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A bearded dragon to be exact, one of 6 at the animal sanctuary, all former pets. One has three legs, another half a tail, past injuries unknown. This one is 100% complete & quite stunning close up.

This is a galapagos tortoise taking a relaxing soak.

Green Basilisk Lizard, also called the Jesus Lizard, for its ability to run on water.........very handy :))

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my textures.


on EXPLORE Jan.13


Reptile photographed at Targonga Zoo in Sydney Australia.


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Caught one here in the garden...


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Iguana.. taken in a wildlife sanctuary..

Reptilarium de Ste-Eulalie-de-Cernon Aveyron 07/09

Nikon D200

Newport Aquarium - Newport, Kentucky.

Cobra on a mango tree branch.

No, I didn't kill it ,in a few days they will disappear ;)


Taken at Blakeley state park. (explored)

Chamaeleo dilepis

Place: South Africa, Kruger NP, Tamboti, 2014-11-15


Nikon D7000, Nikkor 300mm/f4

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Handheld shot.


I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours at a local reptile shop in York (Leaping Lizards) on Tuesday afternoon. I was granted full access to this world of wonder by the owners who kindly allowed me to take photographs without the restriction of shooting through glass. I could have spent all day looking at their fabulous stock of reptiles through my macro lens and I even built up enough courage to photograph a Brazilian Giant Salmon Pink Tarantula (not for the feint hearted, pics to follow soon)! As soon as the glass doors were slid open the stigma of the various snakes, lizards etc was removed. I half expected them to start leaping at me but this was not the case and instead I was left to stare in awe at their beauty and enjoy my photography.


I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did - more to follow!


Thanks in advance for any comments or favourites you wish to make.

Hatfield Moor, South Yorkshire

A blissful lizard enjoying the sun.

Hatfield Moor, South Yorkshire

Vous avez vu mes jolies couleurs ?

One of the many creatures I have access to for running my reptile and amphibian photography days in Bristol and Swindon - get in touch if you are interested in attending one, I have a handful of days with spaces available in November and December

The origin of the reptiles lies about 310–320 million years ago, in the steaming swamps of the late Carboniferous period, when the first reptiles evolved from advanced reptiliomorphs.

some kind of lizard ... texture by SkeletalMess


Esta especie, propia de terrenos montañosos, puede colonizar construcciones humanas. Los machos son territoriales con los miembros de su propio sexo, mientras que las hembras se mueven libremente. El apareamiento tiene lugar en primavera y la puesta consta de entre 3 y 8 huevos que la hembra entierra en un pequeño hoyo excavado por ella misma. Los huevos eclosionan entre dos y tres meses después. Al llegar el invierno, las lagartijas buscan refugio en alguna grieta donde pasan los meses fríos en estado de letargo.


Al igual que otras especies similares, la roquera se alimenta de insectos y es a su vez víctima de pequeños mamíferos carnívoros como las musarañas, comadrejas y gatos. La cola puede desprenderse en caso de ser aferrada por un depredador (autotomía) permitiendo así la huida de su dueño y regenerándose más tarde.


panic , there u go a reptile :P

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Bearded Dragons - you can't beat the expressions and inquisitive nature of these animals. They're a joy to watch and photograph, especially when they give you priceless moments like this!


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say hello to my red-eared slider =]

he's pretty spoiled.

The Everglades, FL

Doing it's best to intimidate me....

Dedicada a mi amigo Niko

Painted turtle coming out across the road today. Getting quite the look.

Hatfield Moor, South Yorkshire

Funny how they love to do this pose. And how they always catch me taking their photos.

"Reptile" - like a recent album by Eric Clapton.

Reptilarium de Ste-Eulalie-de-Cernon Aveyron France 07/09

Nikon D200

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