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Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas - RJ -

After all this time, we finally have a picture together 😜

Thanks Dean !!


Just a song... cause I can 😁 and, well.. MUSE




SL and stock sources

I have reached the maximum of 1000 photos, so I can't use this account anymore. Thank you for viewing my photos and for all support! Bye!

Vivid dreams have been a part of my sleep pattern since childhood. But lately it seems they've moved to a new level. No longer occasional, it's every single night and with incredible clarity and intensity. Even if I fall asleep for just a few minute then awaken, I'm pulled out of some bizarre dreamscape scenario where real life mingles seamlessly with my subconscious. I actually look forward to sleep on account of this. Perhaps the dreaming isn't new at all but what has changed is my ability to recall the dreams. No matter; it's the kind of thing that is unknowable. Dreams sometimes help me solve problems and enhance my creative vision. A couple of months ago I dreamed of having a conversation with author Stephen King (who I never met but have enjoyed his writing). At one point I mentioned photos I had taken of the Grande Dame of abandoned houses, a derelict 1880s mansion in the Second Empire style...the quintessential haunted house. I told him it would be the perfect illustration if he ever needed one for a book. Steve looked at the photos for a moment, and told me to "put these together." I began mulling over the dream the moment I awoke. Soon after I was at the computer pulling up the old photos. Almost immediately I saw what the dream Stephen King saw, something I had totally missed even after all these years. A montage could be created by compositing multiple views into one. The result would be a complete lateral view of the house that did not otherwise exist. Some context is necessary here. The original photos were taken the evening before the house was to be demolished. The exterior veneer of brick had been removed earlier that day leaving a ghastly surface of wooden planks. The house looked even more fearsome that it had before. Daylight was fading fast when I came upon the scene and I had only a small Canon pocket camera. It was now or never, so I went with the Canon wishing I had a wider lens. I remember backing up as far as I could, but a tree line prevented me from moving more than a few feet away from the foundation. There was no way to get a wide shot so I took several 'slices' to be sure no details were missed. Back in present time, I went about creating the composite image by overlaying and aligning the individual bits. None of the fits were perfect, but the overall effect was dramatic. There on my screen was the scene as I saw it that evening six years ago. An image born from a dream that looks like it belongs in a nightmare. I could think of no better way to celebrate Halloween than revisiting this horrific scene.

November 30, 1988 - Athens, Georgia - REM in Athens, GA. Can't remember exact gear I was using, but definitely a 24mm 2.8 Nikkor lens and probably a Nikon F4 or F3. Whatever Nikon had out at the time.

Winter but awakening...:-)

Wonderful week ahead !

For my brother Rems!

RailCare Rem476.456 - Steinen (CH) - 29.06.2019



hair......:CHEVEUX:.@Cinderella HalloweenGift Hair

dress.....:Moon amore: RE:Start / Twin Maid /RARE

head dress.....:Moon Amore: RE:Start / Tiara (Classic)

socks.....*{( konpeitou )}* usatan gacha -2- Tabi ribbons (pure

horn.....ALTAIR* oni horns

weapon.....anxiety %LOVESICK [morningstar] BLACK



Latex, en de andere LL Puak:), lekker lurken! Congratz homey!

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