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A beautiful evening at this lovely Loch.

It was nice to sit down after a long bike ride and enjoy an ice tea on the square and enjoy this amazing view. I love the reflections. Wishing everyone a happy Pfingston, or Whitsun! Public holidays means it is time to fire up the old grill!


Reflections on Salthouse Dock, Liverpool


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ISO speed ratings ISO 100

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june 14 2009 Livorno Flickr meeting1505


Mallard drakes feeding in the reflection of a yellow pole at Bushy Park pond. The green is the spring leaf growth on surrounding trees.


Quote about reflection by Søren Kierkegaard:

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”


Reflection of trees by the pond edge.

Can anyone spot what I did here? The reflection itself is not photoshopped but I did use it somewhere :-)

The Kelpies are a pair of 100 foot high horse head statues located either side of a canal lock in Helix Park, Falkirk. The pool in front of the statues makes an excellent reflective surface but because of their height it is difficult to catch both the statue and reflection in a single frame.


In the case of this shot I’ve created a composite image using multiple ultra-wide frames in order to catch both the statues and their reflective image. The downside to using ultra-wide angle lenses is that there can be quite a significant distortion to the subject which in this case I quite like.


December has arrived ... the Festive Season is not far, our homes begin to "dress up"a bit of crystal here and there .. mine in blue of course. A happy beggining of the week to all.




To all my contacts I apologize if I dont comment on all but will do my best.

طبعًا لمشاهدة أفضل

L اضغط



يُرجى عَدم إرفاق صُور مع الردود منعاً للإحراج

و سأقوم بزيارة كل شخص


* استخدام صُوري لايتم إلا بإذن صريح من قبلي

دُمتمـ أحبه

Reflection of refineries and its chimney during the on blue sunset hour moment at Rotterdam, Netherlands


Have a fabulous weekend,dear flickr friends!


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A beautiful reflection of clouds. and texture on sky

Reflections in the Seine River in Paris (For Dom) .

Shot from the Allée des Cygnes - Paris 75016 - France -

In a quiet chapel on the island of Anglesey, Wales, UK, the sun paints a lovely reflection on the wall. This is a Romaneque window in the medieval monastery of Penmon.

Show respect to people who don't even deserve it. Not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours.

Unknown quote

Reflections in the puddle. From Grimsøy, Norway.

Natuurpark - Oostvaardersplassen

Daytime reflections on the lake.

Mt. Moran

Grand Teton


A rare event, a person in one of my photos!! My family don't cooperate with me very well photography wise so I have to take sneak shots. This is my husband, who doesn't know this is here:-))


Another addition to the wonderful Dictionary of Image Group

Norway, Lofoten


Fjords are formed when a glacier cuts a U-shaped valley by abrasion of the surrounding bedrock. Many such valleys were formed during the recent ice age.


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御射鹿池 新緑の頃の景色は東山魁夷氏の作品に見られますが、紅葉するとこんな感じでした。

It was the broken pier that caught my eye, but I really like the reflection of the clouds in the foregroundand the misty reflections in the far distance.

I was taking shots of the reflections at the lake -- trees and clouds. I did notice the masts, but I'm not aware that I took a photo. But here it is.

There is detail in those dark trees, but I think I prefer the stark contrast with the masts.


Nice and bright -- Viewed On Black

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Mount Rainier reflecting in Reflection lake under an almost full moon. One of the benefits of not sleeping much is that I seem to be able to capture both night and day photography.


Hope you all have a great weekend and if you are headed to the coast this weekend for the big surf advisory be safe....


CameraCanon EOS 5D Mark II



Focal Length17 mm

ISO Speed800

I seem to be erring on the blue side at the moment, not sure why, perhaps I need a big blue sky and some dramatic scenery to recharge my soul?


About 5.30am on a warm still morning in July, as I wandered down to the beach I could see the pools left in the sand by the tide and hoped for a reflection worth taking.

Reflections of Minneapolis upon the Mississippi.

Seen from the A82 in Scotland between Glen Coe and Loch


Weerspiegeling van de huizen langs de Seissingel in het water van de Veste.

Middelburg, 25-2-2015

You can feel the changes in the air and see that many of the trees are now bare..


This isn't upside down..( As I can see how it could be mistaken for that ; ) It the reflection from the sky and trees in the water.. If you look at the lower left corner you'll see sticks coming out of the water, which wouldn't stick out of the sky ; )

This is another one of my older Mount Rainier/Reflection Lake shots. I am reworking several of these and thought I would add a few to my photostream.

This shot was taken just as the sun was rising and hitting the peak, the ground fog was rising pretty quickly and the lake is still in the shadows. This was shot a couple of minutes before my previous post.

I really need to get back down there soon!


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After the early fog lifted, another equally beautiful sight emerged. Ten minutes later, the glass-like effect disappeared.


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House reflections in Portobello bay, Sestri Levante, Italy.

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