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You can walk inside the falls, or above them, they are fantastic and roaring loud


Hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing holiday. This was taken up in the Rifle area of Colorado.

Putting the rifle in it's holder on the side of the Jeep.


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A .308 battle rifle fed from a ten round helical magazine not unlike the Johnson M1941. Optional is a top mounted picatinny rail for optics like the night scope pictured here.


Thanks to Amy for the scope, Wezzy for the WA2000 cheek rest, and Braydenmaine for the QD lever.

holgarama. burnt umber gum over cyanotype

The triple falls at Rifle Falls State Park, near Rifle, Colorado.


I'm posting and running - will visit your streams and comment soon! I've been too busy for Flickr lately, but wanted to post something.

Rifle Falls State Park, Colorado

With Storm Sago Nychos Sobek Kcis Milano.

Credit to Beck for the shaded rail. Done in PMG 0.6.

A modified steam powered machine rifle that would be mounted on airships as a defensive weapon against privateers and other threats.


It was found by a wandering vagrant when he discovered an airship wreck on the lowlands.

It has been modified to hooked up to a large steam tank mounted to the back with a hastily made back support with cloth on pressure points. It's an extremely heavy rifle for it's classification but makes up for it in stopping power and rate of fire compared to other single barreled steam repeaters.

From the movie Aliens Done in 0.6

For my build-off with Deimosu1996.


Credit to Beck for the rail shading and to Eagle for the detail thingy on the lower receiver (I have no idea what his idea would be called). Done in PMG 0.6.

Full collection is available for pre-order now!

Thanks to Domo for the carry handle inspiration. Credit to Beck for the rail shading and to EagleMalkavian for the stock detail idea. Done in PMG 0.6.

Credit to Beck for the shaded rails and to Alice for the charging handle (sorry, mate, totally forgot that!). Done in PMG 0.6.

Woohoo... creativity outburst :-D


Done in PMG 0.6.

I really, really don't like wood blending. Done in PMG 0.6.

Paradise in Rifle, Colorado.


How the falls formed:


At first, the creek probably flowed over an obstacle-a pile of rocks left behind by a glacier, or an old beaver dam. As the creek's calcium-rich water splashed over the obstacle, some evaporated, leaving behind a white mineral residue. Over thousands of years, this calcium residue built up, resulting in the spectacular waterfalls.

Based off the m6 survival rifle.

Caught this while crossing main st. PULLED RIGHT UP!

Tube fed semi-auto rifle in .45-70 Gov't.

Combat Assault Rifle


Quick one between classes (about 2 hours)


Sorry for the lack of creativity in some parts =(



Credit to Beck for shading rails and Jake for grip idea

(Formally Wanderer Rifle).


I think it's good, anyone else agree?


Also, I'm keeping the tab open this time, just in case someone has an idea for it.

Credit to Beck for the rail shading. Done in PMG 0.6.

Lol... My journey is over. For now.


ISA badge added with Gimp.

Credit to Prk for the inspiration, to Beck for the shaded rails and to Eagle for the carry handle.


Done in PMG 0.6.

Meh. I like the concept, but too tired to make it ~fancy~. :P

IG testofknowledge

This is a Colorado State Park with an adjoining camp ground. I had no idea what to expect and arrived early in the morning before the crowds. I had the falls to myself with unobstructed views.


A beautiful spot that I want to visit again.


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