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Prefabricated container homes at Templehof Airport look like (and in a way are) human outposts on a distant planet. Construction is underway at Templelhof Airport to house an additional 7,000 refugees.


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Children do what children do best, even under adverse circumstances,...they play, they laugh...and bubbles are important too!

[Refugee resettlement spot/Port of Piraeus/Greece]

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This one was made a couple of months ago, but here it is - new to Flickr!


Emulsion lift using Impossible project film for the exhibition and book entitled "Migrate" August 2017. Polaroids on/about the refugee crisis. Mine combines found imagery, staged staged images to create a fantasy scene that could have been an image from the news, attempting to highlight the ubiquity and public immunity towards conflict imagery..


The exhibition was in aid of UNICEF Next Gen London and the Children of Syria Emergency Appeal - you can still support by buying the book - all profits go to the children of Syria appeal:


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A family of Syrian refugees is resting, just before the ''Iftar'' (the Ramadan diner).


[Refugee makeshift ''camp''/Port of Piraeus/Greece]

A Somali refugee girl waits for relocation to the Ifo Extension.

UNHCR / B. Bannon

A madrasah of Balukhali Refugee camp. Children's are attending a morning session of learning Quran, at Tangkhali Refugee Camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Children's are playing in a Unicef school after the class at Balukhali refugee camp. In this school, they learn English & Myanmar language, at Tangkhali Refugee Camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Kids are flying kite on a falling afternoon at Tangkhali Refugee Camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Kids are taking bath & collecting water,at Tangkhali Refugee Camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

A Rohingya kid was crying beside his home at Tangkhali Refugee Camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

A boy was taking water for latrine and another kid is waiting to take bath at Tangkhali Refugee Camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

This Rohingya boy was playing beside his home at Tangkhali Refugee Camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

At daybreak the refugees of the Katsikas camp have to face countless queues for any matter. Food, hygiene products. Here we were doing a shoe distribution for the whole camp

Inside sensory tent donated to Dunkirk Refugee Children's Centre by Just Shelter in Wandsworth

Documenting Just Shelter and Dunkirk Refugee Children's Centre March 2017

This boy was very much attentive to his religious teacher in a madrasah and I was trying to capture him from behind the bamboo fence at Tangkhali Refugee Camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Chinese visual artist and political activist Ai Weiwei visited the Greek island of Lesvos in 2015, to witness the influx of refugees in Europe. Deciding to create a documentary on the topic, he and his family and film team travelled to over 40 refugee camps in 23 countries in one year. The resulting photographing series, consisting of 17000 photographs exhibited here at the FOMU in Antwerp, attempt to depict the scale and impact of the global refugee crisis.

Eso es lo que vemos en la mayoría de las ciudades europeas, pero la realidad es que cuando los refugiados llegan a Grecia, son trasladados a campos militares en condiciones infrahumanas... Si cuentan con algún tipo de ayuda se la ofrecen las pequeñas Ong de la zona, productos de higiene, ayuda sanitaria, acondicionamiento del campo para las necesidades básicas de las personas y niños que viven allí....

Yo cambiaria esos carteles por ¡Disculpad queridos Refugiados!

Take care of your brothers and try to be a good son, waiting for others to decide about his future !!! Katsikas refugee camp in May 2016

The man who appears soldering in this image is a Syrian discus champion !!! He dreamed of the Rio Olympics and had the level to go to ... Instead he ended up in a Refugee camp in Northern Greece, with no rights or freedom ... The continuous solidarity of the people who have flocked to these refugee camps have made possible some small miracles. One of them was building a gym for all ... Qusai started soldering an iron, then another, then another ... And he got it.

Buscamos nuestro infierno,

Llevamos milenios construyéndolo, y después de mucho esfuerzo, ahora podemos vivir de la peor manera posible...


Si les enseñamos que para tener un futuro han de saltar vallas, eso es lo que van a aprender.

Esas vallas que rodean los campos de refugiados de toda Grecia les producen heridas, les limitan la vida, hacen llorar a sus padres...

