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Info: Rruga e Qumeshtit/Milky Way.


Canon T2I, ET 32sec ne Rera e Hedhur, Shqiperi.

All denen die Weihnachten feiern, einen besinnlichen ersten Advent.

To all those who celebrate Christmas, a contemplative first Advent.


Strassenszene (street scene) Rothenburg Ob der Tauber


Bayern (Bavaria) - Deutschland (Germany)

Rothenburg Ob der Tauber

Dezember (December) 2011


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Australische Musik auf dem Salzburger Christkindlmarkt

Australian Music at the Salzburg Christmas Market


Österreich (Austria)


Dezember (December) 2015


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rruga murat toptani, tirana;


i had a brilliant weekend break :-D


mediterranean geometry school

The enchanting Rruga Murat Toptani in downtown Tirana, Albania.

Tirana, Autumn 2009


Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.


George Eliot




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Ich liebe diese alten Gebäude mit ihren Backsteinfassaden und Feuertreppen.

I love this old building with its brick facades and fire stairs.


Greenwich Village

Strassenszene - Street scene


Manhattan - New York

September 2012


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The town was known as Scodra during antiquity, and was the capital of the first kingdom of the Illyrian tribe of the Ardiaei, since the middle of the 3rd century BC. The town, was first mentioned during classical times as the site of the Illyrian Labeates, as well as the capital of the kingdom of King Gentius and that of Queen Teuta. In the year 168 BC, the city was captured by the Romans and it became an important trade and military route. The Romans colonized the town. Scodra remained in the province of Illyricum, and later Dalmatia. By it 395 AD, it was part of the Diocese of Dacia, within Praevalitana.


The dawn of the Middle Ages saw waves of Slavs arriving. De Administrando Imperio describes how Byzantine Emperor Heraclius gave the Serbs a territory in the Western Balkans during the first half of the 7th century. The southernmost, maritime polity of the Serbian Principality, at Duklja, included the Shkodër region. After the death of Prince Časlav, the state disintegrated, with Duklja retaining most of it. Khan Samuel had by 997 conquered all of Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, and most of modern Albania. In the early 11th century, Jovan Vladimir ruled Duklja amidst the war between Basil II and Samuel. Vladimir allegedly retreated into Koplik when Samuel I invaded Duklja, and was subsequently forced to accept Bulgarian vassalage. Vladimir was later slewn by the Bulgars, and received a cult; Shingjon, which is celebrated by the Albanian Orthodox Christians.


Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rruga kryesore e shtruar me kalldrëm për të dalë në kalanë e qytetit.

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En la Plaza del Teatro-Museo Salvador Dalì de Figueres, encontré este artista que por 45 € en menos de media hora te hacia un retrato.

View of Kaesong's monumental axis, crossing the valley and ending on a hill with a huge statue of Kim Il Sung on the top.


Reisebericht Nordkorea 2013

Apparently, Dhaka is the rickshaw capital of the world. Bicicle rickshaws are the most common means of transport in this huge, crowded place.

Sipas NASA-së, një planet që është tepër i ngjashëm me Tokën është zbuluar brenda galaktikës sonë ‘Rruga e Qumështit’. Ata besojnë se ai planet mund të përmbajë jetë.

Planeti me madhësi sa të Tokës, i njohur si Kepler-186f, është i pari planet i gjetur brenda zonës ‘së banueshme’ të ...

It's a series of accidents that I would like to share.


U can comment if u want...


Tirane, Albania (Rruga e Durresit)


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Departamenti i Marketingut dhe Menaxhimit në UET zhvilloi një leksion të hapur me temën: Quality Assurance – pikëpamja e biznesit, ku të ftuar ishin drejtues të disa bizneseve në Shqipëri

Suksesi nuk është asnjeherë një magji që shfaqet krejt papritur në jetë.

Suksesi vjen hap pas hapi, me...

View of North Korea's main highway close to the city of Sariwon. The Reunification Highway links Pyongyang with Keasong and - if the border was open - Seoul. It mostly looks that empty, except for a few busses and trucks.


