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Photograph Exchange Challenge ~ this is an exchanging of images and processed for posting.

Original Phototgraph by francois.dion (bukack) Click the link below to see the image I sent to him...

Francois contacted me with this idea and we both agreed and thought this challenge would be great fun!

Each would use their own choices in editing and processing and name the image!

(Original image in Comments!)

Up at silly o' clock the other morning,just in time to grab the sun before it disappeared behind the clouds..


view on black and large

view on white and large


Thanks everybody for all comments and faves!!

Rural way_______!!!!


San Vicente de Tagua-Tagua - VI Región


Somewhere in Plastiras Lake in Karditsa !!

The map is wrong for this location, it's Greece here !


I'm really very busy my friends !!

Rural Huron county

Texture painting layer

I have a new series of paint and photo.

This is Integration 1

Cardedeu (Vallès Oriental-Catalunya)

Sepulveda, Segovia, Spain


♫♪ pueblo blanco • serrat ♪♫


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Thanks for the visit, comments, awards, invitations and favourites.

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Of course I couldn't resist a red barn. ;^) The cows we're just the extras! Happy Monday!


On Explore September 18, 2011

An autumnal view over the Devon countryside


HGGT..!! Have a great day.. thanks for looking

Thanks to Kim Klassen for the use of her texture Start.


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Thigpen, GA

Warren County

Bare Bones Project

Have A Seat




Zona rural de Mineiros do Tietê


Though I missed the SD9-SD18-SD38 era on the Bessemer & Lake Erie, I fast fell in love with the railroad in the year 2008 after I finally stopped making excuses as to why I shouldn't make the effort to learn what I figured to be a challenging and unpredictable railroad. One glorious, not-so-successful chase in May of 2008 had me hooked on the place. I made numerous visits over the next two years, aided by friends in the area who shared their expertise of the B&LE with me. On this memorable October day I was texting Jon Clark about chasing the 866 South and he said he was free to join, so I picked him up from his father's place in Greenville and we had an incredible chase, highlighted by this image from the staggered signal bridges at Rural Ridge. All good things must come to an end, but at least we have the photographs and memories.

Carinthia, Southern Austria

Shot with the Olympus E-5 in North Bennington, Vermont.

I took off to go find a good sunset spot last night because I thought it was going to be awesome. Shortly after this shot it just got cloudy, no color.

Processed with some of my new textures.

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Another view of an earlier shot with warmer lighting. On Explore @158 June 10

Not quite in my neighborhood, but I drive by it often so I guess it can be part of the barn project. (not picky here)

Texture by SkeletelMess

Original texture French canvas. Also thanks to alicepopkorn for the use of her texture.


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As I walked across the frosty grass on this early October Saturday morning, the house was quiet and thought this farm family is probably still asleep from a long week of toil and now missing the wonderful view out their back yard. Happy Windmill Wednesday!


Bostwick, GA

Morgan County


Texture fromPlayingWithBrushes.



Eastern plains of Colorado. Fleming, Colorado

texture by cathairstudios.

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A farm fence from more than a few weeks ago. Have a great weekend everyone :-)

shot at the foot of Pendle Hill,lancs,uk

Sunset over the farm enhancing the fall colors


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