Por la apertura de las fronteras, por la dignidad de los refugiados y sobre todo por la dignidad de una Europa, sorda, ciega y lo peor... muda

Northern Greece ... She is one of the tenants of these misguided camps, where life passes without passing

Resulting from the excessive installation of tube wells the groundwater table of the Rohingya settlement areas is already hurt. Seventy percent deep tube-wells are already out of service because of the excessive groundwater depletion.

Katsikas try to live in different countries, cultures and religions. A big surprise for me has been the Yazidi community. In Katsikas these are Kurds and Iraqis. They are a quiet peaceful and hardworking people.

Daniel Berrigan, pray with us...

A family relocated to Ifo Extension builds a tukul next to their new tent to shield against the mid-day sun.

UNHCR / B. Bannon

Un día duro en la cocina, la chef sale unos minutos fuera a descansar!!!

Fuera del Angar encuentra el mejor de los descansos...

Chemon, A Rohingya woman who could manage to flee in Bangladesh along with her baby. Her husband was killed by Myanmar forces.


Balukhali, Ukhiya


Cris is an exceptional benasque valley girl who has decided to leave everything to stay longer with whom she already feels like family !!! I went over there and take this picture may seem impossible is not a montage

Rohingya man was carrying firewood for using as cooking fuel. Meanwhile deforestation already ruined the ecosystem of that part of Bangladesh, because Rohingya people still have very fewer alternatives for cooking other than firewood, and they're still heavily depended upon this option.

It seems that they will have to spend time so this woman has decided to plant a small garden in the doorway of her tent .... They live in peace awaiting the decision of others to continue their way ... They lack everything!

Kids in Palestinian district of Tripolis.

There are few hundred thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and some of them arrived many years ago, during the First Arab-Israeli War (1948–1949).

Having no conditions for repatriation, over time

they created their neighborhoods in Beirut, Tripoli,

Tyre, becoming a part of the already diverse

Lebanese society.

Niños sirios en el Campo de Refugiado de Katsikas!!!

La ambición, la irresponsabilidad, la falta de empatía, las ansias de poder y el hambre de dinero se lo han quitado todo!!!

No tienen nada, ni siquiera la compasión de un mundo que les deja marchitarse y les ha olvidado en campos de refugiados donde no hay futuro, y el presente es humillante y frío...

Hundreds took to the streets as antiwar and social justice groups organized a demonstration on April 15, 2018 in New York City, with a rally at Herald Square and march to Trump Tower as part of national regional spring actions throughout the country against the US bombing of Syria and opposing endless U.S. wars. (Photo by Erik McGregor)

Hoy hay 20 buenas personas menos en el mundo…

Y mientras tanto, todos los que deciden andan por Nueva York, hablando mucho y haciendo poco!. Por lo menos han reconocido la tremenda labor que hacen aquellos que lo dejan todo SOLO por un mundo mas justo y mejor…SOLO para ayudar a aquellos tan necesitados, atrapados en conflictos que la mayoría de las veces ni les van ni les vienen…

Si,… ayer les llamaron héroes en la ONU, porque la verdad hay que reconocer que acompañar un convoy de Ayuda Humanitaria a Alepo es tener el corazón demasiado grande!!!. Había que intentarlo por las 78.000 personas que no reciben ningún tipo de ayuda desde Julio…

Ellos perdían la vida y la población se queda sin ayuda!

Y mientras tanto el Papa Francisco y 400 altas personalidades representantes de las diferentes religiones del mundo rezan por la Paz Mundial en Asis!… Igual deberían de centrarse más en la honradez y el alma de aquellos que nos Gobiernan… Hablan de Sed de Paz, piden por las víctimas de las guerras y predican contra el terrorismo…, se reúnen y hablan y rezan y dicen…

Y mientras tanto hoy 21 de Septiembre #DIA INTERNACIONAL DE LA PAZ será un día más para los 70.000.000 de #Refugiados del Mundo… hará frío, pasarán hambre, crecerá su desesperación, sufrirán enfermedades y sufrirán la falta de medios que al final tendrán que asumir las gentes de bien! Y algunos Gobiernos y repercutirá directamente en el estado de bien estar de todos!, vivirán injusticias y llorarán… sobre todo llorarán, para ellos un día más…

Mientras unos hablan y otros rezan, ellos siguen bien Jodidos…

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