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Golden Retriever

FujiFilm X-S1

Enchanting Golden Retriever

Golden hour

FujiFilm X-S1

put this here ball thing on the bridge of my nose. Because I'm a Golden Retriever I do not move, although I'ld love to take it. If i were a Belgian Malinois I would have ripped this thing to shreds in seconds.

slow shutter, fast Chesapeake!

Roxy Bear locks in her target as she enters the Pacific Ocean.

Canon 5D ll, Zuiko 21mm @ f/16

The Caring Golden Retriever keeps an ey on the little girl.

Snapshot, this very cute Golden Retriever smiling at me. Lovely spring time background.

Acrylics on canvas 16x24"~~Commissioned BY LINDA LETKEANN



Making use of his small stature, Princess Ariel employs the royal court composer, Sebastian, to retrieve a snarfblatt that is inaccessible for her.



Ariel: Princess Mermaid Ariel, 1997 Mattel.

Sebastian: Princess Ariel and Prince Eric Wedding Gift Set, 1997 Mattel.

Snarfblatt: TYCO Ariel Dinner at Eric's Palace play set, 1991.

The Labrador Retriever who we know better as Bracken.

Adam and I were pet sitting for a family in our town when the snowstorm hit. We live in a very hilly area with lots of winding roads. When our 4WD started sliding, we decided to bring our client's dogs over to our house so we could make sure we were still able to care for them.


And of course, I couldn't resist photographing my houseguests. One of their dogs is a golden retriever. The other is a some kind of spaniel.


I didn't take any photos of the snow yesterday because I have a pinched nerve in my neck and really can't carry my gear. So, instead of scenery - you're going to see shots of dogs and food! :-)

Golden Retriever

FujiFilm X-S1

Golden retriever

FujiFilm X-S1

A Young Golden Retriever, full of curiosity and raring to go...

View large on black.

Piasecki HUP/UH-25 Retriever - a US Navy helicopter from 1948 on display at the hangar deck of the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier.

FujiFilm X-S1

Golden Retriever

Nice specimen of dog of the race Golden Retriever

Here comes the golden retriever checking me out…. Dog at Wells-next-the sea Norfolk 2013

My Granddaughter's Golden Retriever wishing she could go out and play in the freshly fallen ten inches of snow and 5 degree F morning.

Labrador Retriever, 1 month. Is almost.


training facility for retrievers

our friend's 7 week old white retriever

golden retriever

FujiFilm X-S1

"when given a mission it doesn't fail to come back..."


A quick 1 hour power build. I was inspired by taylor and tekka croe.


P.S. Pineapple fanta is amazing.

Nice specimen of dog of the race Golden Retriever next to the river Majaceite on El Bosque, Cadiz

Enjoying a world of water...


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without my explicit permission.

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Gorgeous Golden Retriever calmly walks with the master....

"Here it is - I'm bringing it to you!" Max loves this game - would swim to the middle of the lake (or as far as I can throw the stick) - again and again...


Later note: I am glad that many of you like the reflection, but to be honest: I didn't plan it or seek it or even see it: I was looking at his eyes, like he was looking at mine. He also swims very fast and nothing can be planned or pre-composed, you take a burst sequence and pray that one comes sharp...


But you know what? A dog will bring you the stick regardless of whether you are shooting in burst mode or with continuous autofocus, with the latest DSLR or the old Lomo...


He loves you unconditionally whether you drive a Ferrari or a Fiesta, wear Versace or 'that' faded t-shirt with a hole on the shoulder., whether you won the lottery today or were just fired...


He'll be always there full of excitement when you come home. And swim all the way to bring you the stick.


That's what I was trying to capture.


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"when given a mission it doesn't fail to come back..."


Mother F*cker ok last time. I now know how to use a camera. No flash and better focus.

DDC "Silver or Gold" - I've trained Shyla to pick up anything that I drop. Although she doesn't like having metal against her teeth, she still dutifully picks up my keys when I ask. I've trained her to do this because I have phases when I can't touch the floor due to 1/3 of my spine being surgically fused.

Trained Dog retrieving the baton from the fountain - Photo Art

Clearly something has the attention of this dog...

soft pastels, 41.5x29 cm, 2014

Golden Retriever by Adam Turow.

Parsippany, NJ.

Copyright. All rights reserved.

A nice paddle in the sea and the frisbee, great.

Both dogs swam out to retrieve the stick, swam back and carried it to shore. Neither would let go.


Rangeley, Maine


Breed: Labrador Retriever (Black)

Dog Names: left - Chelsea (8 years)

right - Maggie (4 years)


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