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The previous weekend these prairie grasses swayed and glistened in a cool wind, I imagined the ground announcing a change was coming in a few days and winter would bring a blanket of snow for a lengthy six months. Snow fell on Tuesday and now the Southern Alberta landscape is cold and brilliant white. I had discovered this area a couple weekends ago, while looking at the old house a rustling noise along the small pond revealed a white tail buck bolting behind me, leaving me startled. I turned and grabbed a sudden shot with the deer in mid air. On the hillside a truck was stealth parked, this is hunting season! I suggested to Dancer to maybe consider a new flight path.


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Gosto de lugares altos e isolados...este é um lugar que sempre vou e posso ficar o tempo que eu quiser sem ver nenhuma criatura humana. Bom...sei que pode parecer o fim para alguns mas, pode também parecer um grande começo para outros, rsrs... turbilhão de novas idéias, sonhos, sensações...ache o seu refúgio também.

Ótimo final de semana à todos!

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Ce jour- là, je n’ai pas cherché à me protéger du vent sauvage et du froid mordant. J’ai trouvé refuge en moi, à cet endroit où prennent forme les sensations uniques qui définissent qui nous sommes et ce que nous « voyons » du monde. Ma caméra a fait le reste. (Patrice)


(note : Cette photo a été prise à moins de 100 mètres de ma maison….)




That day, I did not try to protect myself from the wild wind and the biting cold; I found refuge in myself, in this place where are shaped the unique sensations that define who we are and how we "see" the world. My camera did the rest. (Patrice)


(note : This photo has been taken within 100 meters from my home....)


The Holy Island of Lindisfarne can only be accessed at low tide by a causeway. These refuge boxes are provided for those caught out by the sweeping tide - and boy does it come in fast!


In the background you can see 2 beacons - East Old Law and West Old Law they are 70 feet high and 83 feet high and set 122 yards apart on the sand dunes at Guile Point. These brick obelisks are built in the shape of elongated pyramids.


Finally, to the left you can make out Bamburgh Castle further down the coast.


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Old Barn. Coruche, Portugal

Paradise of Eden sim

Refuge Victor-Emmanuel II au soleil couchant. Parc national du Grand Paradis (Italie)

Early morning there along the marsh in Maryland.

Early morning there in the refuge located in Maryland.

Visiting the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge this morning and while waiting for some birding action, this scene with the framed fence under the old tree caught my eye.


Happy Fence Friday :)

Stacked ND filters to get the streaming clouds over the Maryland marshland.

Major nest building going on for this Osprey captured at the Blackwater Refuge on the eastern shore of Maryland.

Parc de l’Ancien-Quai

Saint-André-de-Kamouraska (Kamouraska) Québec



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Evening at the nearby waterfowl refuge.

Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

A lonely hut high in the Central Otago hills.

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The Blackwater River feeds into the National Refuge set aside for the eagles, osprey and many other creatures there on the eastern shore of Maryland. It was extremely windy on this sunset, and I really liked the mix of lighting across this view ... and the light on the wave patterns ... so I kept this to a hand held capture with no long exposures. Glad I did, as the 1/50 shutter on the blowing waves looks pretty cool I think.

A shot from Greece taken from my drone. I can't believe this is nearly 3 months ago!


This is of the Astraka Refuge, one of the places we will stay on my workshop next year. The mountain beyond is Astraka and is such an imposing mountain.


The cloud just added to the whole drama of the area!


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from 12 to 15 march 2015 ... at the Leipzig book fair in Germany

... à la foire du livre de Leipzig en Allemagne

Farah Willems poetry will be seen again ...

A delightful bird refuge in Northern Utah. What do you think about the processing?

Capture made with the long lens out over the marsh. Neat using the long lens for landscapes (this is what happens while waiting for some birding action :))

Alone in this refuge, maybe nature does give because time here seems medicinal.

Sprawling views of the San Fransisco Bay Wildlife Refuge area near Newark, California.


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