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Hi!! I hope you like the pic =), for more info about it check the Blog below <3

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Eine unglaubliche Aktion hat sich ein Paar in China erlaubt,sie sind auf einem Baukran in über 600 Metern Höhe gestiegen,hier zu sehen,die Frau. Lattice Climbing extrem.

Panorama of Downtown Dubai engulfed by the late morning fog.

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First Place in the Panorama Category at the 2015 Fine Art Photography Awards in London.


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When a crazy fog movement rolled into Toronto recently, many of the city's photographers went out to shoot the fog. The initial inclination for us 'rooftoppers' is to head for the closest and tallest building you can find...which we did. As the fog rolled in blanketing us at the current roof level (around 53 storeys) my friend Ryan had an obvious answer as to where to go next; the highest vantage point in the city.


After a hilarious encounter with the staff of said building (which I will share with you in person should that day ever come), we were literally on top of the world looking down on the city engulfed in fog. Ryan, known for his timelapse work (see Toronto Tempo) was doing his thing while I was there with only my Olympus OM-D and a couple of shots left on my Bronica medium format camera. We both did ok from up there.


Also, if you haven't seen my Rooftopping article in the Daily Mail, check it out.


ISO: 800

Shutter: 1.5 Seconds

Aperture: F/5.6

Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5

Lens: Panasonic Lumix 14mm F/2.5

Hey Fellas,

so i found another vantage point to shoot the skyline of Riyadh which is the city of Saudi Arabia i hope you guys gonna like it.Comments and Critics are welcome it will improve my photography thanks

Shot from last year when we climbed 16-storey unfinshed tower block to take a look at Poznań, Poland

Sony told me the A7s worked well in extreme conditions... so I put it to the test... ISO 25,600, f4, 1/20th of a second... and a crane. How do you think it did? Portrait of malaysian rooftopper Keow Wee Loong. Check out his work:

2016- Happy New Year

Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


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Inactive for 2 years, its good to be back Flickr! Taken last year, printed in the telegraph this week.

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Believe in yourself! You're your own champ.

Batiment d'une architecture rermarquable de 23 étages.

Another day on top of a rooftop in Kuala Lumpur..

#rooftopping #urbex #scaredshitless

new location i discovered today, took a fall through the roof while going down but nothing some I.Vs can t fix :)


would like to do a fashion shoot here, maybe later

Batiment d'une architecture rermarquable de 23 étages.

Batiment d'une architecture rermarquable de 23 étages.

From just about a year ago, from atop the tallest building in Streeterville. Wonderful spot, hoping to get to a few new rooftops shortly. If anyone has any spots let me know, we may be able to trade some access. :-)

What a nice feeling when you can snap a moment that you've been plan and waiting for so long. What say you?


The City of Toronto is going through a massive transformation, actually this is happening throughout all of Southern Ontario. It's an area owned by developers where anything and everything is being torn down and replaced with something new. Plazas, malls and other small retail spaces are closing and being transformed into multiple story condominiums. Detached homes are being bought by individuals with deep pockets and sometimes developers to be replaced with McMansions. Schools and prisons are closing at a rapid pace to be replaced with what are called superschools and superjails, which are basically the same thing just on a larger scale. Even our hospitals are closing down and being replaced with more modern facilities. Will these new buildings stand the test of time and last as long as the ones they replaced, were built to last? Only time will tell.


While I hate to see so many well built and architecturally interesting buildings lost forever, I also realize that this building boom is not showing any signs of slowing down and will continue to happen for years to come. But the irony of the whole situation is not lost on me. In times where media is bombarded by the threat of global climate change and the relentless and expensive push towards green everything, I find it amusing that when it comes to buildings, no one cares about being "green". Think about all of the waste materials and pollution created from the demolition of existing buildings (which are still perfectly serviceable), they are then rebuilt with materials that yet again creates an extensive amount of waste and emissions when they are being manufactured, yet nobody is talking about this.


Over this past year I have been fortunate enough to have visited a very large variety of disused buildings, including several firsts, in fact this has probably been my most productive year of exploring to date!


This building used to be a plaza with office space and contained many different businesses including, a Tim Hortons, a dentists office, a gym, a Rogers store, a law office, as well as many other businesses. It is in the process of being torn down to make way for more high density housing.


Self Portrait, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


©James Hackland

Du haut de ses 50 étages ou 183 mètres.

Hotel O - Rooftopping - 2017

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