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A stunning supercell storm near Roswell, NM.

A powerful New Mexico storm passed by us. We watched it for over an hour from tremendous vantage points along the roads.


Taken at my beloved and missed Treptower Park...

From the perspective this was photographed at, I thought it looked like a UFO floating.

Underneath a spectacular supercell at sunset.

As the storm advanced toward us, June 7th.


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A surreal lenticular cloud formation on Kos island, Greece

Our first real night of the trip, in Roswell. We ate dinner, then swam in the motel pool for a while and watched a gathering storm around us. It never really hit *in* Roswell, but seemed to form over us, getting more violent to the north. So after nightfall, we headed about 5 or 10 miles north of town and set up our tripods out on a dirt road. We just hit the shutter and took long exposures, see what we'd catch. For me, I probably had 100 photos of darkness, and maybe 20 decent/passable lightning shots.


I was tempted to head further north, straight into the melee, but Sharon was right... we had a long day ahead of us, and should probably call it a night and head back to the motel.


(Shockingly better in lightbox.)

Polaroid 190, Type 669

As the storm moved closer and the anvil was just overhead. We left this location to get farther away for a better view of the entire storm cell.


Polaroid 190, Type 669

Taken at Bitter Lake NWR outside of Roswell, NM USA.


Higher resolution pics at

Roswell GA

Once was a working cotton mill.

Roswell Criterium. Shot with 17-55mm f2.8. Panning exercise to blur background and to focus biker.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you...

OK here goes, I had read a theory that the Roswell crash in 1947 was a flying saucer sent from Russia by Stalin to create panic in the US. Apparently he was so inspired by the hysteria created by the broadcast of "War of the Worlds" that he had German scientist captured after WW2 make a flying disc & sent it to the US for that purpose. Furthermore he had also captured Nazis that performed human experimentation in the concentration camps create alien like creatures from children placed on board the saucer.

I can't say I believe the whole thing but what a great story!

A surreal creation by Steve Heller. Here is another one of his creations.

Roswell Zoo, NM

Mamiya Universal/50mm, Type 664

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