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Went out to dinner with my family this evening--grabbed some sandwiches and sat at one of our favorite beaches. After I ate, I decided to grab my camera and explore a bit. I found this old sign on the rocks, and as the sun set I found the right composition and shot away. I only shot about 6 exposures, as they were all long exposures, but I am really pleased with the results.

Nikon D800

Nikon 16-35 f4 VRII

Lee Little Stopper

Lee 0.6 GND Soft

Hi-Tech 0.6 Reverse GND Hard

Natural light

Snow Geese in formation.

ROI Special Walk

Place : Pillaiyarkuppam

Date : 01.05.2014

I must take the advice of my Flickr friends who say it's okay for me to post and run. I have taken on a bit too much and am juggling six and soon to be seven active clients. Plus it's spring. Plus there's Molly. So, again, forgive me. I'll try very hard to visit but please understand if I can't. Thank you.


I'm delighted that my 'orange emperor' tulips are blooming again. Sometimes my tulips put out just leaves. This shot came out so brilliantly orange and yellow that I had to present it as an 8x10, not in square format.



copyright :copyright: Mim Eisenberg/mimbrava studio. All rights reserved.


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Seen in downtown Norfolk.


MUSIC courtesy of my friend Ike Catrett.


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A cardinal poses on a deciduous azalea shrub

'The Golden Rule of Parenting is; do unto your children as you wish your parents had done unto you!"

Louise Hart


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This week's assignment for Macro Mondays is "rule". I am sorry, but I lack creativity. I could only come up with the rule of thirds.


HMM everyone!

Paint roller. Day one. Self portrait.

...NEVER format with a horizontal line across the centre (and to add a vertical line at the same point ??? SACRILEGE !!!)

I enjoyed seeing this Osprey in a woodland setting along the Patapsco River during my lunch break.

Sometimes, you DO NOT have to follow the rules. BREAK them instead :p

my rule of thumb is NEVER order Italian out.period.

I am Italian...I know what good is...why risk it..

so there we are on vacation...

at our favorite place...and have just found out that it has changed ownership and is now and Italian Ristaurante...

We should have left...

he wanted to leave...

remember my rule of thumb?...

I should have followed it.

this is the best thing I could find about it...

crossing it off our sad....


Thirds Rule! Thanks Chad for the *rule of thirds* explanation.

Grand Rapids - Michigan

"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun." ~ Katharine Hepburn


Thank you for the comments, favourites, invitations, suggestions and advice. Happy New Year 2014 to you all!


Any constructive comments for this photo would be very much appreciated only if I am happy to improve my night photography, especially ISO sensitivity settings.







If I Ruled The World


If I ruled the world,

many changes I would make.

It would be required

that happiness shone

from everyone’s eyes,

not hate or oppression.


If I ruled the world,

I would require

everyone to love each other

as a sister or a brother

and care for those suffering

from the pains of illness.


If I ruled the world,

I would want it to be

a happier and more loving place

of lasting peace.

There would be no wars,

no hurt in anyone’s life.

Life would be long

and held with respect.


If I ruled the world

this is what I would require,

but sadly I do not

and my dreams are just dreams

of a place we call tranquillity.


However, if I ruled the world

I would try to make tranquillity

into our own reality.


David Harris



Technical data: Nikon D5100 | Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR at 18mm | 1.0 sec | f/10 | ISO 1600


Processing: Lightroom 5

Don't overshare.


No 2. Remember who your friends are - and aren't


No. 3. Be polite and don't spread witless drivel.


No. 4. Be extra careful when tagging people.


No. 5 ....yes, you don't need to update your status every 15 seconds.

Britannia Falls, Valley of The Waters, Blue Mountains. Normally the water flows over the rock at the top right of frame, so it seems the flow has changed. Probably due to a log somewhere up top.

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."


~Anthony J. D'Angelo


A new friend was so kind and shared to me his knowledge about the Rule of 11. Sayang lang ala ako CPL. Anyways, Sir Joel G. eto po trial shot ko for you. Thanks a lot! :)

Britannia Falls, Valley Of The Waters, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW.


Never before published on Flickr and reprocessed from scratch.


Don't believe the Exif - the camera wasn't even invented then. The problem was that if I swapped the batteries in the grip after re-charging, the camera would reset itself. Shot on 14 April 2009 with an EF 24-70mm f2.8L lens and a Hoya ND x400.

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