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Portrait pic

trying to do a little different in editing.


Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

Taken @ sunnys :


pose: Life on the boat

We were taking some pics from a singular place inside an abandoned bar

Taken @ sunnys :


pose: emily

Taken @ sunnys :

- Estilo - 940


- Mesh Hair - Fabia Hair


* Blog link in comments

Izzy 1.0 on the left (NOOB!)

and me now.


Clearly, I still like side bun hairdos. :-)

Taken @ sunnys :


pose: blinded

I love Red hair!!

and my freckles

my evenings seem to keep running away from me. i am so, so behind on inboxes on facebook as well as flickrmail on here. i don't know how it happens. i will catch up though

A thousand years


One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more


I think such girl would be very inspiring for Renaissance painters

i am having a reaaaal hard time at the minute being able to create things. In everything. the only thing that i seem to be able to do something in right now is English. art, photography and my 365 all seem so difficult. It's like someone took all of my motivation from me and is just dangling my ideas infront of my face and i have no way to do them.


anyways. I'll get back into it soon i hope.

i had my first shift at work today. back on thursday. i think i'll like it. i just have to remember pain killers.


i'll get my act together with keeping up with things on here.

(how come flickr has gone so quiet recently? where are you all hiding out?)

i think i want to do some print exchanges soon. i have ink back. i'm just not sure if it works properly or not, you see. ;)


babble babble. window.

any of you who have followed my stream for a while will know that this is old. and that i really liked it but didn't upload it further than the comments. but now it's here.


also, thank you so much to Lara and Anna for their testimonials. <3333


Something a little different. I don't mind.

I got up again really early and went for a run and a walk and then i walked the dog. This evening i rode my bike for a while. :) oooh. i watched two movies. "hanna" and "coyote ugly" - the latter of the two is probably my favourite movie, ever.


Since all the grass was continuously moving it looks all ghostly. weird.


Someone asked me on tumblr for a before and after. so check the comments. it's nothing exciting, really.

I'll leave flickr for a while. summerbreak.

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