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If you have nowhere else to hide - run. Run and never look back. And maybe we'll run into each other.

A girl running in the dusk



Opale's wearing:




Poseidon - The Damned Rogue 2

(weapons included)

at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival - august 17


Make up:

*CNZ* Blade Tatoo


Nyne : 'Breeze'

+ RM Hair post - retouch effect


#3M Bento Gown Gloves

*OAL* Dragon Bracers arms - black

Fawny - Submissiveness - RARE


Oubliette - Onyx Lilith


#1 Blueberry - Oakley wings - RARE


Chrysalis - Crow Tree Headpiece - tree with crows

::Axix:: Zyndien NosePiercing

Since 1975 : A-Fold Black-M


*CNZ* Lady Crow feathers

Since 1975 : Graveyard Globe&Animated decors


Qinghai Plateau, China 青海 果洛州

“You learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.”

Quote ― Megan Chance, The Spiritualist


Detail of a wallpainting by Freek van GInkel, Nijmegen.

Check out my BLOG for details.


Thank you very much for the support!




I only lose my fear when I run run run...


Another in the 'Sunday Run' series.

Athens, Greece.


My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

My photographs do not belong to the public domain.

© All rights reserved

A man jogging at Parliament House, Canberra, Australia.

Monsoon in for cover!


Pulled over this evening a few miles from the TA truckstop near Spokane Washington to take a picture of some horses. This one took off for a short run.


If you want to see this before processing here's a link.

Colvin Run Mill is in Great Falls, Virginia. Built c. 1811, Colvin Run Mill is the sole surviving operational 19th-century water-powered mill in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and its restored mechanism is a nationally significant example of automated technologies pioneered in milling and later adopted across American industry.[3] Down the gravel path of the park is the miller's house, home to the families who ran the mill. In 1883, Addison Millard moved his family here when he bought the old mill. Addison, his wife Emma, and some of their 20 children lived there. When Addison died, the family stayed and operated the mill until 1934. [4]

In the mid-1930s the mill was abandoned, and highway development caused the mill to be cut off from any near-by water source. The mill was later acquired by the Fairfax County Park Authority,repaired, and made open to the public.

little Hettie Mae runs through the fields, playing chase with her sisters in the afternoon sun ♥

Running away is easy. Not knowing what you will find next is the hard part.

moorhen running on water reflection


With Me.


Full Outfit is from !LTMODA! Black Diamond MP


Lipstick: Royal Lip Collection.Kula


On him:

Hair: Modulus


Full details in my Blog


Run aground


Created for Ruby’s Treasure Challenge 50


Premade Background with thanks to Rubyblossom


Texture with thanks to Rubyblossom


Sky and stormy sea by ArwenArts- deviantArt

Background wave and foreground floor with thanks to rubyblossom

Grounded boat by lokinstock-deviantArt

Girl- ash 33 by faestock


Running with the night..

playing with the shadows...


best seen in large, so please type L ;)



pose: Del May

run, child,

from the house

of shadows,





Model: sinsong

Photo/direction/styling: me


Follow me!





© Zhang Jingna

You run with the wind (風と共に走る)

GX7MK2 ƒ/8.0 12.0 mm 1/800 ISO200

~Air - Run~


Sands of time Are lying On my chest...


Photo Mirna Bronić © All rights reserved

These (still quite small) deer were running around nicely and quite fast also.. was nice to watch..

Sadly the light was pretty harsh that day..


Thank you all for your views, comments, faves and support!


Enjoy your weekend!

I spy: a running rabbit in the clouds....does anyone else see it? Or is my imagination running wild pun intended 😊

Edited to add: rabbit cloud is center towards the bottom 😉


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Enjoy your Sunday, my friends ✌

Running, getting lost,

Travel, meet,

To find and finally stop.

NO MULTI INVITATIONS in your commenTs, Tks.

RX100M2 ƒ/7.1 15.6 mm 1/800 ISO200 -0.7 EV

Running through the forest Running through the forest


taken by groundswelldottv

Boy running through the narrow lanes of shivajinagar street in Bengaluru.


Bengaluru | Karnataka | July '16

my son. very happy, running amuck on the beach.


see images with others running @

"It's time to run, they'll string me up for all that I've done

I'm going soon, gonna leave tonight, by the light of the moon

I did it all for you, well I hope you know the lengths I've gone to

What's a man to say? They'll be looking for me, should be on my way"


Lord Huron:


Happy Monochrome Monday, everyone!

You could hear her singing as we ran shrieking...♫

"Don't ever laugh

as a Hearse goes by

for you may be the next to die

They wrap you up

in a big white sheet

from your head down to your feet

They put you in a big black box

and cover you up with dirt and rocks

and all goes well

for about a week

and then your coffin begins to leak

and the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out

the worms play pinochle on your snout

They eat your eyes, they eat your noes

as you begin to decompose"

On location @ Everwinter

Mami's Version

"Have I got a long way to run?

Yeah, I run"


Collective Soul:

Run boy run! This world is not made for you

Run boy run! They’re trying to catch you

Run boy run! Running is a victory

Run boy run! Beauty lays behind the hills


Run boy run! The sun will be guiding you

Run boy run! They’re dying to stop you

Run boy run! This race is a prophecy

Run boy run! Break out from society


Tomorrow is another day

And you won’t have to hide away

You’ll be a man, boy!

But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!


Run boy run! This ride is a journey to

Run boy run! The secret inside of you

Run boy run! This race is a prophecy

Run boy run! And disappear in the trees


Tomorrow is another day

And you won’t have to hide away

You’ll be a man, boy!

But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!


Tomorrow is another day

And when the night fades away

You’ll be a man, boy!

But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run

Intentant aprendre dels mestres !


Poesia i

“....Life equals running and when we stop running maybe that's how we'll know life is finally finished....”

― quote by Patrick Ness

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Image Essentials - Parkour - Comes with 16 poses and the parkour prop. Kay's first original mesh product and I love it!


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