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I like the idea of this diptych ... you see the farmer digging the potatoes that become the finished product. But aside from the kind of strawish color, I am not sure how they tie together visually. I also know that the farmer photo is very right-side heavy, so I decided to put that one on the left so that your eye would continue on to the potato salad. But maybe the farmer shot should go on the right side?

courtesy Paul Cary Goldberg

Amy's tiny acre delivers CSA produce to 65 members, which she then delivers on a bicycle, riding six miles down the coast to Santa Cruz. She has next to no dependence on foreigh oil in her operations.

David Smith, president of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association and owner of Springfield Farm in Sparks, MD with daughter Valerie Lafferty. Photo by Leslie Hatfield.

courtesy Paul Cary Goldberg

Barry's beautiful farm grows in Encinitas, and much of what he grows goes to the best restaurants in the county.

Risa and her come-along have worked together for over 40 years.

The little acre that Linda and Steven Butler have meticulously built grows vegetables that look as perfect as Christmas ornaments. Their little CSA is one lucky group: this is produce at its finest.

This is one of the EIGHTY kinds of squashes he grew for a taste test for his CSA.

One of the apprentices of the UCSC program that is a six-month residential education, teaching people to farm organically.


This place is my church.

Jim loves his pigs, and so does Princess Fiona of the Pigs, as she called herself.

courtesy Paul Cary Goldberg

Weather has not been cooperative, but this is the weekend the summer things go in. Here, Risa is adding hills of Helda green beans and scarlet runners to the pea bed. There are also favas, kale, bok choi, lettuces, and red and green cabbage in this bed -- polyculture.

My partner rigged up this wash table in the shade of some mulberry trees. Taken at Flying Tomato Farms, Vermillion, South Dakota

The 300 chickens at Everett Family Farm need gathering all day. Logan, our little grandson, and I visited and we got to help.

John Lagier, one of the operators of Lagier Ranches, which grows almonds, citrus, the rare Bronx grape, paw paws, table grapes, geese and more.

Harvesting heirloom Moon & Stars watermelon on Flying Tomato Farms, Vermillion, South Dakota

They both live in Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz mountains. Nobody has prettier plants that these ladies.

Taken at a dinner at Blue Hill Stone Barns, under construction at that time

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