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Service person waiting for next plane


Airport - Hong Kong

Like everyone we have a routine and pretty much every weekend is the same. We wake up, we walk and most mornings I take Critter walking early, then we come home and get Squrity and the Tabby boys and then we will probably go again for a quick mess around in the shed or something.

Now each time we get back home Critter thinks he needs to be fed and of course I think he needs to as well, so have created a bad habit of feeding him every time we get back from being outside.

What you have to remember that those three walks all happen before 10am, so he wakes up and has breakfast and then has another two to three breakfasts before he settles in for his daily nap.....


Yes I know, I have created this problem.....for the most part I think it's hilarious but now having 3 more mouths to feed and them all thinking they need to eat after every excursion makes me rethink how many walks I actually want to take them on hehehehehe

小川 Ogawasan Portfolio


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Fort Schoenenbourg, ligne Maginot Alsace

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El recorrido que estabamos haciendo no tenia interes alguno.

Para el cochero era una mañana de trabajo rutinario con otros turistas más.

De vez en cuando hacía un comentario monótono al que no prestabamos atención.

Al entrar en la plaza apareció la torre.

Todo cambió.

La magia y los colores de Pisa se abrieron a nuestros ojos.




The route we were making had no interest at all.

For the driver, it was another morning working routine with other vacationers.

Occasionally he made a monotonous comment to which we paid no attention.

Upon entering the square the tower appeared.

Everything changed.

The magic and the colors of Pisa opened before our eyes




♫♪ under the tuscan sun ♫♪.


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Lenabem - Anna

Mat texturonline






on black "L"




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A new lens and it's "DX"? And it's a zoom? And it's a variable aperture zoom !? I haven't gone over to the dark side, entirely. I have a trip coming up with the hyperactive 5-year-old and so want to try the "one lens, one camera" approach: The 'little' Nikon, this street-sweeper 18-200 zoom, and maybe the 'little' SB700 flash "just in case". The 24-105 FX f4 is too big for travel on the D7200 -- but it's still the backup plan.


Anyway, back at 1830s OSV for the first time since November. This little display is out so it might be touched, but I see they've secured the replica blade with phillips-head screws, which of course weren't in use until the 1930s.


That's my story, for now. I hope everyone's having a great weekend

Varanasi (India)

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Reuploading because I can't replace photos on Flickr .

This is the improved version of week 19/52 .

The alternate version of this was featured on PhotoVogue! !

Model : Gregorio Gavriel


Thank you so much Stephen Maycock for your advices! :)

January's almost over already and no single shot taken yet..


However, soon I'm due to bring some new goodies perhaps.



Explored #458 on 29th January 2013 (peak)

So I got tired of the bad tasting coffee at work some time last year and started drinking tea.


At first I was buying teas from the grocery store, but thought I would try loose leaf as I read you get a better cup.


I'm hooked!


So the routine is Earl Grey when I get into work, then green later in the morning. Oolong, my favourite, is all afternoon.


A day in the life of ...

900 South: Routine, 2009, oil on canvas, 24” x 24”

"Es maravillosa la forma en que la rutina devora todo lo que en otras circunstancias sería importante. La rutina todo se lo zampa, lo mastica y te lo caga empaquetado, con envoltorios grises sin textura y olor a ti. Si la rutina lucha contra ti te gana y de premio se lleva toda tu puta vida, y con ella todo lo que algún día podría haber sido importante."

my entry to the Equinox Experimente

Polaroid SX-70 Sonar

Polaroid Fade To Black



Aaaaaand another from the elwood series!

This is right outside the Angling club, and boy didnt i get a lot of stares from passer by's!

Oh theres more i have taken, but right now, im too tired to do any more post processing :)


Try to break your routine! :)


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Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)

Aperture: f/6.3

Focal Length: 36 mm

ISO Speed: 800

White Balance: Auto

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