Reisebericht Nordkorea 2013

Vera e Kulturës Tetovare këtë vit ka bërë një bujë te madhe nëpër rrjetet sociale, duke bërë që interesi i qytetarëve për të parë nga afër këto organizime të rritet. Rruga “Dervish Cara” është vendi më I përmendur nga cdo grupmoshë, kështu duke u bërë një aktraksion i ri. E veçanta e saj këtë he...

lungo rruga e Kevaje, sulla passeggiata pedonale fatta costruire da Edi Rama

A nice beer advertisement for Walia, displayed prominently on one of Addis Ababa's main thoroughfares.

Along "Rruga e Arbrit" highway about 10 km north-east from center of Tirana.


Fotografimi i Diellit, Njollave te Diellit dhe Henes ne Malet e Germise ne Prishtine. Te gjitha fotot jane bere manualisht dhe aparati fotografik ka qene i thjeshte dhe jo profesional.


Data: 27.12.2014


MEADE ETX-70 Autostar Smart Telescope, D=70mm & F=350mm (Multi Coated Optics), Computer Control.

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ


Rruga 6 Dëshmorët 1

1 Six Martyrs Street

The TID Tower is an under-construction high-rise in Tirana, Albania. The building is expected to be 85 metres (279 ft) tall. It consists of 25 floors. The design comes from Belgian architectural firm 51N4E, and construction started on 14 January 2007.


The TID tower is part of the ambitious new master plan for the city, which want to make around ten iconographic towers. The main program of the tower consists housing program. Offices, shopping and restaurant facilities are located in the base. At the top of the building a panorama restaurant. The tower appear to be constructed from individual plates of clear and sand coloured glaze which are placed at different angles adding to the towers look and giving it texture, although its more likely the tower is fully glazed and the coloured panels are laid over the top and form balconies and such but it all adds to the illusionary qualities of the towers appearance. During early stages of the development last year, builders were presented with a unique real estate construction dilemma. The development is almost on top of the Suleman Pasha Tomb. A circular 3D cut-out at the base of the building ensures the two exist in harmony.


"M.E. (Interviewer Mark Evans): What about Tirana, your capital city? What is it like?


F.T. (Fatos Tarifa; Albanian ambassador to the USA): Tirana is the most dynamic city in the Balkans today. Twelve years ago, when I left, Tirana had a population of 250 thousands people. Today the city has one million inhabitants. (...) Tirana may be characterised as a city in construction, or as a gigantic construction site. There are new buildings everywhere. Tirana is a booming city."


F. Tarifa, To Albania; with love, 2007, Lanham, p. 78


Common areas between apartment buildings were brought back to normality after decades of neglect, while existing parks, city squares, and sports recreational areas were renovated giving Tirana a more European look. However, some green areas are being used for the construction of skyscrapers. Rama has been accused by critics of corruption while issuing building permits, but he has dismissed the claims as baseless. Decreasing urban space and traffic congestion have become major problems as a general construction chaos is observed in Tirana.


Although much has been achieved, critics argue that there lacks a clear vision on Tirana's future. Loss of public space due to illegal and chaotic construction, unpaved roads in suburban areas, degradation of Tirana's Artificial Lake, rehabilitation of Skanderbeg Square, ever present smog, the construction of a central bus station, and public parking lots are some pressing issues still remaining to be solved. Some proposed future plans include the continuation of illegal buildings' legalization process, construction of the southwestern portion of the Big Ring Road, a tram system, and the rehabilitation of the Tirana Train Station area.

seen from Studençan / Gurrë (a village in the municipality of Theranda / Suhareka)

Rruga Durrës - Kukës - Prishtinë

Data: 10.11.2014 e Hene


Vrojtimi i Henes, Yllit Vega, Andromedes (M31), Pllejades, Mjegullnajes se Orionit, Yje te dyfisht, Grumbuj Yjesh etj me teleskopin:


MADE ETX-70 Telescope, D=70mm & F=350mm (Multi Coated Optics) nga kontrollimi prej Kompjuterit.



Rruga Ilindenit përrball Kompleksit, Vusego Tetovë, Tetovo, Macedonia

070 321 651


Apartments at Rruga e Barrikadave

Churchill Avenue is one of the main streets of Ethiopia's capital, linking the railway station with its oldest part, Piazza.

® Beny Pireva Photography ©

Rruga Ilindenit përrball Kompleksit, Vusego Tetovë, Tetovo, Macedonia

070 321 651


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