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Had a taste of these wonderful rice krispy bites with cinnamon!

oh hi flickr!

i have been gone for so long it seems like

i had a nice week off for spring break and then got back to school and was given all the final portfolio assignments!

this is one shot for it that i just shot today.

i quite like this. it's rice krispys with peanut butter and chocolate frosting and choc. chips and choc. milk ! and some pussy willows...cause its spring of course [:

hope you like it and you're all doing well !




&& 7 days til my birthday !!

I have never yet seen a child that does not love rice krispie buns!

My son and I were feeding the ducks, geese, and this one lone sea gull, at a pond by my house. This guy continued to follow us around the jogging trail that circles the pond after hitting the jackpot when my son, who's not yet 2, threw a rice Krispy treat. The gull snatched up the 1/2 eaten treat, and worked on swallowing it whole to avoid losing it to the advancing geese, who were eying it enviously, ready to swipe it from him. After that, every time I looked, he was following us, landing around us, waiting for more goodies :-)


Hope everyone is having a great week. Enjoy the rest of your day, my friends ;-)

The ducks are rice krispy treats! Awesome!


Marlowe's 18-month birthday party -- her real birthday is right at Christmas, so they did a mid-year party for her so she can have a real celebration. Too cute.

Life for inmate 23768 Johnson isn't going well inside Federal Penitentiary Brickback Waters -- the toughest prison in the LEGO nation. Here we see him being threatened by a prison gang syndicate known as The Wackers.


He must do whatever they ask or suffer beatings, stabbings or even death.


Today, the gangsters want him to steal something from the cafeteria kitchen - a whole pan of Rice Krispy treats.


The prison was built in 1936 and still does not have video surveillance or working plumbing.


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Ghost is a rice krispy treat covered in fondant.

Rice krispy treat mutant eyeballs

4th Birthday Celebrations!

"Birdseed" (rice krispy treats)

Fashionista Ivory Gold Tiered Cake has bottom 12 inch tier and middle corset tier is three 8 inch layer cakes carved in at the waist. Purse is fondant covered rice krispy treats on 6 inch round fondant covered foamcore board.

With m&ms inside and for decoration

Logs are made from rice krispy treats and covered in fondant.

Gummy Nigiri. Quick and simple recipe.. make Rice Krispy Treats (recipe on the box or on the marshmallow package), place a gummy fish, swedish fish or whatever else sounds good (or gross) and wrap with a cut strip of fruit rollup.

So this was one of the best ice creams that I had EVER had! It was vanilla ice cream, white chocolate chip chunks, and marsh mellow all together. Then a waffle cone with rice krispy treat around it...ah it was so super yummy!

..... to go with yesterday's shoes for a christening cake.


Made out of fondant with added CMC and moulded around a base ball of Rice Krispy Treats.

Not really "baking", but, my son requested Rice Krispy Treats as his class Valentine treat.

Here are the treats we put together today. We made 25 of them.

Heart-shaped RKT's 1/2 dipped in chocolate with rainbow sprinkles.

Slipping a little Lunar New Year action in with Pucca and Garu. ;^)

A Disney "Frozen" cake for Hallie's third birthday.

It's very difficult to do an "original" design for a Frozen cake as there are so many out there but this is my take on it.

I don't think there'll be any danger of Disney copyright infringement though as Disney would never own up to such an ugly Elsa with a matronly figure ! However, Hallie loved her and that's all that matters !

Elsa is RKT and Olaf is fondant and the cake is vanilla madeira.

Happy Birthday Hallie ..... have a lovely day ! xx

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