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Breakfast at Taman Jurong Food Centre.

A street-side shop making fresh flat-bread in Kolkata. These are called "rumali rotis", which translates to "handkerchief bread" because of how soft, thin and large they are!

A cycling vendor that sells bread. I'm not sure about other countries but this is a dying profession in Malaysia. In fact, I have never seen one in my life. Of all places, this guy was cycling outside my housing estate. This picture shows a contrast between the new and the old where even in an urban area, there are still traces of times gone by.

cooking some Roti in Sri Lanka

The great Baba Sweet Tooth of Pakistan was considered one of the generous humanitarian figures the world has ever known. Every Eid he would come to every child's house in his complex mechanical driven rickshaw chariot led by fifteen fantastical and magical markhors leaving gifts of candies, toys for the children and gifts to the parents for a happier life. The legend is told that his special abilities to bend time and space by a gravity impelled technology was bestowed upon him as a gift from Zeta Reticuli aliens over a thousand years ago to help spread joy the world over and give great inspiration to all the young children of Pakistan and eventually to lands far beyond. Young and old highy revere him & say he still is around but resides out in the stars still returning to this day every Eid like clock work.


Today you can smell the sweetness of the Ginger Roti Mahal from dozens of miles away and sweetness has not ever turned stale in all this time since the first brick of ginger roti was carefully laid with love by the great Baba Sweet Tooth over a thousand years ago.

selamat pagi semua.. yuk sarapan dulu, menu kali ini roti cane dan ayam panggang (Photo taken and uploaded via MOLOME)

Mama Roti, Zjeng van Huuëvelkes Beth, Groeëte Rogstaekersoptocht, Weert, Netherlands, 2014

Design: Otl Aicher

Poster campaigning against U.S. nuclear weapons based in West Germany. This was a collaboration with students from Schwabisch Gmünd school of design.

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Food Photography Course - Roti Chai Restaurant, London

is a wonderful word. Try saying it out loud.

Artaq 2013


Yo Claudine, Bernard Yan, Cecile, Brice, Gilles, Stéphane, Yves, Maurice, JB, Vanessa et Nicolas...

The chocolate one has the banana inside. Actually I love the simple milky one. hehehe ^_^'

Klasse S + Kodak Color Plus 200

"Roti prata" at the branch of Jalan Kayu Prata Shop, Rowell Road, Little India.

When i was small and still live in wooden house, my family use to make toasted bread by using charcoal, the bread smell good. Haven't saw this for many years since we moved. I had this again recently during travel and it brings back wonderful memories.


roti bakar is toasted bread in Bahasa Melayu



Photograph :copyright: Praveen Ladwani

Food Photography Course - Roti Chai Restaurant, London

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