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Ask your mum for one like this for your birthday!!!!!

It has been a rainy week, a bit chilly for weekend so these guys seem to fit the spring better than flowers for the color.

What would a tall ship festival be without a giant rubber ducky? Taken at the Tall Ship Green Bay festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

A few years ago I made a rubber band ball. In the middle is a golf ball, and I guess you can't really tell in the photo, but it is about the same size of my head. Whether you are impressed or embarrassed for me, you should probably also be jealous because it has so many uses.

Pentax ME Super 50mm f1.4

Superbike's rubber after the race .

Hopefully this image gives enough of an idea on how to make the rubber band tree.


The basic steps are:

1. link a bunch of rubber bands together (I used 10 in my previous images)

2. attach one end to the tree trunk

3. twist the other end until your fingers cramp up

4. attach that end to the tree trunk

5. twist/turn/tweak/twirl/twiddle the rubber band mess until it looks like the tree you imagined in your head

pensate che gli stivali in gomma mi possono stare bene ?


do you think that the boots in rubber can be well me?


"The Trang area was the first area of Thailand where rubber trees were planted, brought there by governor Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi from Malaysia in 1899."


Today, Thailand is the world’s largest producer and exporter of natural rubber, accounting for approximately 35 of the world’s natural rubber production. Thailand produce between 1,800kg and 1,900kg per hectare a year. Although Thailand is a major producer of natural rubber, almost 90 percent of the production is exported as raw rubber or latex. Only 10 percent of the production is used by thai manufacturers to produce finished goods..


Trang's city slogan "The city of Phraya Rasda; broad-hearted citizens; delicious roasted pork; origin of Para rubber; lovely Sri Trang flower; beautiful coral reefs; charming sandy beaches; and wonderful waterfalls. " Based on my experience, so far, its all true.

we have a postal service that uses red rubber bands.

when i find one of these red rubber bands i feel that my day may be better,

better than a day when i find no band.

this is [a small] part of my illness.

i have +70 red rubber bands.



You make bathtime lots of fun, Rubber Duckie, I'm awfully fond of you; (who who, bee doh!)

This Macro Monday's theme "Tie".

Saw my daughter playing with these coloured rubber bands. She was getting them all tangled up and leaving them everywhere. So when she had finished, I was cleaning them up and found two rubber bands stuck together. I decided to tie two more together so that there was one of each colour and the above photo is what I came up with.

Exposure 13 and Aperture f/25.0


Quietly watching and taking notes, they’d been waiting years for just the right time to take over.

anel feito em borracha, com a mensagem negativity, pra vc espantá-la e lembrar que tem que ser positiva!

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L'Albero della gomma è una pianta appartenente alla famiglia delle Euphorbiaceae. Ha un'enorme importanza economica grazie al lattice che può essere raccolto da incisioni praticate sulla corteccia ed è la fonte primaria per la gomma naturale. L'albero comincia ad essere sfruttato a partire dai 5-6 anni d'età: vengono praticate delle incisioni ortogonali ai canali laticiferi in modo da non danneggiare la crescita dell'albero. Piante adulte forniscono una produzione maggiore. Il lattice viene raccolto in piccole ciotole legate al tronco.

(Da wikipedia)

A rather cool piccie at a friend's place in my fav rubber skirt.

Rubber Duck designed by Florentijn Hofman.

I found a square of transparent silicone rubber in my pile of stuff a few days back.


I need to spend a few days just going through stuff to git rid of some and find forgotten targets. With changes in projectiles, targets that were not promising can look good enough to try.



four rubber duckies at the beach - well, maybe plastic ducks.

Homemade latex maid dress. No complaining or it's the gag next!

Long rubber dress with maid hood. Hmm, rubber maid is in trouble - she 'sampled' all of Madame's favourite wine!

Tubes, pumps, urinal/enema latex bags, and a lot of rubber.

majority of them have holes to be converted into charms/earrings...5 of the smallest sized ones to remain as bathtub companions :)

The best way to operate a Rubber Bulb is to use a catherter or a sound....

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