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Starlings can make quick work of everything in their way,

Just before this they emptied the feeder with at least 2 lb's of seeds,

I put some seeds to attract ground foraging birds as well the Squirrels, All I got is birds and some black Squirrels,

Not the action I like to see,

I have always loved cartoons, please click on the link for my tittle:-)

I have taken so many photos and videos of them eating the gingerbread house and only posted few.

Happy Furry Friday!

Please view large

No comments are necessary just wanted to post another part is done,

2008 gingerbread house part 14 the trees and garlands around the lights are done,

I just love the way the ridges show on that circle above the window,

For years I used lifesaver candies for the windows, no I do them with gelatin, I thing they are just perfect for windows,

Clue, they are many of those windows.

Finally is time to post something from the gingerbread house,

as you know I only reveal the house on Christmas day,

This years house is done with gingerbread and all the modeling and trimming

is done with gum paste, sugar, royal icing, and chocolate,

P.S I have missed you all so much:-)

My thanks to many of my friends for their wonderful wishes and off course

your great cards, your E-mails touched my heart:-)


I ran out of clues but I sure have plenty of these Dragonflies,

My younger son is doing something creative for Christmas as always, so I borrowed few of these,

No they are not staying there, my Gingerbreads are all edible, that would be illegal:-)

when I start with a pad to draw my design then I transfer all

the measurements on a cardboard from a box,

I take out my exacto knife straight edge and a pencil,

cut out windows doors and when I make my gingerbread dough

I roll it on my bench put it on a pan trim the edges and then I lay the pattern

on top of the dough and cut the pieces and the openings,

I never take out the windows till is baked, now while still warm I cut out all

the windows and doors and all the pieces are the exact size,

If I were to use the doors I will keep them, all the scraps I cut them

in triangle and use them to support the walls on the inside,

This house I did 26 years ago and it was just a simple design but I loved it just the same,

This was just a polaroid snap, you remember those:-)))

Old MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o,

34 years ago I made for the store 5 little barns,

This year I felt its time for another much bigger,

My son did all the staining on the planks,

Yes its all edible, and in late January going to the garden for our critter friends.

Thank you all for guessing and great comments,

Many had guessed it quick.

Simple clue today,

Do you like my ingenious way I support my flower window boxes temporary till the icing dries,

Some of you that are undecided this will make it even harder:-)

The clue is on the end of the path.....

today I was hanging the window flower boxes and put some white on the crest.

I come before You today

And there's just one thing that I want to say

Thank you Lord!

For all You've given to me.

Pipeline Classic Sugar Cookie with vanilla royal icing. 30 pieces total.


I made royal icing tranfers for all of the Julius faces so they could be as uniform as possible.


Don't enjoy doing cookies on a stick at all... they might just drop off my menu. :X

I don't want you to wait any longer,

Finally here it is the 2014 gingerbread house,

I will take better photos and post again,

All parts are done freehand and they are edible,

Its not any particular lighthouse,

Note the light on top is flickering, thats my Wife's idea.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

He flew all the way from Europe for some Gingerbread,

now all he needs is so English tea:-)))

Have a Great Weekend!

A family collaboration, my son made these 48 stars out of Cashmere and put the jewels on them, my wife stuffed them and did the sewing, and the rest you already know,

there is obvious hint what the Gingerbread house is now.....

Btw he gave us 24 stars for our tree and the others are for his tree in the city.

Another shot of both of them before I took it to work a month ago,

This is our kitchen and my favorite window, I take photos of all the wildlife siting 3 feet away from it and easily I roll my chair touching my lens to the glass for clearer and steady image,

Have a great week ahead and Merry Christmas.

Its this time of the year to play the guessing game,

I am little late this year but in actuality I am ahead,

In 2 days both houses have complete walls and siding.

My clues will be in CAPITALS that will make it easier,

if anyone guesses correct I will E-mail you to keep others in the game.

Good luck,

Link to the houses I made over the years.

By now I think it is clear what this years theme is,

The RED gives it away.

Happy Friday!

Note after the houses was erected I covered it with Gum paste,

Looking like boards the my son stained.

Squirrels are so predictable when it comes to gingerbread house,

They will explore every crevice climb on the roof go to the chimney and look in the hole, I always put some nuts in there,

this year was no exception the nuts from the chimney were gone first,

Took videos as well.

حافظ القران

التالي له آناء الليل وأطراف النهار

لا يشكو مللا ولا فراغا ولا سأما

.لان القرآن ملأ حياته سعادة


اللهم اجعل القرآن العظيم ربيع قلوبنا ونور صدورنا وجلاء همومنا


أخلص توحيدك لربك لينشرح صدرك

.فبقدر صفاء توحيدك ونقاء إخلاصك تكون سعادتك


( وَلا تَكُ فِي ضَيْقٍ مِمَّا يَمْكُرُونَ)

فنحن نكفيك مكرهم

ونصد عنك كيدهم

.ونرد عنك أذاهم فلا تضق ذرعا


Goes to

royal icing ... miss u .

These penguins are made by my daughter from royal icing in her cake decorating class. They are for "Owl's Challenge". - Things in Three's.

صيام الست من شوال بعد رمضان دليل على شكر الصائم لربه تعالى على توفيقه لصيام رمضان

وزيادة في الخير

كما أن صيامها دليل على حب الطاعات

ورغبة في المواصلة في طريق الصالحات


قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم *

( من صام رمضان ثم أتبعه ستاً من شوال كان كصيام الدهر )


.دعي الخلق للخالق ، والحاسد للموت ، والعدو للنسيان *


goes to u

royal ♥

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Cottages are constructed of sugar cookies, iced with royal icing.

The windows are made from hard crack sugar, so they are see-through.

The house measures 5" tall.

Recipes and tutorial at

Finally its time to treat my friends,

as every year after Christmas the house belongs to the wildlife in the garden, in the years past I used to throw it away in the trash,

Well as I get older I get wiser now my friends get to enjoy the Gingerbread house.

This is last years,

If you click on the Christmas Album you will see some interesting photos of them eating the houses:-)

Another Clue of the houses, its old and from an other Century,

Not exact copy, after all I have to express my own style:-)

All the roof panels for the two gingerbread houses took about 10 hours to complete.

During lunch Yesterday I took 84 photos of many different Squirrels and birds all over the house, earlier I saw the first item taken by a black squirrel and bury it in a flowerbed,

Spring time I will be growing gingerbread all over the garden, LOL

♫It’s kiss moose, kiss moose time of Year♪

♪Time for joy and time for beer!♫


Here is the Chipmunk version of the classic



©All my photographic images are copyright. All rights are reserved. Do not use, copy or edit any of my photographs without my written permission.

If you want to use my photo for private use, please contact me:


Here is my son staining the boards, he said the color was to light so he put some glaze brown bakers color,

He also did this carve pieces I did for the Nativity 2009,

Please view the gingerbread house bellow,

EXPLORE: Oct 26, 2010 #348


I have been waiting for some quiet time to try stencilling.... I bought this stencil at a local craft store.... maybe the next time I wil try one less detailed.... but I think this could become rather addictive!!!

These do get easier as time goes by. I did this one with relatively little stress, finally!

Inspired by gorgeous butterfly cookies by Mariantatyana and Nbarinque, these are my take on butterfies

Finally the storybook home Gingerbread house is in the garden for all my sweet friends to savor. photo taken from inside the house,

Please click on the link bellow, they are 5 photos on top from the past,

see how the Squirrels enjoying the houses.

Chocolate gingerbread cookies and Mushroom red velvet cake balls/truffles.

gingerbread cottage with a sewing theme. how-tos:


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