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Een mannetjesmerel op onderzoek naar wat er tussen de bladeren ligt


... with attitude ...

Please be sure to look at all 4 of the photos in this album!


Another appearance by Jem Sternhall as "Zana Sherman," with a little help from Morgan and me. Details at the article.

The front half of this thing has been sitting around since sometime last summer and I've used quarantine to finish it off. I think the overall quality drops off the farther back on the ship you go, but overall I'm very happy with it!

More pictures are on Instagram.

Kahn with a couple of book on politics: "Presidential Pets" and "John, Paul, George and Ben".

Daily Dog Challenge: Dogs in Politics

Here’s my rendition of the Hammerhead W14 design by Devid VII


I built mine more around scientific sample retrieval, and things like that. I really enjoyed working with this frame, might experiment with it some more in the future!


The minifigure was somewhat inspired by the guys seen in the gameplay trailer for Death Stranding. Really looking forward to when I can play that game, not sure when that’ll be though


Finished all my finals yesterday, so a new trimester starts next week. not sure if it will free up time to post or make it harder, but hopefully you guys will be seeing more of me.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Please be sure to look at all 4 of the photos in this album!


Another appearance by Jem Sternhall as "Zana Sherman," with a little help from Morgan and me. Details at the article.



Just a mini hotrip with Lox.

They say it makes things better.

Outfit from PROMAGIC

Boots from Milk Motion

Poses by pose-S

Having wasted most of my day on Flickr-y things like slimming down my sets, adding new sets ready for the new year, and other general housekeeping, I decided I needed to keep Ginger company, and ended up sitting on the sofa researching whisky (in the glass) and double decker buses (on the Internet) while Ginger researched wedding dresses, whisky and took her own picture for the day.


The peace was only broken when I exclaimed "Well bugger me!" upon realising I'd accidentally managed to bag a FUTAB as well. For some reason Ginger found this statement amusing.


02 January 2008 | YIP-002 | Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman

Candid Street Photography From Newcastle, England

The Rijksmuseum Research Library is the largest public art history research library in the Netherlands. The space is used for reading and is quiet and photography is not allowed downstairs, but from the gallery above you still get a good perspective of the size of this small but fascinating room.


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The lab is hot and dusty, Flit coughs and lifts her googles as the morning sun crawls along the floor in an anti-shadow indicating that the night shift is almost over.


The late nights are starting to get to her and she finds it hard to grasp at the concept of time... she tries to make sense of the doctors handwritting; she wonders if they teach how to be illegible in med school.






OCTOBER 17th to the 31st, 2015


22769 ~ [bauwerk] Asylum Bed

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Screen

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Portable Oxygen Tank

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Operation Chair

antielle. HSotD - RARE - Rough Senpai

[ContraptioN] Decor: Embalming Machine

[n.i] turn.and.cough - goggles

[n.i] turn.and.cough - regret.nothing

[n.i] turn.and.cough - skull.specimen RARE

[n.i] turn.and.cough - study.materials

[n.i] turn.and.cough - syringe.tray

[n.i] turn.and.cough - workbench RARE

*items ONLY available @ Tag Gacha through the rest of October



*Bolson / Tattoo - Hort (*Appliers* Maitreya, Slink)

*Drot*-Kyel- Blonde @ TMD October

[flit ink] Eyesore *Applier Slink Visage

::GB:: Chris shirt-Maitreya / white

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3

[MANDALA] Tunnel(Hole_size_5/R) Stretched ears Omimi

[NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 ANDROID Arm/Hand (Right) (8 Poses) 1.5

.random.Matter. - Taint Septum - Gold

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - L - Relaxed


The 80m Shetland registered Research LK62 passing by her homeport Whalsay heading towards the Brødrene Sperre factory in Ellingsøy Norway. full cargo of mackerel aboard 2200tonne 11/11/2019


Research LK62

SHIP TYPE Pelagic Trawler

MAIN ENGINE Wartsila 12V31



BEAM 16.2m


BUILT 2018


Concordia research station in Antarctica is a place of extremes. In winter no sunlight is seen for four months and the typical crew of twelve live in complete isolation.


