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Refresh Philly is:


A community of designers and developers and webbists who are interested in helping Philly become an more, vital and delightful city than it already is. More info at


Experience designers Phil Charron and Russ Starke led a discussion examining some tried and true methods for figuring out what projects to tackle, among these the "SMART goals" and "DUMB goals" approaches. Phil and Russ work at Think Brownstone.


I made the sketch to make a record of the discussion and to help myself understand the various ideas that were flying around the room.



After June 2010's Refresh Philly meeting at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia I was able to capture this 360 degree hdr'ed panorama. I usually aim for realism when I create my HDR images, especially when creating them for our virtual tours, this time I went for something with a bit more pop, color, and personality that would stand on its own and not need to be viewed in a virtual tour viewer.

The William Penn statue used to be the tallest thing in the city, sitting atop City Hall. I took a brisk walk from Suburban Station to Market East and clicked this cameraphone picture on my way.

From the first meeting of Refresh Philly


A small portion of the people that attended the first Refresh Philly event.



I've always been fascinated by the mosaic mural at Septa's Market East/Gallery Station. Grabbed this shot while waiting for the R2 Train back home.

From the first meeting of Refresh Philly


During the talk about User Experience (UX) the attendees got to share their thoughts.



Refresh Philly is a monthly gathering of local creative, technical and other interested locals that want to keep/make Philadelphia a vibrant place to live.


Grid Magazine is a local publication that is focused on making Philadelphia a more sustainable city.


Together they did a brainstorming session on how to bring Grid Magazine, a print publication, to the internets in a way that built a community and resource archive.


From September's Philly Refresh meeting.

From the first meeting of Refresh Philly


A group from CIM before the meeting.



Here are some pics I took while at the Comcast Center for the Refresh Philly Event on 3-2-09. The grid was inspired by the design elements of muxtape.

In this picture you can find people from:

The speakers for the night were Luke Crawford the CTO from and Todd Warfel a Partner at And finally at the bottom of the image you can see pics of us Anthony and Carole from

Social hour in action.

The June RefreshPhilly meeting

This building is tall! I can't get the whole building in one cameraphone shot, and it still blurred (night photography and cameraphones don't mix), but I wanted to keep this shot nonetheless.

This is the only way I could get the entire building...I was actually standing across the street, crouching down! That place is TALL!

From the first meeting of Refresh Philly


CIM's video team sets up the camera for the live stream.



Here are some of my notes from Jonny's Viz Notes session at Refresh Philly

Taken out the window of the 45th floor of the Comcast Center. (looking North)

@refreshphilly talk


9ball pool tournament. Which we won. And then proceeded to go to vegas

From the first meeting of Refresh Philly


Arpit giving Alex a moc talking to (photo by Alex)

Normally, I'd trash a cameraphone shot like this, but as I crossed the street...and looked...up...I was in awe of the sheer height of the Comcast Center, so the blur of the shot matched perfectly with my "mind was in a blur" mentality.

Jonny Goldstein demonstrating how to take visual notes.

Just a short nap. :) (obviously I wasn't asleep when I took the photo...but afterwards I did!)

Jonny Goldstein demonstrating how to take visual notes.

Howard Blumenthal of MiND spoke of the next generation of public television and how to be a part of that future.

Livia hosting a session on design games.

Jonny Goldstein demonstrating how to take visual notes.

Group working on a concept based on using data from

The view South of the Comcast Center, from the 45th floor window.

I'm going to lead a couple of mini-workshops on visual notetaking at RefreshPhilly tonight. These notes are my preparation for tonight. The first thing I'm going to do is give a little drawing instruction, using Ed Emberly as inspiration.




This image is image 26 of the 100 Days Envizualized, a project where I upload my visual notes that I create on 100 consecutive days. To check out the other notes, go here


An eBook will be available of all 100 days worth of notes, with annotation, once the 100 days are over.