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Screen shoot of my ruby on rails development environment on Mac OSX, with my favorite code editor TextMate on MacOSX Tiger 10.4.11.

You Need To Consider The Possibility Your Religion Is Mythology

As part of a side-partnership, I was asked to help design the interface of a web-based application for organizations who want to manage a large collection of digitized videos.


This view is the first of many to come and represents a registered user's view of videos that are currently within the collection.


As always any thoughts, feedback or questions are welcome :o)


Best viewed at original size.

Have at it if you'd like.


UPDATE: For those with superman resolutions, get a larger version here:


UPDATE AGAIN: For those who don't have widescreen monitors-

In and around the events here in Chicago, Il, for RailsConf2006!

This is a quick photo (note the horrible flash screwing up the graphic) of WIRED's article about Tim O'Reilly, the man behind the biggest tech book publisher known to man. Inside I found this graphic with a specific mention of Ruby on Rails, congrats David!


Blog Entry:


I noted all the paragraphs, since it's tough to read them directly on the photo.

More panda fun...


This time a 2-colour t-shirt graphic for the New Bamboo family, which will be making an appearance at the Future Of Web Apps show!


Best viewed at it's original size to see his fur detail and everything!


You'll be able to get your hands on a tee, for FREE, if you're super duper nice and come pay a visit to the New Bamboo booth 128/130 @ FOWA (3rd - 5th October)!!!


I'll be there with the NB boys so come and say what's up!!


Ad agency: Utrecht.rb

Photography: Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

DHH's translation of the Rails license. He doesn't mind a bit of swearing.

Here is the requested 4:3 version.

This site, designed by Scott Boms of Wishingline, is both elegant and informative. The coffee cup threw me at first, but I quickly knew what it was this site was about thanks to the useful imagery and great copy, especially in the header area.


Visit the site:

Read more about this Web Design Inspiration set on Flickr

i just really like this shot of piper reading her papa's book. ruby on rails...easy for even a two year old!

If you are one of the 21 people who attended the inaugural Brighton Ruby Users Group meeting, you might want to add a note to the pic with your name.

Slide 5.


SxSW: Worst Website Ever today at 5pm. Be ready to get monetized.


Who else is ready to get rich on the internet? Ask Sched…


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Ruby on Rails y Apple, una buena combinación.

I've put together a little diagram which conveys how I view the digital ecosystem as well as the various path(s) and process(es) that businesses must tread to see returns from the creative and technological assets they are developing. So much of this is hybrid, holistic in nature that it requires breaking through monoline, siloed trains of thought. Ultimately strategy, design, and technology cannot be separated. They exist as part of a continuum of activities that create value for a business. To the extent that we can blur the lines, do those things that maybe we're not used to doing, and see the world through new sets of colored lenses, I think we'll produce more engaging and meaningful experiences on the web and on mobile, and we'll ultimately create significant shareholder value along the way.


[Some tips: Start on the left and work your way over. Notice trajectories, adjacent shapes, the external context, and which paths would be linear or potentially which would be circular. Leave me feedback! This is a rough first draft.]

Appeared in our office this afternoon, from the MirRoR recruiters firm.

My current wallpaper resized to fit my screen: 1280x1024

why the lucky stiff, being himself.


By the way, I wrote up day 2 of the conference here.

Today it was announced that there is now a Cafepress shop selling Rails Stuff.


Now I love Rails as much as the next person… but what is up with this?


A Rails Thong? Who knew there would be a demand for these?


$20 to the first Rails geek that can snap a picture of someone wearing one of these and get it posted to the Rails Weblog.


Ruby on Rails, often recognized as ROR, is a highly interactive open source web application used to develop the most innovative and modern web designs.


A recently enjoyed Pop Shoppe pop. Mmmm good. Since 1969 dontcha know!

Just thought I'd take the time to learn Ruby and possibly Ruby on Rails. I've been doing ColdFusion for years at work and pretty much hate it at this point. I've also done some work in ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET), PHP, WebDNA, and some Python (Django).


Ruby isn't bad so far. I'm hoping to be able to start on Rails in a few days. The only thing I'm not looking forward to with Rails is Prototype. I'm a much bigger fan of jQuery, however it looks like there may be a plugin for Rails that will replace the automated stuff it does currently with Prototype.

"...if you're going fast and having a good time..."

Why the Lucky Stiff & me. He is a YAML author and really cheerfully nice guy. His live performance was so excellent!!

Now with iCalendar synchronization, Microformats (oh joy!) support, and a few other juicy bits and pieces. As always, your input is appreciated.

Two students working on the couch in San Francisco

Why the Lucky Stiff & me. He is a YAML author and really cheerfully nice guy. His live performance was so excellent!!

A screenshot from version 2.0 of SimpleLog, now available at

Mirai Suenaga


Mirai is one of my biggest motivations - I want to see her do well and if you do too then you can be a part of contributing to the success of her career.


If none of the positions tickle your fancy then still keep em peeled as I'll be posting more positions as we go along.

I'm interested in seasoned RubyOnRails and Android developers but they are of a lower priority compared to the listed 4 so I didn't post requirements this time round.


If you think these jobs in Japan may be of interest to your fellow comrades then please share this with them.


Anyway, thats it for now - I look forward to working with you to work hard, play hard, make cool stuff and make history!


View more at

rails. we do that.

(more photos from boris)


*complete setup photoshoot for the new shirt raincity studios made for promoting Ruby on Rails.

A little ruby x rails fanart just for you~


Note: "Ruby-chan" concept is something I discovered in ancient Ruby mascot discussions. Fox Small is a creation of the great Why the Lucky Stiff.

with Pointers and Provocateurs …


Audience Poll: “Who has coded in the last year?” A few hands. “And if we exclude Powerpoint macros?” I was the only one left.


Next Poll: “Who has been at Bangalore airport at 2:30am?” Many hands.


IBM’s Grady Booch (formerly Rational, Booch Method):

“Google is a company in serious need of adult supervision.”


Q: Why do CEOs think software is so easy?

Booch: “CEOs are clueless. SW is and will remain fundamentally hard.


Coordinating project teams is hard. Multi-core systems are really hard. You end up with this huge sticking fetid pile of crap.


But enough about the Bush administration. (much laughter) Oh, and that’s my opinion, not that of IBM. But the man’s an idiot.”


David Heinemeier Hansson (37signals, Ruby on Rails): "I disagree. It’s not that hard. Much software is not mission-critical. It’s more of a craft.


The big software model does not work with nimble competitors."


Talking with Charles Simonyi beforehand, he is fascinated in biological metaphors in software design. Perhaps influenced by his belle, Martha Stewart, he uses the term “recipe” to describe the coding process – a recipe rather than a blueprint. Neal Stephenson’s seed vs. feed architecture comes to mind, as well as the dichotomy of designed vs. evolved code.


Simonyi (former Microsoft guru): “Intentional software is storing your IP in the recipe for it. The problem decomposes into the ingredients and the process. The ingredients are supplied by domain experts. The process is created by the programmer.”


Vint Cerf & follow up question: We need new science in computer science. No one has figured out parallel programming.


Leah Jamieson, IEEE, just after this panel:

Survey: 2% of men and 0.4% of women want to major in CS. There has been a massive erosion of prestige. 20% of people surveyed believe engineers improve the quality of life.


- Assembler

- Ruby on Rails

- Visual Basic

- JavaScript libraries



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