ESA sponsors a research medical doctor each year to study the effects of living in isolation. The extreme cold, isolation, sensory deprivation and remoteness make living in Concordia similar to living on another planet.


Share your summer pictures with the crew who have not seen the Sun since 4 May:


Credit: ESA/IPEV/PNRA-B. Healey

No, no. I haven't forgotten about finishing the Dino Island series. And to prove that, here's my latest set revamp.


Now the research glider is an odd little vehicle. Cobbled together, no real form of landing gear at all.


I considered that the glider may be a sort of seaplane design, possibly cobbled from a Kayak, an old engine and some spare sails.

Built in 1933-1935.


Camera: Ežys sim card box (Altoids equivalent)

Paper: Kodak Polymax RC, 6x9.5 cm

Exposure: about 3 min, sunset

Developer: D-76 1:1

Scanner: CanoScan 9950f

NEW from ChiMia:: Oak Four Poster Bed ~ Mainstore

CREDITs at Her Sketchbook

That low morning sunlight is reaching across the floor of the Cumberland Valley as Norfolk Southern train 905 creeps up to a stop signal at CP Lees Cross Roads. The SD60 leader has a pair of research slugs and a support car in tow, on its way to Altoona for modifications.


According to, NS 38, known as "The Brick," was built from a former SD40, NS 1620. The other research slug is NS 34, built from a Norfolk and Western slug that started out as an SD35, NW 1530. On the rear is NS 33, a former Union Pacific passenger car that carries additional track inspection equipment and personnel.

Dutch is so good at supervision he can do it with his eyes closed!

Happy Caturday!

Häuser in Ny-Ålesund

M/V G.O.SARS on The Sognefjord, Norway

"A question for the scientists: would you like us to collect this as a specimen or no?"


Inspired by watching live streams from NOAA's remotely operated vehicle on the sea floor where I've often heard this question.

old disused research station in Yorkshire.

Island research facility built for @rebellug ‘s 2 hour build challenge. The seed piece was the neck bracket pieces which I used as windows/doors for the structure. What do you think of the build?

Please be sure to look at all 4 of the photos in this album!


Another appearance by Jem Sternhall as "Zana Sherman," with a little help from Morgan and me. Details at the article.

Photo prise durant l'assemblée générale de Réseau DES France, janvier 2017.


Le Professeur Michel Tournaire est membre du Conseil Scientifique de Réseau DES France.


Source: Association Réseau DES France victimes du Distilbène Facebook.


Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus


Conséquences du DES en 2017 :

. Connaissances scientifiques et synthèse.

. Conséquences du DES pour les mères, filles et fils exposés.

. Conséquences du DES pour les petits-enfants exposés.


Epigénétique et générations futures :

. Effets transgénérationnels des perturbateurs endocriniens: les leçons du DES.

. Effets transgénérationnels du Distilbène, cette hormone sensée prévenir les fausses couches.


Bibliographie :

. Documents à télécharger : synthèse DES 2017 (PDF 4 pages) et version complète DES 2017 (PDF 24 pages).

. Notre liste de vidéos DES en français sur YouTube.

. Tous nos posts tagués Distilbène.

The nuclear reactor at Reed College is the only reactor in the US staffed by undergraduate students. It was installed in 1968. It provides a neutron source for research purposes. It is a 250 kW reactor.


I will say it is both normal and unnerving to stand at the edge of the 25 foot deep pool of water and see the reactor working in the depths. It is otherwise a typical scientific facility with both hi-tech and low-tech solutions in place. For example, they fish samples out of the reactor with a modified fishing rod. But there is always a Geiger counter clicking in the background. The student who staff the facility are all licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. They are very impressive young people.

Trying my own version of the set, adding a few more features but still keeping the chibi style. Because SCIENCE!

After murdering the trees in the last pic I figured it was time to do a little research & development

The Strip !!!


Click on Image for Large !!!

Munroe Meyer Institute,Omaha, Nebraska.

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