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Sunlight, snapping the picture

clotheslines carry the sound

Augusts making the fiction

Your voice always around



I just wanted to do a really quit edit of something.

View original here, for the curious.

Loving the tres blah facepaints so much.


I've changed my mind

I take it back

Rewind and play

Time to go backwards again

I'm moved by the way

All the notes in time make the melody

Hold me and sway into the moment we share

Where we can stay so attached to the memory


I can't get enough of window light.


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Location : castle of "bon repos", Haute-Jarrie, Belledonne, Isère 38.

Camera : Canon 7D

Lens : Sigma 10-20mm (f/4-5,6)

Exifs : f/11 | 1/80 sec | ISO125 | 12mm

Tripod : No

Filters : Cokin ND8 gradued


Stitched with Autopano with 4 pics.

Photoshop : Green tones on CS5


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Hey, what did you hear me say???


Outtake from yesterday's. Oh, I think I am getting slightly addicted to soft tones.


This picture pretty much summarizes my days these past 2 weeks. Sleep. Coffee. Paolo Nutini. Sleep. Hot coco. Those stuff. But yeah, that is going to change in 5 days as I am back to werk. Meh.


OT: My birfday's tomorrow. I'll be 24. Eek.

Six years on Flickr & I still get a little nervous before posting a self-portrait.

A little wooden crate I bought for my tapes at Licorice Pizza in Visalia back in 1983. It's falling apart now, but it travelled throughout the Western U.S. with me. The Motels tape is faded from the sun as are the rest of the tapes.


Three bonus points if you know why a Bic pen is in this picture!

I was so happy to find Bic pens in the original style at the grocery store. Mostly so I could use them with my Spirograph :-)


The tape I listened to the most was my Surf Music tape. It's at the top of the stack in the back even though you can't see it too well. The funny thing is that I can still play tapes in the car I have now!


You might remember this Motels tune...


About Licorice Pizza


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Voetgangerstunnel - Antwerp - Belgium

560 meter long tunnel under the river Schelde so you can walk from the right bank to the left bank by foot !

I am a sucker for the 80's.


Apologise if you spotted this last night. I posted the the wrong version but it was only up for 30 minutes before I removed it. Here is the correct one. :)

'Cause everything is different now

I'd really like to tell you how

How I wanted you here by my side

I know what I said but I lied

It looked like I laughed but I cried

But I wish I could push rewind

© All right reserved. Don't use without permission.


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Mom let me use her antique rocking chair for this photo and I'm so happy I didn't break it :) I fell out of practice chair a few moments before this one! However, pain and embarrassment are worth a cool image and I totally recommend it.


I have an awesome concept for tomorrow... it will be a tough one to pull off but I think I can do it.


Keep up with me :)




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