fence Friday


Edted in Topaz Studio

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Edited in Topaz Studio

We live in a predominantly Rural area. As a results I have an extensive library of barns and fences and such. I really enjoy these types of images. I usually like to get a dramatic sky, but that doesn't always happen. This shot is in rural Fort Langley, near where we live.

Even in the drought the Almond trees have bloomed. We had almost no rain all winter. The rivers are way down . Yet today was such a wonderful treat to see everything in bloom and all the baby animals frolicking about.

Have a great Friday and weekend. HFF


Edited in Topaz Studio

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This photo was taken Nov 6 - the day before our first big snowfall. What a difference a day made :)


Edited in Topaz Studio

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and wonderful weekend!


I'm babysitting my grand-daughter, Izzy, at her home while her parents are away in Dominican. A fun time with Izzy and opportunity to get some landscape scenery photos in their neck of the woods:)


Texture/Painting: Topaz Studio


It was a cloudy day with great sky tones though had to wait a long time for this moment of lighting.


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Texture/Painting created in Topaz Studio, additional editing NIK Efex Pro.

This was taken in rural Georgia

Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them;

let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

Psalm 96:12

A hand held long exposure taken near a restaurant in rural Montenegro


Town in New Zealand

Otorohanga is a north King Country town at the southern end of the Waikato region in the North Island of New Zealand. It is located 53 kilometres south of Hamilton and 18 kilometres north of Te Kuiti, on the Waipa River. Wikipedia


Otorohanga District quick facts:

Otorohanga – a thriving rural service town with excellent shopping and service industries.

Otorohanga is home to the world famous Kiwi House & Native Bird Park. Otorohanga has successfully branded itself as New Zealand's official Kiwiana Town.


There's a main street Kiwiana Display Gallery, murals, sculptures and beautiful flower baskets. Even the public toilets are a light-hearted tribute to Kiwiana and NZ's popular culture!

Taken in Beamsley Yorkshire.

As maybe a lot of you know we get a lot of rain in the Seattle area, and October hit the record as the wettest October ever, and the first 10 days of November have not been much different.

So when we get a rare sunny day between all the rain, I can't resist checking out Mt. Rainier.

After all, we may not get to see it again for quite a while.



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An old barn and some fences. The End

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near Rucar, Brasov, Romania (002_5783)


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Actually, most of Idaho is rural. Looking at my map, this looks to be part of the Sawtooth Wilderness region of Idaho. Between Stanley and Sun Valley is what I've been told. (Idaho Road Trip Vacation 957.jpg)

(Single file HDR).. A Devonshire landscape..


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