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I was on a trip and is now down with cold... will be visiting ur pages soon !!

have a nice day !!

Beautiful gecko belonging to Hemidactylus sp. and most probably de Bark Gecko was seen lurking from the shadows. The next two images show the coloration of de same n different surroundings.

Aambyvalley RD.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


photo credit:Vaibhav G.

Although his back was towards me, I'm sure this guy kept an eye on me. All the photos I took of him have an eye clearly visible.

Will be visiting your pages soon :D thanks for all visits and comments !!

A chameleon (danke, Gertrud) does its daily exercise, oblivious of the fact that it's being captured for flickr.

Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.India

Head Shot!

found at the same spot as last year,beside a dry stream bed hidden below a culvert....may be it is a new skin..quite intact

Asia's deadliest snake no1(Nat Geo Wild))

Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.India


endemic to Westernghats and parts of SriLanka

also called"Rock Gecko"

source:india nature watch

Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.,India

thanks to Pranav B for the id.

Hemidactylus maculatus

Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.,India

taking shelter on a windy night

Aambyvalley Rd.,Off Lonavala,Mah.,India


restricted to mainly peninsular India.

Photo Credit:Vaibhav G.

Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.,India

indian lizard

..Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.,India

.taken on a cameraphone.Courtesy Vaibhav G. and his brave brigade...was coiled on a tree,brought down,photographed and let off in the forest.Thanks to Vaibhav G.!

special thanks to Pranav B. for pinpointing my mistake,and for the correct ID.

The first pic for the day... Soon after these we saw atleast 25 lizards of different sizes..

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


found in Western Ghats and some parts of Sri Lanka

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ranganaathittu rocks !! :)


Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.,India

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