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My own Saab 900 convertible V6 1995, rebuilt to an saab 9-3, with viggen bumpers.

Saab festival 2007

This project is based on a lancia thema, and built by an norweigan guy, i think its exists two cars, rebuilt like this one, in sweden .

Some old picture i found, from saabfestival 2003

Saab festival 2007

Saab 900 T8 1982

My nineth Saab,

bought in 2007 (first hand !)

A Saab 9-3 aero with silver turbo X rims, parked outside of the local supermarket. Sorry for the bad cellphonecamera quality.

My new 9-3, with winther wheels. unfortunately unwashed.

The owner of this car had, rebuilt it like an drawing in a car magazine. No real saab 900 btcc exists.

Saab festival 2007

My old 9-3 -08 in a new version with black/white background, I miss that car.....

Saab festival 2007

Saab festival 2007

I would like to help a good friend of mine, (mikka16s) to rescue Saab,

because he loves his Saab...!

check out for more:


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Photoshop concept rendering of Saab 9-3 hatchback sedan

Photoshop concept rendering of Saab 9-3 hatchback coupe

Olympus digital camera

Mini-saab meet, outside Six Flags New England, Agawam MA (Summer 2004?)

OK, I was thinking of changing cars (again) and took this snapshot of my (very rarely) clean SAAB 9-5 Aero, It looks gorgeous, now I may not get rid of it.


The power of photos.

Photo 9/365 - 9 January 2010.


I used the Plan B idea from yesterday for today's photoshoot. Yesterday I was hanging out for the news of my niece coming into the world. Having more time to reshoot the concept today, I am happier with the lighting in the final result.


Saab has been on the chopping block for a while, there's been a "soft" deadline set by General Motors by January 7, 2010 to shut down the brand. The good news is for my beloved Saab is that there has been a few offers on the table, the bad news is that GM may have no intention of selling it. Time will tell.


I could have gone and cleaned my car for the photo but the layer of brake dust adds its own story. The only concession was to clean the badge so the brand can be seen. Besides, there are plenty of squeaky clean car pictures around. :)

Most Car Groups spring from other individual brands; but there is a certain kind which reproduces itself. Saab calls it the PhoeniX, Geneva 2011.


What Lies Ahead in Saab’s Future?


The Saab PhoeniX concept car showcases design features and technologies that will shape the next generation of cars from Saab. Based on the next-generation platform that will carry the Saab 93 into the future, the PhoeniX introduces Jason Castriota's new Saab design language "aeromotional". The PhoeniX's 'aeromotional' design theme is inspired by Saab's aviation roots and draws expression from the Ursaab, the prototype designed by aircraft engineers that spawned Saab's first generation of cars.


Saab Production-Restart 27 MAY, 2011. The future starts now.


AMSTERDAM - Omdat het NEVS, de huidige eigenaar van Saab, niet is gelukt om het Saab-logo over te nemen, wordt volgens de geruchten het aloude 'vliegtuig-embleem' uit de mottenballen gehaald.


National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), de nieuwe eigenaar van Saab, kwam onlangs met Scania en de vliegtuigtak van Saab overeen om het bekende ‘griffioenlogo’ niet te gebruiken op haar toekomstige modellen.


In plaats daarvan zou NEVS haar Saabs willen voorzien van het oude vliegtuiglogo, dat van halverwege jaren zestig tot 1974 dienst deed.


Daarna waren het alleen de letters 'SAAB' en in 1984 werd het griffioenlogo gepresenteerd, met de toevoeging van Scania. In 2000 werd de vrachtwagentak geschrapt uit het embleem, twee jaar later volgde nog een kleine opfrisbeurt.


Volgens de website wilde Victor Muller ten tijde van zijn Saab-leiderschap al af van het huidige logo. "Het was een logo van Scania en Saab AB, het was nietszeggend", aldus Muller, die een sterke voorkeur had voor het vliegtuig-logo.


NEVS is van plan om binnen twee jaar onder de naam Saab elektrische auto’s op de markt te gaan brengen, gebaseerd op Saab-techniek.


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Some old pictures i found, from saabfestival 2003

Saab festival 2007

I had this car as a loaner and decided to review it. Here are the pictures I took (not happy with all of them)

Go here for the review

Some old pictures i found, from saabfestival 2003

Saab festival 2007

Saab festival 2007

Saab festival 2007

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