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Amin//fr Iks crew


Kate and Wills wedding ceremony was received even in galaxy far far away


human world exploration ( by stormies ) episode 28/2


other adventures in my 'human world exploration ( by stormies )' set

A montage of my mug for your pleasure : )

Cell-phone photo of digital TV image (NBC Today Show) - captured by Lynda Quintero-Davids

#123/365 a sea of red white and blue ....

my photo for royal wedding day

Gostei tanto de fazer este modelo!

Toda incrementada assim, ficou mais fofa!


Fecha com botão de imã.



Largura 30 cm

Altura 36 cm

Profundidade 5 cm

Altura da alça 25 cm



Cell-phone photo of digital TV image (NBC Today Show) - captured by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Victory, Hurricane, Lancaster, Spitfire

Royal Wedding, 29 April 2011

My ashtray obsession...

As I was watching prince William and Kate Middleton wedding ceremony I was not able to stop my tears. I just said oh I am missing Lady Diana a lot. Thinking if she would be alive how all the people will be happy as she appears smiling and I was really crying out loud. And my brother Munnazir seeing my status on FB said, " YES ALL HER FANS WILL BE MISSING HER AND HOPING AGAINST HOPE THAT SHE WILL COME FROM SOME WHERE SMILING" I said yes I am crying really thinking about her marriage ceremony and really I don't wanna see Charles's wife (looks like Snow White's Step cruel Mother, I really hate those they can't think with their brain and can't act freely they always says My mom says this my mom says that I hate them they must be grown up and get out of shadow of their moms) she was the basic reason of her departure for me he said, "THATS WHY SHE IS REMEMBERED AS PRINCESS OF HEARTS." another friend said, "She was real beauty. A real symmetrical combination. I miss her too.I am thinking, if Dr. Hasnnat (Pak) get married with her that time, she could be alive today" (and I believe Dr. Hasnat was so cowered and MAMA's boy even becomes a doctor) And I just thought to tribute her with a lovely collage of her pictures.

Princess D you are still alive in our hearts. I remember creating a scarp book with her wedding pictures and really loved to see her on the TV at that time and later as she have done a lot of social work. When she came to Pakistan wow I love to see her in shlwar qameez and she was wearing once dupata too.

When priest was praying for couple to be faithful with each other I just thought did they prayer for Diana too at that time?? Then why no one was able to help Diana when she was crying because of cheating of her husband? Ahhh May she rest in peace Ameen.

from yesterday on FB I have Princess Diana's pic as my profile pic too:)

I love Lady Diana and always thought she married to a wrong person she was not born as princess but she was a real princess and Charles I never ever like him and later on when his love story with this Witch type woman reveals, I came to know that royal family used her just to cultivation as Camilla was not capable to give royal family future king or queen. So Ahhh may Dian rest in peace amen.

Ahh see her in Pakistani dress Love her just love her:)


Where are William and Catherine?


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